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  1. Toning down the physics on a bouncing monocle. It's killed me once, turns allied AIs hostile, and launched a nobleman into the air.

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    2. VanishedOne


      I tried both of those. High mass had some effect, but it still bounced a lot, and hit with the full force of a 60lb monocle. With "solid" "0" it still seems to bounce off worldspawn (and if it didn't, the monocle would disappear anyway). I think this may be the physics engine getting jittery with a small object's collisions.

    3. SteveL


      Yes it's a long-standing issue. There are open trackers for arrows bouncing forever. I've never messed with the physics system, but I notice there's a "bouncyness" spawnarg that does get used by the physics system. It needs to be set between 0 and 1 or it gets ignored. Not sure whether bigger number means more or less bounce. Have you tried that?

    4. VanishedOne


      Yes. In the end I even reduced it to 0.000000001, but I don't know to what extent it helped.

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