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  1. On Sunday morning, I dreamt a TDM dream. Yes, really. I was inside some city level with nice moody lighting. There were winding streets and regularly shaped courtyards paved with nothing but oversized square stone tiles. One courtyard had something like a chessboard-style arrangement of paving tiles with Roman numerals, and a mechanical contraption to go with it. This was apparently some kind of puzzle, but my dream-self couldn't figure out the specifics.

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    2. kano


      I occasionally dream that I'm playing multiplayer games which I used to play, but no longer do because they died out. What's weird though is, its not like I'm sitting in front of a computer, its like I'm in the game... quite fun!

    3. Petike the Taffer
    4. Sotha


      Petike, as an immediate remedy, please read the entire production of HP Lovecraft. You might be witnessing a glimpse of the things left behind by the Elder Things. Might be very beneficial for TDM horror mission production, too!

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