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  1. Which is why I didn't think of corrupted textures because I was seeing what looked like a checksum when the updater was running. What may explain the problem is that I lost connection mid way and then resumed the download later, there were no errors or warnings though.
  2. Don't beat yourself up. I assumed that using the TDM Updater to download the mod would avoid the possibility of corrupted textures so I didn't even consider it. We all know who "Assumption" is the mother of right? I would just hope that this gets added to the Wiki as a possible cause of Black textures.
  3. Hi all, Glorious news, Corrupted Texture packs FTW. Re-downloading the mod fixed the problem, is it possible to add some kind of final checksum? like a checksum of the darkmod folder that people can download separately? Anyway, thank you to everyone who tried to help me and especially to the admins who put up with me. Kind Regards, PS. I've just spent 5 minutes staring at the training room, I haven't even moved yet
  4. @AluminumHaste I think I had a PEBKAC error... I applied the setting (The Base\DoomConfig was the only one where it wasn't -1) and it didn't make a difference to what I was seeing, so I set the game to windowed mode and played with the resolution, the window size changed... I was seeing jaggies on the flaming torch poles on either side of the lecturn in the training mission and assumed it was because the reolution was low. One less problem on my list at least. @Tels Because of the above I haven't bothered with your resolution resolutions. But I have done the condump. There were a lot of
  5. Then I apologize. As you pointed out we aren't in the same room. I hope that you feel better soon. And I do appreciate the attempt to help me. I appreciate the fact that you are taking your own personal time to try to help people and that you actually earn nothing for doing so. @ Tels I work in IT so "automagical" events are something I believe in. To answer in point form, 1 - I edited all three configes simultaneously. I made the suggested changes in all three before testing each time, seemed easier than trying to figure out which one was the actual config in use. 2 - I first set th
  6. Now this sounds promising. So far I've tried two versions, the 9.8 that came with the driver disk and the 9.11 that was the latest on AMD's site. If you've had a similar problem between driver versions then it's worth checking. Smiley's probably would have been better. If I find myself unable to post before I can reply and let you know whether this worked or not, Thank you either way.
  7. Without wanting to propagate an argument, but feeling unable to ignore a blatant misrepresentation. If you had read my posts you would have read FOUR times that I have applied the settings that are listed in the Wiki. If you had READ the topic you would not have posted your advice in the first place, and yet I was polite enough to thank you and move on the first three times you posted something I had already done. The fact that you are not in the room with me is the reason I have tried to be as detailed as possible in my feedback. Which makes it all the more frustrating when you refuse t
  8. Hi, Either you don't believe me or you have so little respect for others that you simply can't be bothered to read their posts. Since I truly want to believe in the goodness of my fellow man I am attaching a screenshot of all three of my DoomConfig files. Please see the title bars for the paths, I have narrowed them to show only the settings that you all seem to deem relevant. I have not shown the resolution settings but all three are set to 1920x1200. The reason I mentioned setting seta image_useCompression back to 1 is because it was the only setting that changed when I changed DOOM
  9. Hi and thank you for the replies and suggestions so far. @Fidcal I haven't played St Lucia on this machine. @Serpentine I had the 9.10 driver and I have now updated to the 9.11 driver, no change. @New Horizon I realise your second last reply was meant for Noisycricket but with the new driver I have again gone through and tried both the default (My default) config as well as the change you mention and after that didn't work I tried the other changes as well. @Noisycricket I haven't fiddled with DOOM 3 settings at all and the game had detected as Ultra, I changed that to High instead, c
  10. Hi, Those values were what my config files had by default. They didn't work, I then tried the wiki which suggests the following and this didn't work either. seta image_usePrecompressedTextures "1" seta image_useNormalCompression "2" seta image_useCompression "0" Please believe me when I say that I have played with the config files. I have tried variations on all of the settings that looked even remotely relevant. Thanks,
  11. Thank you for your replies, @ Tels Yes the card is newish, I had disabled the Catalyst AI as was suggested in another topic, but I haven't yet tried disabling the entire Catalyst Control panel. @New Horizon As I stated in the topic, I have checked all the settings listed on the wiki as being related to the black textures. The setting you mention being one of them. @Ivan the B Thanks for your reply, this seems to support the idea that this is a driver fault. The machine was built at the end of October and all the drivers were up to date at that point, I will try a few different drive
  12. Good day, As the title suggests or perhaps implies (It certainly doesn't outright reveal) I have a problem, the mod I have been looking forward to for more than a year is unplayable on my system and I have exhausted all avenues which did not involve posting and potentially revealing my ignorance. The following may sound familiar to many of you but I implore you to read carefully before replying as a simple "Read the wiki" reply will reveal more about your ignorance than it will about mine. Detail : When the game loads I can see torches, doors and other items, everything else is black.
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