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  1. Consider buying a new (used) laptop. It has about the same horsepower as mine, but better screen and battery. (and more expensive as well). Makes sense or it's just consumer rabies?

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    2. Petike the Taffer

      Petike the Taffer

      I have a second-hand, refurbished laptop and it's working very well. Not my main computer, but it's served well so far.

    3. kano


      I'm done with laptops personally. Can't remember the last time I whipped one out and used it on e.g. a vehicle. Instead, I use ITX systems. Tiny, powerful, upgradable, and cheaper than a laptop. Here's a good place to get you started. Yeah, it fits in a backpack!

    4. Tafferboy


      @Duzenko, perhaps create a thread with the the spec of your current laptop and the one your looking at buying. Better screen and battery is a worthy upgrade bit it depends on the price.

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