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  1. A little trick I use sometimes for blackjacking is to hold the 'lean forward' key as I'm creeping up to a walking AI from behind. It lets you KO him while keeping that tiny bit of extra distance. This worked in original Thief, too.
  2. Morat

    Gunpoint (game)

    Just finished this fantastic game. Definitely recommended. Takes the title for "Funniest Game I've Ever Played" away from Borderlands 2. It also gives me lots of ideas about implementing similar mechanics in Dark Mod missions, like using some kind of steampunk gadget to "rewire" alarm buttons to open doors or change the team of robot sentries or other things like that. It might be a scripter's nightmare to try to allow for all of that in one mission, though.
  3. This in particular would be really helpful. I tried to get into Blender but couldn't figure out how to set it up quite right. There also seemed to be a lot of discussion a while ago as to which version would work the best, and I remember Arcturus mentioning having to do a certain operation in one version before converting it to another version to do something else (if that makes sense).
  4. Windows 10? What Windows 10? I'm still on 7 Really, though, #11 is what does it for me. This Acer desktop I bought back in 2008 can still run any game I throw at it, and I see no other reason to update my OS.
  5. Thank you very much for your hard work on this. Downloading.
  6. I also like the new dirt and tile sounds, though the tile would definitely sound too "echoey" in small rooms. The new snow steps sound far too quiet. Personally, after listening to the Thief games' almost comically loud footstep sound effects for so long, the Dark Mod's footstep sounds in general seem too quiet and needing more "punch," though as RPGista said, the option to adjust one's own installation to whatever they like in that regard is awesome.
  7. Well, for Deadlove or anyone else interested, you can check out Ricebug's Thief 2 FM, "Doom," that he made in 2007. It's the first two levels of the "Knee Deep in the Dead" episode in the Dark engine. According to the readme, it took six months to build "in his spare time," but as Biker says, you could probably do it a lot quicker if you're skilled, not to mention if you're using Dark Radiant over the unholy Dromed
  8. Why did you make it yourself, then, if you didn't know what you were going to do with it? Just curious.
  9. Too many to list... 1) Jagged Alliance 2 2) Mount and Blade: Warband 3) Borderlands 2 4) Starcraft 1 5) Civilization IV ...as well as Planescape:Torment, Half-Life, and many more.
  10. Thank you for this mission, Merry. I just finished it last night. I love weird and surreal missions, as I've said on these boards before, and this one did not fail to draw me in to its story. The feeling of being led by the nose by a dead spirit wishing to correct my ways was intriguing, to say the least.
  11. Ninja'd by two minutes, but thank you! Now to figure out a way to make my 100' tall nobleman
  12. How do I make a worldspawn brush or func_static invisible? I took one of the wooden chair models and scaled it up by a factor of 10. My plan was to completely surround it with invisible wood texture brushes so that the player could still shoot rope arrows at it to climb up and walk around on it since the collision model obviously does not scale with it. However, when I give the worldspawn the property "nodraw 1" it still shows up in game. This still happens if I convert it to a func_static and give it "nodraw 1"; it's still visible. EDIT: Duh, figured it out. Use the texture, "tdm_nodrawsolid_wood".
  13. Sure! Make it. Make anything. Make a steampunk car. Make a modern car. Fuck it, make a spaceship mission! I'm serious. Nothing's off the table as far as I'm concerned. The Dark Mod needs more missions, no matter how well they "fit" into the narrative or not. In my opinion TDM also needs to have some crazy off the wall missions that deliberately stray far outside the canon. The dark and gritty mansion/city/crypt/cathedral/sewer mission types have been done to death across the Thief FM/TDM universes, in my opinion. Anyone that liked Thief FM's like "Escape from the Planet of The Robots," "Rebellion of the Builder," "Captain of the Guard", "Fables of the Penitent Thief", "Upside Down", "Trouble Under the Sea," or "The Chain Project" can appreciate my sentiment, I think.
  14. Retract that comment, heathen! Actually, I'm curious. What didn't you like about it? I poured a ton of hours into that game. I loved taking out Xenon Q ships with the flamethrower laser (forget the name) and just zooming through sectors in a maxed out Kestrel.
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