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  1. There is one that sounds like someone recorded it while coughing into a tin can or something really strange if that's what you mean. Yeah, its really out of place.
  2. I like the changes to the forum itself - feels more up to date than the previous version. I'm sure a dark theme is in the works, and I'll be glad when that gets released as I had been using the black and blue theme for quite a while and much preferred it to the white theme. Change doesn't bother me, so I say good on them for keeping things fresh after a long while of the same look
  3. Just wanted to add an addition to my post about releasing missions at TTLG.com's forums - they now have a dedicated fan mission subforum for Dark Mod missions! You can find it here: TDM Fan Mission Subforum Obviously a good idea for authors to post a release thread there
  4. Also, that thread that I've been linking to is full of reviews from many different players and fan mission authors - you are more than welcome to post your own review, and it is encouraged
  5. I didn't notice it working at all during my playthrough so I haven't a clue.
  6. Just added: Sons Of Baltona Part 1 Return To The City
  7. I was zooming around the map after my playthrough just to take screenshots and noticed Was that a part of the mission that was cut out?
  8. Very excited about this one, thank you! Edit: Fantastic stuff! Review and screens here for anyone interested.
  9. Found a major issue with anytime you are on the outside areas of the second story in this mission - particularly the area around the arrow target. I was jumping around to see if I could get onto the roof and each time I got on top of an object (like the arrow target itself or the decorative shield behind it) TDM would hard lock my machine and I'd have to shut it down. This seems to happen to my machine any time I get fairly high up in the outside areas.
  10. Thank you! Looking forward to it. Edit: Review with screens here for anyone interested!
  11. These additions look great, can't wait to see them in a mission!
  12. We definitely need to vote again. Edit: Done and done. Looks like TDM is the only Doom 3 mod selected? Heres to hoping it wins!
  13. Doesn't that mean we need to vote again?
  14. Ok, thanks! I was just wondering if the actual in game gamma settings were responsible for how the screenshots turn out. I'm sure video cards and things of that nature add variables as well - I just didn't know if someone that had intimate knowledge of how TDM works knew for sure I just want the screens to look the best they can to show off the work these authors put into the missions.
  15. Great, thank you to both of you for your quick answers. I just didn't know if different AI were being rolled out one at a time (like you mentioned they are) or if they were all available at the start and folks just haven't used them yet. I look forward to future additions and hopefully motivation and manpower increase - I've already seen an increase in interest at places like the TTLG forums and with each new mission that is released more folks are turning their heads and noticing the mod from what I've seen.
  16. All the screens I take have to be brightened and adjusted in photoshop one by one - and I noticed recently that after I changed my gamma settings slightly my screenshots now come out super-contrasted and I have to crank the contrast way back in photoshop. Anyone know how I could fix this? For example: Unedited screenshot - far too dark and saturated with contrast, looks nothing like it looked when playing the mission. Edited version with a metric ton of contrast removed and brightened a bit. I'm not sure if changing gamma settings in game changes how the screenshots look when the
  17. Obviously the undead are being worked on but I noticed that "Steambeasts" were mentioned in the wiki article and we have yet to see them used in a mission at all.. are they already a part of TDM's assets for folks to use in missions or are they something yet to be created for it? I notice mentions of steambeasts, pagans, inventors guild, mages, necromancers and so on and I didn't know if these were already in the package for authors to put in their missions or something that will be added in the future - right now folks seem to be sticking to the nobles and guards setup so it made me curious
  18. Really great mission overall - one of the most fun thus far. Thank you! Review here for anyone interested.
  19. The rats in TDM are awesome enough that they should be able to be shouldered while they are live to retrieve keys in the next room, etc haha. I think its time to introduce the Mr. Squeeks companion to the world of stealth
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