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  1. Would like to have script support for a better breakable crate, rather than hacking it together with stims and responses and firing invisible explosions to make it flinder. Edit: The basic destructable crate does not send and impulse to the flinders. They just spawn and float mid-air which obviously isnt how that should work.
  2. Hey guys, sorry it took my a while to get to this, but here is a test map for this problem: Breakable crate test map I included the breakable crates and explosive urns as well as flint and tools to break them with. I also threw in some AI and different distances to drop the crates from. It would be awesome if we can figure out a way to have crates break and take damage from velocity. Hope this helps get things started.
  3. No Problem. Ill get you something to use when I get the chance.
  4. You can just use atdm:moveable_breakable_crate01 in your map. You can copy paste this into the editor: Version 2 // entity 0 { "classname" "atdm:moveable_breakable_crate01" "name" "atdm_moveable_breakable_crate01_1" "origin" "0 0 0" "def_flinder" "atdm:moveable_junk_plank_scrap01_short" "health" "5" "def_flinder1" "atdm:moveable_junk_plank_scrap01_short" "def_flinder2" "atdm:moveable_junk_plank_scrap01_short" "flinder_offset" "5 5 0" "flinder_offset1" "-5 -5 0" "flinder_offset2" "0 0 0" } This is set up similar to the breakable bottles in tdm_moveable_kitchen.def: entityDef atdm:moveable_kitchen_breakable_base { // for bottles, to make them roll better "inherit" "atdm:moveable_barrel_base" "frobable" "1" "is_mantleable" "0" "editor_displayFolder" "Moveables/Kitchen" "editor_usage" "Don't use. Base class for all TDM breakable kitchen moveables." // tels: these two flinders are spawned if the bottle gets broken: "def_flinder" "atdm:moveable_junk_wbottle01_broken" "flinder_offset" "1 0 -3" "def_flinder1" "atdm:moveable_junk_wbottle01_broken_top" "flinder_offset1" "0 0 13" "snd_bounce" "tdm_impact_bottle_01" "health" "20" "friction" "0.1" "bouncyness" "0.01" "mass" "0.5" "snd_bounce_carpet" "tdm_impact_carpet" "snd_bounce_cloth" "tdm_impact_carpet" "snd_bounce_grass" "human_grass" "snd_bounce_dirt" "tdm_impact_dirt" "snd_bounce_snow" "tdm_impact_dirt" "snd_bounce_wood" "tdm_impact_bottle_on_wood" }
  5. Here is how I thought of it in my implementation: The explosive urns I made provide a 110 unit fire stim , have 150 health, and do enough damage to kill most AI within a small radius blast. The sound of them dropping nearby and exploding will alert an enemy , but they do not react to them being lit. They fizzle out in water and are set to a specific weight so they are easy to move around and set up ambushes. I also wanted players to be able to shoot them with broadheads so I ended up accepting that damage is damage and if you hit them enough times with the blackjack they will explode. My point being in order to get those urns to work I had to touch a bunch of other stuff custom to that FM. I also gave up on the idea that they are black powder because that thinking led me to harder and more complicated problems. From my point of view, I think it would be great to have more code support for the basic destructable crate: - Inherits properties of a regular moveables - Has health that when 0 it "explodes". Bonus if it can ignore certain damage types but Im not sure how that would work. - Spawns flinders and has a spawn arg for how much impulse to apply to them. Could just be generic away from origin impulse. - Spawns an object and triggers it through spawn args. Ex: "object_to_spawn" "atdm:item". "trigger_item_on_spawn" "1". From there we could probably implement all the rest of the explosive barrel stuff and it would be a destructable class for mappers to play with. Really the only thing I see missing from the breakable class we already have is the flinder impulse and spawn item stuff, but I could be wrong.
