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  1. Didn't Thief and Thief 2 do this? They baked some reverb into the sounds?
  2. I can only agree. This is so easy and effective in the Thief 2 mission "Framed". You got these long conga-lines of guards and you can just knock them all out in succession and no one gives two toots about it. So yeah this feature is really cool. "Ups" the game, if you will.
  3. I think it's scripted enough. You'll get minor changes, but the broad strokes are probably scripted.
  4. Ooooor the off chance that it was a bug that caused the first one to misfire. *shrug* But aside from that I can't imagine they'd make rope arrows able to stick to all surfaces made of some material like in Thief 1 and 2.
  5. Oh yeah, and regarding the "downloading" of loot that pops up in this thread sometimes. You mean the progress bar right? Not that it has actually anything to do with streaming data from the guard's belt? If you are all referring to the progress bar then it's not that bad actually (maybe just poorly designed it looks hella modern and out of place). That way they can increase the difficulty easily when pickpocketing something without making the AI any smarter. Not a bad move considering.
  6. I haven't seen any third person footage yet, anyone else?
  7. I can only agree to some extent. There are things where linux is a good choice, sadly having it as the "average user" OS is not one that it's very good with. Also Ubuntu has quickly grown to be a PITA. They try to innovate where there's no need to do so. Linux Mint is what I use when I get my Linux on, don't really care what people say about it and how it's just a "derivative" of Ubuntu. It's better. It's not hampered by retarded tablet PC design philosophies and has a better desktop environment (Cinnamon) that's a lot better than Gnome or Gnome 2 ever was. I've had nothing but pleasant experiences with it. Then again I do not play a lot of games on Linux.
  8. What? They wanted immersion? So that's why they put in x-ray vision and things like that- that directly BREAK immersion!? REALLY!? I CANNOT fucking believe this shit!
  9. I imagine most people who are going to play Thief don't even remember the past games so they likely won't care about "actual" thief gameplay sadly.
  10. As I, and many have already said in the past- probably in this very thread (paraphrased of course): It will be a game. Maybe a terrible game (likely), maybe a decent game or the off chance that it may actually be a good game. There's on thing it won't be, however, and that is a thief game. It should be called something else and it should not feature Garrett by name. I would be fine would it only contain references and nods to the past thief games, but it should not be aimed to be a part of it. Because simply put, it cannot.
  11. Yeah, so reboot version of Garrett is stuck in his 13-year old self. Why should he act like such a self-indulged, stingy teenager? I can buy that he's self assured and cocky, because what the hell he's a master thief maybe even the master thief, but c'mon. This? This is over the top, bordering just silly.
  12. @Shadowhide: Developing a game is hard, predicting what a game will be like in the end result is even harder. I've come to recognize that early gameplay previews or other such footage come with the usual "WIP work things are subject to change"-note. It's there for a reason, because things may, indeed, change. So how about you just get used to the idea that game developers that show early game footage have it in their full right to remove pretty much anything you've seen previously, it does not come as a guarantee for what the game is supposed to be. It's a shitty move by the developers to do that, sure. But it's anything but a swindlers trick. Didn't like the end product? Fine. Others do. Others are able to respect what I've just mentioned. Things change, it's not false advertisement. It's unfair to judge something based on premature footage since it should be obvious that it's not always going to remain that way. Anyhow, I bought, played and liked the game. I agree with what you said about it being a "corridor shooter". The game is very linear... It's not Doom3 linear, but linear still. Pretty much like the earlier Bioshock games so it really didn't shock me that horribly. I've also come to recognize that Bioshock games are just that. Bioshock... A weird, spiritual successor to System Shock and I can't think of anything more of it. I certainly never expected it to blow my hair back with something completely "new". Bottom line: I knew what I bought, I knew what to expect (based on earlier games not early gameplay footage) and I quite enjoyed the game as it was.
  13. I don't think it's that hard, but there's a small edge-case which makes it report potential false positive results. I've had it happen to me that a slow internet connection or other such connection that chugs along actually gives the go-ahead on the forum board to post my message two or three times in a row. I wouldn't necessarily want the board to automatically ban me because of that hiccup. I think it would be tons more efficient to just restrict people to post status updates unless they have X many forum posts or such limit. Another forum I frequent has a similar thing but it's about forum signatures. That would solve the status spam, which I think is the worst or at least the most obnoxious. *shrug*
  14. Yep. We have to do something, this is annoying as all hell.
  15. Yeah, can imagine with the ragdoll and everything... But all in all I quite like that behavior from Thief, that undead sorta fall over but they don't die through conventional means. Kinda like the original Quake. Zombies are immune to the ordinary weapons- you gotta blow them up. But omitting that as a possibility... I think it's just best they do not take damage from broadheads. The undead wouldn't care much for wounds since they are already dead. So the only option would be kill them using fire or holy water.
  16. A bot intrudes our sanctum!? In other words: What bot? Did I miss something on this thread? O:
  17. Well yeah, could very well be. But I meant mostly that the voice he makes there (or whoever that was) reminds me of this guy's voice. I thought of another thing: What the hell is up with this new guy anyway? He didn't want to check out previous Thief games until he was told to do so? Oh yeah that makes sense.
  18. This is so difficult to peg. What I mean is that, I can't say the concept art and CGI looks bad, because the design certainly still largely fits what I personally imagined the Thief universe looks like, but some other things just screams that it's going to be sorta shitty. Ugh... I don't know. Also the new voice actor reminds me of the keeper guy's voice in the first game during the tutorial, the one who does the narrating.
  19. I'm not really aware of how much voice actors actually make in a gig, but if Stephen had like a TON of cash then maybe he'd be able to do something for free just to help out or you know... Tribute? But uhm...
  20. Yeah, it's a little more maintenance to keep cool, I'll give it that. BUT! The first and foremost thing I'm bleepin' sick of is to freeze my ass off when I have to get out of bed in the morning.
  21. Yeah, I'm also pretty happy we haven't gotten that much slush. There has been a little over here where I live, but nothing that I couldn't largely avoid. But it has been a problem how slippery it is on the sidewalks and stuff, I have yet to fall on my ass this winter (jinx: of course by saying this, it'll be the first thing I do tomorrow) thank god but yeah... I don't have any robust lumberjack shoes... Yet. I hate to think how it's been for old people.
  22. Well then it would be interesting to know what the part is that actually slows the performance down, processing of the crap going on in game or the rendering. In my book the rendering shouldn't be that expensive. But on lower end cards the deferred shading might become cumbersome due to fillrates and stuff like that. But come to think of it, it was dreadfully slow on my PC too when I last played it... You might be on to something there.
  23. Dear god, SeriousToni- that fog in the last image looks absolutely dreamy. If I ever saw something like that in real life I'm pretty sure I'd lie down flat on my back and flail with my arms and legs while I hum the tune of "What a wonderful world". Probably seems counter-productive by some that I'd resort to acting silly at a sight like that, but I don't think I'd be able to control myself. After that bit of nonsense I'll leave to the words: Freaking gorgeous! And yes, I do like those images.
  24. Sad part is. Like a week ago it was starting to turn around and things were looking up over here in Sweden- people were even referencing "Spring". We had sunshine straight for like 2 weeks and temperatures that were bearable without 5 layers of clothes, but one morning... There it was again. I was holding out on starting an art-project in school so that I could have the chance to work with it outdoors but now this crap- overcast skies, snow, sleet and temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius. It's the darkness and gloom I find the worst, not the snow itself. I'm so sick of this. So infernally sick of this.
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