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  1. Did the TV drama tie-in ever happen? I dug up my old post and it's from 2016...
  2. It's a known bug; glad you found the workaround. It seems to be specific to GUIs using xdata, so if all you need is something like a signpost, a GUI material that accepts a gui_parm1 spawnarg as per https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Text_Decals_for_Signs_etc. is another option.
  3. It would also let users add 'ugly', 'worthless', 'DarkLivesMatter' and 'buy-mandrasola.tk' (hopefully enough people would downvote the spam, but I think we might see disagreements about whether e.g. 'ugly' is a legitimate tag - no less a matter of opinion than 'beautiful' but potentially demoralising for mappers, given that it would appear as part of a quasi-official taxonomy).
  4. In case anyone's interested for future reference, the way id handled control of multiple lights was via the FX system.
  5. I don't think that triggers e-mail notifications, so it's not necessarily optimal for getting hold of people who are contactable and potentially willing to deal with the issue but happen not to be checking the forum for a while. Edit: okay, I've found the setting to turn e-mail notifications on for that. I don't remember changing the defaults, but it's possible I did; anyway, it's still the case that people can have e-mail notifications for @ mentions turned off.
  6. Sir, sir, Obsttorte told me to do it sir! In ITB's guis/mainmenu_objectives.gui: /* ============================================================================================= * * This file is part of The Dark Mod's Main Menu GUI * * Mission Authors: DO NOT EDIT, INCLUDE OR OVERRIDE THIS FILE IN YOUR MISSION PK4. 'I've modified a lot of such files containing that warning and hey, I'm still here.' -- Obsttorte, http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/18729-how-about-redesign-tdms-mainmenu/page-3#entry405730 * * ============================================================================================= */ As for what it actually changes, it increases the dimensions of a text box so I can fit in a difficulty level called 'For your eyes only' (compare windowDef Difficulty2 to the others).
  7. I favour (1) unless there are technical reasons not to, because it would remove a disparity between how AI and the player are treated by the trigger.
  8. Right: that's basically what I did as well. If the AI stood still for long enough the timer would run out and the AI would be plunged into darkness. If memory serves, the last time I mentioned this you suggested using a different set-up with a modified AI scriptobject.
  9. (Late reply, I know.) The painful bit if you want anything useable in-game is storing/using your list, because of DoomScript's lack of arrays/lists/etc. But it can be done: On the other question, check the Script Reference docs for getNextEntity().
  10. When I tried to make Lost City lamps with trigger_inactivity, I found it worked for the player but the trigger_multiple would repeatedly trigger its target with an AI inside it only if the AI was pathing, not if it was standing still. Have you found differently?
  11. From a glance at one of the lantern entity classes, it doesn't use a scriptobject (which would read the "extinguished" spawnarg). You could try giving it "scriptobject" "tdm_light_holder". If that fails you could investigate the def_attached light entity if there is one (as an actual light it should respect "start_off" even if you can't get "extinguished" working on it or its holder). I'm looking at atdm:moveable_lantern_bullseye, which actually attaches light_lantern_bullseye_spotlight_unlit by default.
  12. Didn't DR use to accept dmap as a console command, but have it removed because it had never been fully ported to a working state? The only related tracker entry I found is 445, but I'm sure I remember at least one beginner asking for help who turned out to have used DR dmap, not TDM dmap. However dmap ends up being implemented internally, I'd like to suggest that TDM's testmap command be kept working.
  13. I've found that as well. Also, playing on weak hardware I've come to suspect it's less reliable if the framerate is unsmooth. It probably is also partly an interface design/feedback question too though: besides the difficulty in judging distance as others mentioned (flat screen, invisible body besides the right arm, needing to adjust your bodily position because your thief can't modify the arc of the swing like in real life) there's the fact that the weapon viewmodel isn't exactly 'there' in the world, even though id Tech 4 lighting does a good job with the illusion.
  14. Right, test results: You can't 'backstab' a lanternbot; steambots have a sneak_attack_mult of 1.0. However, it doesn't immediately blow the whistle on being damaged (I'm not quite sure why it doesn't react more: its only senses are auditory, but according to the console it enters a pain state on taking damage), so you can probably get in the second blow right away, though it may have time to turn around and light you up. The sword is louder than the blackjack: with a human AI about 340 units away, knocking out the lanternbot provoked no barks, 'killing' it provoked a bark and on higher auditory acuity settings he became more likely to turn around. Lanternbots shed blood and sometimes make fleshy noises when slain. Not as drastic as I feared, but not a trivial change from when maps with it were designed, tested and released either. The last point makes me wonder how extensively attacking lanternbots has been tested by anybody.
