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  1. @Nbohr1more: "I guess privacy is dead, eh? :laugh:"(sorry i can't seem to quote with this new system) Nah. We just have to change what and how we share information. Which is see far too few people actually doing. Keep posting completely superfluous information about themselves then it gets weird when, not if, that leaks. There's information we can't avoid getting leaked, since usually, the countries we live in all have stupidly moved their citizen records and stuff like that on to the internet for convenience... I'm personally not jazzed about that, BUT, it only means that if you're security-conscious then you gotta take control of the little you can. And yes, sadly that does not entail a rich, full life lived on the big screen of social media stardom Anyway. There's still privacy, it takes effort is all and not necessarily through private keys and encrypting your every breath. People CHOOSE to share certain stuff that's just stupid to share... "No one's listening anyway" oh yes.. yes they are. "Ok well I don't care." but THEY do. Ooooh yes they doooooo. More to the topic though. Yeah, backdoors in the hardware, even like what Lenovo did a few years ago with the built-in MitM attack vector... Nothing can be done except probing the hell out of it and showing the world what it is, and they have no choice but to change it or get better at hiding it. haha.
  2. Looks like I'm gonna have to be THAT guy. My opinion is as such thaaaaat.... Styx sucks. Hol on, lemme elaborate! A bit blunt, but I feel it's honestly squandered on trying to be ha-ha-funny rather than just setting up a world, and having whatever happens in it, happen. It doesn't suck so much as a game, you know as for having fun with. I think the presentation sucks. It drags in semi-relevant pop-culture references and has WAY too many fart-jokes... I get that he's a goblin. Farts and goblins go hand-in-hand. But sometimes those kinds of details are best left to the imagination. Since it distracts and is only really funny auditory, not conceptually. But yeah, that's needless to say, really to each their own haha Just felt I needed to point that out for reference. I have a few friends who feel this way as well so it's probably not that unique an opinion. My perpetual opinion about any form of fictional work is, things can be "fun", without being "funny". @Bikerdude: Man, it has been! I lost my acc there for a while, but now that Microsoft has new terms of whatever-whatever I was able to get the connected mail-acc back finally. Didn't think that was gonna happen. I've lurked on the site every now and then though Could've made a second account, really. Wouldn't have mattered. But I've been really, really hard at work, and still am, so the only day-to-day "online social activity" is venting random stuff on twitter.
  3. No jumping or mantling? Yes there is, it's just not that you can mantle ANYTHING you want like in Darkmod, it's way more contextual. Don't be afraid to try it out though, they did some things pretty right with the atmosphere and stuff, but, the best thing you can do, and a favor to yourself, is to play the game for what it *is*, rather than what it *could* be. I don't hate that game, I haven't managed to play more than 4 hours or so of it, though. It didn't grip me. But it's in all honesty not THAT bad. It's a shit attempt at what Thief is/should be, since it's largely linear/ at best "open area". But as a generic game it's not that bad as to warrant any real worry of trying it out, especially if you already own it. Now, for me, and many others. There are parts of the game that are just try hard? And some of the character dynamic is pretty ham-fisted. There's issues with the controls last two times I tried to play it, it's like very inconsistent. For example: You do one thing with a button, then you have to press another button to stop. stuff like that. It's that "console syndrome" that Deus Ex: Mankind Divided also suffers a little bit from. Still. Try it. Don't mind the rumors, don't go into it with a sour attitude. Just try it. Then you'll know if it's shit or not
  4. oh yeah??? yeah?? w-well MY guitar has 8 strings Got a Jackson 8 string half a year ago or something. I'm terrible at playing it but I still have fun Also: sarcasm and "wit" aside, nice freaking guitar man, insane finish
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    http://steamcommunity.com/games/262390/announcements/detail/205228032380782164 <-
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    Then how're you faring? What's your rank? ^^
  7. Blender is fantastic. Blender forever.
  8. GameDevGoro


    Sorry I'm not at liberty to say... ^^; Think you'll have to wait and see on that one.
  9. GameDevGoro


    Oh it was meeeee. I'm close friends with the dev-team and helped them out with some various tasks, mostly modeling.
  10. Yeah, except that statement is a lie, so the number of repeats functions rather sarcastically.
  11. That *does* look interesting... Hmmmmmm... *rubs chin*
  12. Neo Tokyo OST My god, this OST has this crazy atmosphere and air that I rarely come across in any music at all. Amazing.
  13. Yeah. It's a really nice flick.
  14. Happy new year, people! <3
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