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  1. Personally I don't see any immediate benefit but it could save time in the future when/if we want to borrow more stuff from bfg.
  2. It is supposed to do the culling like bfg does, using a certain "rendering matrix". I tried down by riverside, pd3, rightful property and can't see any fps gain.
  3. The code comes from d3 bfg, which we should strive to adopt anyway IMHO
  4. Eww I thought code freeze means don't change after day X, not before No, really. It's all under a cvar. Nothing changes by default. (I think )
  5. Merged changes into svn rev 6685. Controlling cvar - r_useAnonreclaimer. Quick test: skybox not rendered. ... vid_restarts fixed the skybox but fps appears to be the same using the old and new code.
  6. Thanks a lot. Do you think you would be able to do the same with the threading model? (game tic + front renderer run on a thread in BFG) ... Your exe crashes at startup for me. (darkmod.exe has stopped working...) ... You release seem to be based on 2.04 version. Is it possible to apply this change to current trunk?
  7. Aw Gawd They broke dpi scaling again in the last update TDM compiled on vs2010 won't go fullscreen w/o the compatibility flag
  8. What are the three REAL problems you face in the US? I'm curious.
  9. Umm Do DR and TDM share the .exe? I did a recent change to TDM mouse input
  10. Regret condump does not create any files for me
  11. There is more than one load time trick I used on my installation. Each adds a little but all combined work very well.
  12. In case image_blockChecksum was toggled after images were loaded. Then they would still have block checksums on them. There is always hope!!!
  13. AFAIK only the diagnostic tool uses it. It will not find any duplicates. I think most of them were wrong because it did not check if R_LoadImageProgram returned valid data. I still have some duplicates with Illusionist Tower and they do look the same.
  14. Here's the full diff patch with the new cvar and the fix from the previous post. Using the map Illusionist tower I get 7.2 vs 6.2 sec in the console output for "all images loaded". BTW how do you get a text copy of the console?
  15. I think there is a bug with the check procedure. Here's my patch that kinda works
  16. It does not list "assets/briefing/nextpage" or "assets/briefing/prevpage" Is it mission specific? What mission is installed for you?
  17. Just start TDM and run reportImageDuplication in console. It will list all loaded images with same content. It's fonts mainly.
  18. This is another suggestion on improving load times. When loading a map, TDM calculates an md4 checksum on each texture image. The checksum is only used by a diagnostic tool (namely reportImageDuplication). Not sure how many map designers have used it because e.g. NHAT has 64 duplicates, 17 of them being the TDM GUI. Anyway I think it makes sense to add a config param to skip md4 calculation by default. Then if any map designer wants to test image duplication they can toggle the param. My test with NHAT: md4 checksum on: 21.2 sec md4 checksum off: 19.2 secYour tests will show less difference because I already don't use pk4's. I can prepare a diff patch if this idea is accepted.
  19. Thanks. I apologize for any misunderstanding.
  20. Umm... Sorry, are you saying that since nobody complained then it's ok or what??? I thought that everybody wants loading times as short as possible, not padded with artificial delays - but you sound like I want too much here??? Maybe I should create a poll or something to see if anyone else wants faster map loading and how much delay would be "unnoticeable" for average player. Heck, maybe increase delay to 10 seconds and see if anybody notices.
  21. I think on a 64x64 frame multisampling does not significantly affect performance. With all the CPU calculations and cpu <-> gpu transfers how much do you hope to gain?
  22. I assume you have noticed the diff patch and don't need me to answer that.
  23. I noticed that when the map loading GUI is shown nothing is being actually loaded for a second or so. It affects quick loads too. Can we please get rid of the loop since it's useless in TDM. It's really annoying to wait each run when testing code changes.I think everyone will appreciate one less second of loading.Here's the patch
  24. I think r_multiSamples only takes effect on vid_restart, so it is no use here.
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