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  1. Thief E3 Demo Gameplay http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8f8qzbfOUjA
  2. Dear Bikerdude! For the mood of the realistic, could not be to solve, that the civil people_nation piszamábam, let them sleep in a nightgown? quite foolish, that they sleep in dresses.
  3. I would like to show my drawings. They are not related to TDM topic, but I will show you that what works there. (TDM, there are concept drawings, which created the campaign Sly Project, but have not scanned them. Later.) My linkthese are my drawings
  4. Szia! Ha érdekel amit az SG fórumon írtam neked, jelezz vissza!

  5. Thanks! Better late than never! :D

  6. Very hard to choose! : D I want them all. No matter what kind of missions will be happy to play all of them. I love the Dark mod every mission!
  7. Sorry! The message went to the wrong place! You do not want to send this (XD That was good!) Thank you very much! Once again, Happy New Year!

  8. Boldog Új Évet Kívánok Atti!

  9. Happy New Year Silent Ghost!

  10. Happy New Year Legion!

  11. Boldog Új Évet Kívánok Hykao!

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