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  1. Figured it out - my old mouse broke down some time ago, and my replacement mouse was too fast for my taste with the defaults, so I had put this in my .xinputrc to slow it down: xinput --set-prop "Logitech USB-PS/2 Optical Mouse" "Coordinate Transformation Matrix" 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1.5 Commenting this out fixed the menu, but it would leave the mouse too fast on the desktop. I can run it in Wine since I have it installed anyway, so maybe I'll use the Windows version until I figure out why TDM is the only program where this seems to happen.
  2. After a long hiatus, I decided to try Dark Mod again to check out any new missions, and installed the latest Linux 64-bit version into my home directory. Upon running the game, the menu shows up, but whenever I try to move the mouse, it moves into the upper left corner and stays there. Since I can't access any menu entries, I have to tab out and kill the process after I've managed to sort my display again (it defaults to 800x600 and makes that my desktop resolution as well). Any ideas what's causing this? It's a fresh install, so any old config files shouldn't affect it, unless something's bur
  3. I've been thinking about some sort of an assasin/sniper mission. In this mission, you'd have only your bow and arrows, and you would have to use your climbing abilities and the environment to get into the perfect position to take down your mark - for example, shooting them through a narrow window from across the street while standing on a narrow ledge, after having discovered a complex route requiring vertical and lateral movement, swinging on ropes, etc. to get there.
  4. Since the AI can already find its way around any other obstacles, what's preventing fire objects from being treated like any other objects - the AI would simply not walk through a fire and would find a way around it? Or are the fire entities different from other types of object, let's say a crate for example (being light emitters or whatever), so that it's invisible to the AI pathfinder? I've been playing a lot of Thief Gold lately, and there the AI would not step into a fire voluntarily (though I did throw a few unconscious apebeasts into one), and that game's pathfinder routines are ancient
  5. Decided to start playing TDM again after a hiatus, upgraded to 2.07 and this was the first mission new mission I downloaded. A couple of things sprung to mind: first, I realized that fires cause no damage - I think this is the way it's always been (maybe), but maybe something should be done to change that? Maybe it's just my highly developed barbarian sense of justice, but as I tried to roast the pagan I found in one of the rooms and nothing happened (I knocked him out, threw him out on the street from the window and stuffed him into the brazier nearby to roast for his crimes - without success
  6. Ha, I was thinking "well, it wasn't that long ago", then remembered that I recently had a few pints in a pub with my niece who was born the same year the Dark Project came out....
  7. Lately I've been playing mostly Thief 20th Anniversary fan missions, and been having great fun trying to jump from as high as possible. Ever since I accidentally discovered that in the Dark engine it doesn't matter how high you fall as long as you either end the fall on a ladder, rope or on mantleable ledge, I've been trying to find places where I could make as high a jump as possible. In the original Thief missions, the height usually didn't matter since either you ended up in a non-continuable position anyway or the missions were so tiny you didn't really notice it - but in many of the fan m
  8. True that, but if I had just played the mission as I first played it, without later reading about it on the forums, I would probably have not even realized I had missed a lot of content - I would've been satisfied by my accidental speed run for the duration, since the mission felt quite satisfactory even then. Some readables that would've encouraged more detailed exploration - or optional objectives - would've made it clearer that I hadn't seen all there was, and would've encouraged either replay or more thorough exploration on the first play. Replayability is also encouraged by the way there
  9. I've played this three times now, and while I like it a lot, I think it's too easy to miss a lot of content. The first time I played this, I finished the entire mission almost at a speed run by accident, going through the ancient door and missing almost everything between the temple and the portal. The second time I explored more, but still managed to miss the entire area with the third statue - I only realized I had missed an entire area when reading about the third statue on this forum.
  10. Great mission that reminded me of playing the Lost City missions in the originals. Apart from wondering how the mark got where he got unscathed through everything, the only thing that bothered me was
  11. This is a bit late, but I just started playing Darkmod again, and this is one together with the Voltas is one the first missions I played. A good mission, but I discovered a bug that caused a crash to desktop. It may have been listed in the beta forums, but since I have no access there, I'll describe it here just in case:
  12. Apart from multi-screen issues I've touched in an another thread, I've never had any issues with running Darkmod in 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04 LTS either. I've dabbled a bit with DR too, and had no issues with that either - apart from not being able to use it due to user errors, that is... Actually, there still is one: the sound doesn't work if I've got Clementine, my music player of choice, running at the same time - but since you can't really play Darkmod with other sound sources running at the same time, that's not been a showstopper.
