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  1. If you want to get to the staircase, you should be able to hug the left side of the room and clamber across the pile of stuff that's there without being noticed - even with the light, IIRC. If you want to get into the room he's guarding... look for an alternate route.
  2. Enjoying it (even though the daylight sneaking part IS a bit too frustrating), but I think I've found a problem: In the hedge maze, there's an access hatch into the irrigation pipe system. However, I can't get back up without noclipping, because that bigass horizontal pipe is blocking the ladder!
  3. Very nice mission. Two questions: - In the cellar, is it possible to get the coins from the card playing ruffians without ruining ghosting? Even if I douse the torch nearby, it seems impossible to grab and extinguish the candle without them noticing, and dousing it with a water arrow or creating a noisemaker distraction puts them into alert. - Is there a loot list? I'm less than 100 gold short of the Difficult requirement.
  4. Oh, THAT! I thought that was a revenant sent by the to harass the player. I mean, it looks like the ordinary flaming undead model, wears masculine-looking gear, IIRC doesn't sound particularly feminine, and was carrying a scroll - I'd think the L.Q. would just say its message instead of writing it down then dropping it. So yeah, I think the mission didn't really communicate the idea that it was the L.Q. itself in person. But otherwise it's really excellent!
  5. A question: what's this talk of a , anyway? I made a fire in the abandoned house, , and made my way back to the starting area where the mission promptly ended. No of any sort anywhere along the way, not even in the bookseller's house where I've dropped in before leaving.
  6. Bit of background first: when I first downloaded TDM v1, I suffered the same symptoms: after the first start or two, the main menu would be always completely black. The music would play, and you could click on the menu options if you moved the invisible mouse cursor to the right spot, but still obviously a game breaking bug. At that time, running the updater fixed the problem, and I figured it was probably a corrupted download. Now the problem is back. Just now I've installed a new FM, and the program rebooted itself to a completely blank black main menu screen. Everything behaves the same way, with one difference: running the updater does NOT fix it. In fact, the updater says my installation is up to date. Help would be appreciated. System specs: WinXP Dual Pentium CPU 4 GB RAM GeForce 9600 None of this has changed since I last played, so I doubt it's a hardware problem. EDIT: I've downloaded the torrent (non-updater based) version and overwrote my previous installation with it. It fixed the problem - at least for a short while. I now suspect the problem is integral to one specific FM, namely Glenham Tower. Will post more if I have anything. EDIT: Turns out the issue was most likely that Total Commander automatically puts brackets around certain (hidden?) directory names, and I thought they were meant to be an actual part of the name, so the installation of the FM went wrong. I think, anyway. Problem no longer around.
  7. I've just finished the 1st mission (took longer than it should have because of savegame-related crashes). Very nice, I'm looking forward to the second and third ones. A few issues I'd like to point out: - Right at the beginning I looked up and slightly forward and saw a black cube hovering in the air, approximately in the height of the roof ledges. - The first subterranean pocket where you come up for air is really annoying, because you have to fight the current and end up stuck 2 times out of 3 and have to reload. - The second, smaller pocket had some problems for me, namely I accidentally and easily managed to "escape" from the level's geometry via a glitch. - There's a guard in a corner of the courtyard (the one that stays in one place instead of patrolling. Is he supposed to be completely immune to the blackjack? I've tried knocking him out numerous times with perfect positioning, and it never worked. If he is immune, I'll have to chalk that up as a bad design decision. It's all right to have immune entities, but then there should be some indication of that (like the two guards on the street with their metal helmets). Making an immune AI who looks exactly the same as all the others is just a dickish move, and not in a "lovable, funny dick" kind of way, either. - In the room with the fountain, two of the stone posts of the railings (on the higher level) don't reach all the way down. - There's a turn in the tunnel leading to the prison which is really brightly lit. I guess it's there because of the luminous mushrooms in the area, but the light level strikes me as way too strong for that. And a question: a readable mentions a stash of loot in the . I can't find it, no matter how hard I look. Could someone spoil me its exact location, please?
  8. Well, I just managed to get it running, but I still don't know what was wrong. I manually deleted the entire darkmod folder, redownloaded the torrent version, copied it back in place, and ran the updater. I've run the updater before, too, but this time it DID download some new file, something called "tdm_shared_stuff" or somesuch, and I don't remember it doing so last time. And now it works properly. A completely fresh install might help those others who have the same symptoms.
  9. For what it's worth, I've downloaded vcredist_x86 (Visual C++ 2008 redistributalbe package and run it). It didn't offer an Install option, only Repair Installation and Uninstall, which I guess means I already had it. Chose Repair for the hell of it, then tried running TDM but no luck.
  10. Why am I not surprised to see you here, Melan?
  11. Ah, there. Checked that as well, and it's set to 1. Shall I try setting it to 0 here and in the other directory? Think that might work? I already had gamex86.dll extracted, but I did it again manually, and overwrote the original one. No difference. Same thing for running the updater.
  12. In c:\Games\Doom 3\darkmod\ I checked DoomConfig.cfg, and the closest match I found was "seta image_useAllFormats "1"", so it's already set to 1. In the /fms/training_mission directory I can't find any file which would have that line: there only training_mission.pk4, darkmod.txt, readme.txt and startingmap.txt.
  13. Well, I'm wondering if anyone can help me here. Here's the problem: - Installed Doom 3, patched it to (checked with console), also installed Resurrection of Evil. Note that I can run Doom 3 at pretty high graphics settings without any problems, so I guess I meet the hardware requirements for TDM, too. - Downloaded torrent version of TDM, extracted it into specified directory. Also downloaded some of the missions and put them into the proper directory. - Started up TDM, and at this point it still worked fine. - Chosen to install the Tutorial. The program restarts, but this time I have a black screen with only the mouse cursor visible (and it moves), and the TDM menu music playing. If I move around the cursor, I get some sound effects which I guess indicate me rolling over menu options, but of course I can't see that. - Since I can't see anything, the Exit button included, I can only leave the program by Alt-Tabbing out of it. Further attempts to run TDM (including after a reboot of the computer) produce the same black screen with working cursor and music. My specs: WinXP Intel Duo CPU E7600 @ 3.06 GHz ASUSTek motherboard 4 Gb RAM GeForce 9600 GT GPU Any help would be appreciated.
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