  15. According to the descriptions given in the game console, image_usePrecompressedTextures is the cvar to 'use .dds files if present'. If your only TGAs are things like light textures (which tend to have forceHighQuality set in the material) and cubemaps, image_useCompression shouldn't make much difference, but working with TGA assets I haven't compressed to DDS yet, I found they had horrible colour banding on my system and only looked decent with image_useCompression turned off.
  16. The language of 'overpowered' and 'balance' does seem to me to be curiously placed here. If you're making a shooter, and one weapon is so much more effective than others that they don't even see situational use; or if you're making an RPG with selectable abilities, and nobody wants to invest in +1 damage against mud elementals when +10% evasion against everything has the same cost, then okay, you have a balance problem. That the feature to make moving ragdolls over distance more practical is chosen by players intending to move ragdolls over distance doesn't strike me as the same kind of thing. Edit: to add a more positive note, I think this perceived problem may relate to the fact that players are most often dealing with human bodies. In Thief a dead/blackjacked crayman just can't be moved from its spot, which means you choose your spot carefully if others are around. In TDM, if anything is like that it's... the horse? But in TDM you also have AI you can drag but not shoulder: so, the lanternbot. Also spiders but you're unlikely to want to hide a spider corpse. I see the new werebeast is also set not to be shoulderable but it remains to be seen what effect that has in gameplay.
  17. Ah, the old 'grass edge' problem. Are you using patches for the grass? Your best bet is vertex blending but it requires using a model; DR has an export script that's supposed to help with this. Failing that, there's this.
  18. Thanks, but I wasn't asking as a question of law, I was asking because I wanted to know the answer.
  19. Is the assets SVN public now? I knew the glprogs had been made part of the public source code at https://svn.thedarkmod.com/publicsvn/darkmod_src/trunk/ but hadn't heard of any opening of the assets SVN.
  20. Were signals of no use? That looks to be how you're 'expected' to find out whether a mover has arrived or been blocked.
  21. The fog of memory having cleared a bit, I think what specifically got me an error was making an entity target itself, before anything could get as far as actually triggering anything.
  22. One of the mysteries of Doom 3's development is the shadowDraw keyword. In D3 it exists in shaderdemos/shadowDrawLight in shaderDemo.mtr but the code to recognise it seems to have been stripped out at some point. shaderdemos/shadowDrawLight { // this would default the same if not specified lightFalloffImage makeintensity( lights/squarelight1a.tga ) { // this stage will be drawn normally map lights/squarelight1.tga colored zeroClamp } { // this stage will be drawn on the shadows, still modulated by the lightFalloffImage shadowDraw map lights/squarelight1.tga rgb 0.5 blend GL_ZERO, GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_COLOR } } The leaked Doom 3 E3 demo comes with a variant of this material and will accept the keyword, but doesn't do anything with it that my eyes could discover. My guess is that id was experimenting with it as a way of reducing the black shadow effect on some lights. I've only played through D3BFG, which apparently brightened some scenes, and when I played the leaked E3 demo I was struck by how oppressive its darkness was atmospherically. There is no flashlight in the demo; instead you can spawn light grenades from the console that work similarly to T2's flares. Constantine would have approved.
  23. You could try putting a path_flee_point_rats in your map, but it seems fish have to be pretty close to the blast to want to flee it. Edit: setting is_civilian seems to make them keener to flee, but I don't know whether that's all the spawnarg controls or whether it's also involved in 'Don't kill innocents' objectives. I notice rats don't have it. Disabling unarmed_melee also seemed to help. Despite having been able to injure one with the blackjack before, I'm now finding them remarkably resistant to melee weapons... Edit: ... which is an unexpected result of having af_push_moveables turned off. The rat and tiny spider have it disabled too, so arguably it's the default setting for ambient AI even on land, but if you want to slice up fish you should re-enable it.
  24. And I've discovered why my initial attempt to disable searching had no effect: the spawnarg is canSearch, not can_search as in can_drown or can_unlock. And I put the wrong one in the updated def, so I'll need to change the download again. Coming momentarily. Edit: done.
  25. I once tried to make an entity trigger itself via S/R and got an error message saying entities aren't supposed to trigger themselves; so I had it trigger another entity, which had a Response to trigger it right back.
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