  13. Nvidia control panel for Linux doesn't have those settings, at least not in any immediately obvious form. I have to take a look into application profiles to see if it's possible to use them for that purpose. When googling this, I found something about being able to force SDL games to use a particular display by setting a few environment variables, but Darkmod - or the engine to be precise - apparently doesn't use SDL because those variables had no effect.
  14. The title says it all.... I just got myself a dual monitor setup, with a cheap display on the left side (DVI) and a better display on the right side (VGA/HDMI). The right side display is my main display, and the one I would like to run Darkmod on. The game is set to run full screen, and it ALWAYS opens on the left monitor. Is there something in the game that makes it run on the wrong monitor? I googled the problem and found no workable solutions, but other people did complain that only some games did this, so I'm guessing it's possible, but I don't really have any idea how to fix this. Runn
  15. Fun, if little short. Great intro, and I liked the in-mission voices as well. This made me think how I have missed the little comments Garrett used to give every now and then - have there been any plans to do a some sort of a library of short comments that the mappers could use? Something like triggering a voice saying "Let's see where this fits" when finding an important key, or "I've got everything I came for, now I just have to find a way out" - something more interesting than just having an objective ticked off or getting a new one?
  16. I deleted the mission directory and downloaded it again from the in-game downloader, but the superimposed effect is still there - maybe something to do with the fact that I use the Linux version of TDM and NVidia's binary drivers?
  17. One of the paintings in the office lobby and two paintings in the managers' office had that superimposed effect. The other paitings in the lobby were rotated 90 degrees, but I suppose that's done on purpose? Since they're only decorational, it doesn't matter that much, but it does look a bit odd.
  18. Nice, with lots of interesting things to poke and prod. But I really should've bought the alternate drop off - being a barbarian, I don't believe in ghosts or ghosting and thus knocked everyone out, so no problem with the guards, but it was slightly boring to carry everything one by one to the window drop off, without even an ale to quaff in the meantime. Anyway, a few small things: Some of the paintings were odd, like there were two different paintings superimposed on each other, and some which were rotated 90 degrees. There were also a few places where I got stuck in geometry, but those
  19. Is this going to be added to the ingame downloader soon? The zippyshare site isn't working for me, the download button does nothing (on Firefox/Linux).
  20. Interesting. I don't recall that - I have a distinct memory of forming a zombie maypole of sorts inThe Haunted Cathedral when playing the original Thief all those years ago: I shot a rope arrow at a wooden projection, ran around making all the nearby zombies come after me, after which I jumped on the rope and watched as the zombies went round and round in a circle under me, at which a chuckled a bit before proceeding to blow them to bits with flash bombs. I don't remember them throwing anything at me - or maybe I was sort of within range for the AI, though they couldn't get to me.
  21. Managed to solve the problem, and posting this in case anyone else ever comes across it: NewDark enables its own Run key, so if you just clear "Run Forward", it should work - it might be different in Windows, but at least on WINE it seems that if both Run Forward and Run are bound to the same modifier key, the system gets confused, and movement stops.
  22. Yes, with the current situation it would definitively break many maps. But in future, could it be possible to implement some sort of a map setting system - something like alwaysHasBowWithArrow "0/1" - that could be set by the mapper, and the game would then check that setting and either give the player a bow or not, depending on how the mapper sets it up (with the default being "1" if the setting is missing)?
  23. I was recently playing a mission where I started with no weapons, but was soon able to pickpocket an arrow - then I suddenly had a bow, though only for that one shot. This means that the bow is not a a separate item from the ammunition, but should it be? In some missions you start unarmed and are supposed to look for weapons, but you only need to find an arrow to have a bow, and separating the two would allow a bit more flexibility in this regard. On the other hand, it may break some existing maps, so would it add unnecessary complexity for relatively little gain?
  24. Not that I mind, it's actually quite realistic now - I think I just got used to rather hard-of-hearing guards previously, and have to learn a new style of play, especially with older maps that may work unexpectedly with the update.
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