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  1. Thanks for the help. I imagine they might be missing something that the search internals expect; I didn't give them an AIUse value, for example, but they inherit visual and communication S/R so maybe they ought to have one.
  2. Maybe turning af_push_moveables off has just made my mine better at killing them all because they're no longer so good at pushing each other out of the way. With enough survivors I get a crash too, and assigning a search anim in the model decl doesn't prevent it. Edit: updated download is live.
  3. On its own? I'd already tried that but thought it hadn't worked. Anyway, I'll update the download shortly with both spawnargs set in the def.
  4. Well, that was a short honeymoon. I can reproduce the crash. Does setting "af_push_moveables" "0" on them help? (If not, try "mass" "6" as well.)
  5. As promised, here is the Arx: End of Sun fish set up as a wandering 'ambient' AI in TDM. Download link Remember to credit the EoS team if you use it (their asset licence is Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported). It should work as randomly moving scenery. Anything else might work - I hit one with the blackjack and it bit back - or might not. EoS stopped its fish flying out of water with some custom code to allow a maximum flying height. In the absence of that, if you want to put one in open water all I can suggest is seeing whether a monsterclip 'ceiling' works. The AAS and scriptobject are from the Elemental, but the dimensions are taken straight from EoS; you may find the swim animation occasionally clips into the floor (presumably preventable with monsterclip if it's not sand/mud/etc.). This is the first AF/ragdoll I've made. I think I generally got rid of the bad behaviour, but fish are slippery creatures. Textures are in TGA format straight from EoS; you may want to convert non-normals to DDS before FM release. (Normal maps are actually unused by default; see .mtr for details.)
  6. https://www.textures.com/faq-license.html#anchor-games says 'you need to release content that has been created using our materials under a closed source license'. I tried googling for "textures.com" site:thedarkmod.com and out of the results I got, the only one that clearly seemed to identify a texture as coming from textures.com was in R Soul's red button. That attribution is also in the readme packaged with it, which doesn't otherwise identify any licence, open or closed.
  7. Well, credit goes to the person who actually made the model; I just did the format conversion to get it working in TDM. I wasn't planning to have a wholly Lovecraftian mission, just one of those moments when you swing through an open window on your way through town and stumble upon something sinister. Of course, anyone else could use it too.
  8. Well, speaking of Lovecraft... (Asset source)
  9. @Geep HMart made a tracker entry along those lines once: https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5045 Arcturus made an MD5 animated fish for his 'animated grass test' map; I imported the EoS one because it already had an AI def to build on. @STRUNK I'll supply a download link once I've cleaned up the 'testbed' set-up (currently it's using a partial version of the Arx scriptobject, which it probably doesn't need just to swim around, but I need to check swapping in a generic TDM AI scriptobject doesn't break the animations).
  10. @Goldwell I think lionhead_amulet.lwo has always been like that; it is on my 2.07 installation. The broken material is called tdm_blackheart_amulet so I suspect it's a Blackheart Manor asset that was only halfway added to core. You're right about the shroom flinder problem being an old one; does https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=2559#c9479 help?
  11. Yes, I know about that. Since it changes long established (albeit unintended) behaviour, I'm noting that if it stays and isn't in release notes it's going to perplex anyone who was used to being able to blackjack lanternbots. On the other hand, some of the discussion above seems to favour introducing a KO zone, so I'm asking whether the question was ever resolved. (At some point I need to check whether a one-hit 'backstab' on a lanternbot is possible; if it has time to whistle before it can be killed, that'll increase the difficulty of dealing with one over and above whatever noise the sword makes.)
  12. Since TDM was invited to use Arx: End of Sun assets, I decided to try adding the fish AI to TDM (as wandering ambient AI, though it would be possible to make them dangerous again if desired). Whereupon I ran into the same experience Obsttorte had with the werebeast: there's something about TDM's handling of AI that makes going near them trigger a crash if they lack an AF. So: The fish is now usable in an aquarium - or a kitchen - but I'm not sure whether it'll be possible to put it in open water without scripting its behaviour. It's possible to tell AAS to calculate 'swim reachabilities' but I don't know whether they can actually be used for anything; EoS calculated both swim and fly reachabilities, had the fish use MOVETYPE_FLY and added some code to let a maximum fly height be set in a spawnarg.