  6. Hey Kaaiman. Thanks for the comments. To answer your questions: In version 1.1 The mandatory objectives will appear as you pick up certain items and should be clearly stated in your objective menu. The other objectives are intentionally hidden and optional. (There is a bug in the v1.0 where this didn't happen properly). Granary hint: In terms of the trees- Sorry about the popping in and out. We were trying to keep the performance reasonable and then eventually it just became a mess of figuring out which ones are popping in and out. Eventually I'll go in and really have a look at this. We intentionally made it so there is no advantage to rope arrowing the trees. Otherwise we were worried people would constantly get themselves stuck. Not the best solution, but we wanted rope arrows and we wanted trees, lol.
  7. Thanks for playing everyone! If folks downloaded 1.0 and haven't started the mission. Please uninstall the mission completely and re-download it to get the new 1.1 version.
  8. Thanks for playing MrMunkeepants We are in the process of fixing some of those LOD issues and should have a new build out later today.
  9. We have a new build coming soon, hopefully later today. Apologies for any bugs you guys are experiencing. If you've already started a game: Thanks everyone.
  10. I hope you guys enjoy this little mission. Goldwell and I had a lot of fun building it. This being a speed build, please save your game often as you might encounter some bugs. Merry Chistmas and happy holidays, Kingsal
  11. Thanks for playing! I made the apebeast and their accessories, so feel free to use them in your own FM. The set-up is a little involved, but just PM me with any questions. If I'm not mistaken, Springheel is working on getting those guys into a future release of TDM.
  12. Yep that'll do it lol. You need those spider present at load time to play the map. However its not mandatory that you go to the area where they're at:
  13. I don't think its the mission and I actually remember this happening to me once when I updated my darkmod. Do you have these files in your darkmod install? script / tdm_ai_monster_elemental.script defs / tdm_ai_monster_elemental.def
  14. Hmm. When was the last time you update you TDM? This mission was tested in 2.07 and should be working fine. Ill look into this.
  15. Oops, I've updated the link in the OP. Thanks for catching this. Download here
  16. Haha, it is a bit ridiculous. I hadn't played the mission in a long while and was thinking the same thing. Thanks for playing! Goldwell was kind enough to upload this on to the in-game downloader and do some last minute bug hunting.
  17. Hello Everyone! I finally got around to making some updates to this mission. Download Here or in the in-game downloader. These updates are mostly visual/ audio and aside from better AI pathing, there are no major gameplay changes. Old saves will not work. ============================================================= Changelist v1.2 ============================================================= - Added high resolution briefing video - Added new thief vocals - Added updated arrow models and effects - Fixed missing lamp model in courtyard - Minor audio tweaks - Brightened up the ambient lighting and reduced saturation. - Fixed monster clipping issues. Note: I increased the global brightness level so you might want to mess with your gamma / brightness settings before playing. Special thanks to Andrew Bartmes for the awesome new thief vocals.
  18. That is so rad! I always wanted to see Garrett's home done up in TDM, or any bits of the thief missions for that matter. I'm definitely thinking you should sneak it into your missions somewhere ?.
  19. That would be great! If I remember correctly in T2 the spot light color changes? So the camera could have something like: searching_color, detected_color, and alarm_color spawnargs available to authors. This could effect the spot light and also the light textures on the model. Bonus if it can also change color on any effects like a lens flare glow attached to it.
  20. Cool. It would be great if they have the function to follow the player to create that tense moment of escaping its view. Otherwise it will alert and the player can just take half a step out of its view and avoid having to get away. Thanks for the info. I'll add a note in the bugtracker.
  21. Hello everyone, I've been thinking about messing around with the new security cameras and had a few questions that people might have answers too. I know these are a WIP feature. - Currently, the camera stops in place once it locates the player. Is it possible to append the script to have it follow the player's movement (similar to the t2 cameras)? I'd want to be able to set its max "follow" speed as well. - Is there a way to adjust its visual acuity similar to the AI? Obviously I'd want to do this stuff without messing the the source so it would have to be appended to the object script. It would be wonderful to hack those things in if possible. Thanks!
  22. This has happened to me a couple times as well. It can be sort of annoying. Ill fill out a bug report if there isnt one already.
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