  13. At a glance, I'm afraid you might be out of luck. I suppose you could try using hide/show to swap it with a func_static, though that might look bad if the player can see it at the time. Or replicate the bobbing behaviour with some other kind of binary mover.
  14. Was there any resolution on this? In the 2.08 beta lanternbots have acquired "ko_immune" "1" (and I haven't seen this noted in any changelogs, so it's going to confuse anyone expecting the established behaviour).
  15. It seems normal for me. The only thing I can suggest offhand is trying different texture scaling in case that has something to do with it.
  16. https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=What's_new_in_TDM_2.08#Assets mentions the covered furniture models but I can't find them in the 2.08 assets yet. The clothed zombie has a model, which seems to be an improvement on the state described here, but still produces a lot of warnings about missing textures/darkmod/volta/* images, and also about "unknown copy_joint 'neckcontrol'". I've been unable to spawn a werebeast; the map exits with error "GetBody: no body with id 0 exists on ent <name>".
  17. I don't know whether this will help with the loading times, but I recently found I had image_useCompression and image_useNormalCompression set to the default 1 (I was wondering why the colour banding on my TGAs was so bad in the game). According to https://www.iddevnet.com/doom3/ these cause TGAs to get compressed at load time. Since TDM (currently) doesn't use pre-compressed normal maps, that might be one cause of loading delay, though I can't say I've noticed a big speed-up (and presumably setting 0 will use more RAM). The question of nominating recommended 'showcase' FMs comes up occasionally, but besides the point stgatilov makes, it raises other questions: what if A is a stunning, impressive mission but utterly brutal to inexperienced players? What if B is third in a series where the first two no longer impress so much? What if C is great fun but long since ceased to be a visual showcase for TDM? (I was going to suggest that instead of trying to list 'best' missions it might be nice to have an occasional spotlight on missions that made a splash in their day - n year anniversaries for former competition winners, perhaps, since they were already entered into a public ranking - but that idea naturally biases things towards the sometimes less pretty past.)
  18. The cvar conversation reminds me of my first attempt to get a speed potion working via scripting: if I restarted the map before the potion ran out I'd be stuck with increased movement speed. With ambient and interaction shaders no longer selectable via the menu, does that mean the basic ones are being phased out? Should material authors stop including stages to support the simple ambient? There are certainly a few materials that look strikingly different with the specular fix, and rather more that look more subtly so, but at least with the fix they can be tweaked within the material decls. From the way it was described as controversial I was worried it was going to turn the world Doom 3 plastic or something, which doesn't seem to be the case.
  19. I've found makeIrradiance() good enough for my purposes so far; I've even found having a quick way to make a blurry version of a cubemap can be handy in regular materials, like these pearls: If there's a strong case for improving it, I think maybe it comes in the context of other things we might want to do to generate cubemaps in a less manual way, i.e. env_cubemap style probe entities.
  20. Are materials (on SVN) still out of sync with what the shader expects?
  21. Nice. :-) One minor detail: there seem to be hidden white marble surfaces in the mesh, which means the model loads a material the map might not need. I suggest caulking those, then having the exporter (I assume this was made in DR) skip all the caulk surfaces; it should shave off unneeded geometry.
  22. The ones I know about (not having been around back then) are: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/9762-zombies-ghouls-and-revenants/page/2/&tab=comments#comment-198310 https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/14066-needed-for-standalone-animated-werebeast/
  23. Hmm, more complex than I anticipated. I suppose another possibility would be to give each save file its own supplementary file, but at that point the number of proposed files is growing quite a bit, all for the sake of a feature that only benefits those wanting evidence of their ironman playthroughs. I don't think deliberate manipulation by players is worth worrying about, though: if you want to cheat you have plenty of options. Activate godmode and notarget from the console. Edit the mission map file. Edit the GUI. Recompile the engine. Edit your screenshot in an image editor. So to a substantial extent it'll remain an honour system in any event. Fun fact about D3BFG's achievement-tracking code: it disables achievements if you have the console enabled, but only performs the check at the moment you meet the criteria for an achievement. Nothing stops you making keybinds for cheat modes.
  24. Or create/update a supplementary save file that just contains the number of loads. (That should avoid having to work out what to do about multiple save files, and ensure save/load-related bugs weren't made harder to diagnose.)
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