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  1. Thanks, I will try those methods eventually but really, at this moment in time I just want to play already instead of spending the whole night away fiddling with the settings like what I've been doing the past few nights.
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    If the Dark Mod supports it I don't see why someone couldn't create a freeroam hub that connects to different missions. I have a feeling this sort of thing gets a lot of detractors because it wasn't done well in TDS but hey, if some enterprising modder/mapper has a great idea and thinks s/he can one up TDS, I really feel s/he should just go ahead and make it so.
  3. doesn't see the need to set a status really

  4. Yep, that works for me. Thanks! Unfortunately my res settings are still not fixed Right now the only way for me to enjoy TDM is to set my doomconfig to readonly and all is well... (almost anyway). It's good enough to allow me to play so I'm a happy taffer.
  5. Ah okay! Should've searched the forum more throroughly I guess In the meantime TDM is so awesome I really don't care about the flaws I'm experiencing at the moment. I think I'm lucky in that I don't experience any crashes (yet, cross fingers) so y'know, what if TDM keeps changing my res? No big deal really... So anyways, I'd like to thank everyone who's tried to help me. You guys are such a helpful community. Hugs all round!
  6. No, the menu doesn't show custom. I'll try setting it to 0 later when I get the chance (not near my gaming computer at the moment) but I won't be glad to lose widescreen I have all the confidence that you actually know more than me. In fact I suspect this is all a huge user error, i.e.: I'm an idiot and I must've borked something up somewhere Thanks, Crispy. This is the only workaround that works for me. I guess I'll just have to live with the ingame menu settings being useless for now. Having said all that, I also suspect this resolution problem I'm having is a symptom of something else, though I'm not sure if I'm right. This brings me to my next question: When I load tdmlauncher.exe, what is supposed to happen? In my case, this sequence of events happens: 1) Steam loads up a messagebox saying "Loading Doom 3..." (I have the Steam version of D3 obviously) 2) Then the Activision logo appears and the Doom 3 menu appears. 3) I have to click on "Mods" and load "The Dark Mod - A Thief-inspired mod something something" to load TDM 4) Only then does TDM truly launch. Am I right in thinking that this shouldn't happen and I shouldn't be seeing any D3 references anywhere at all if I load using tdmlauncher.exe?
  7. Nope, still doesn't work. Anyway, after doing some more checking, apparently the "moment" TDM changes my resolution is when I actually start a mission. It doesn't matter which mission (I've downloaded some more missions since my previous post), but after the mission level is loaded, I go into the Settings menu and lo and behold the res setting has magically changed back to 1366x768. Changing the setting back to 1280x720 will do nothing after I've exited, I'll check the doomconfig file and the 1366x768 setting will magically return there as well. Yeah, I did set to 16:9. 1366x768 is actually 16:9 as well, it's one setting above 1280x720. It's like TDM thinks I'm better off with one setting higher! I'm aware of D3 requiring a restart to change res.. that's the whole problem really. TDM keeps sneakily changing my res behind my back and because it doesn't do it instantaneously, it surprises me with a new res the next time I load TDM!
  8. I don't change resolutions during a mission. I don't see the need for changing resolutions when it already runs nice at the TV's native res and I preset it in doomconfig.cfg file in the darkmod folder before the game loads. Also, I only have the training mission so far. Closing and reopening will just reset the resolution to 1366x788, no matter what settings I changed. I don't think it's a big deal running it through a TV though, since it's basically just a computer monitor with a native res of 1280x720. This doesn't happen to me with Doom 3 so it's definitely TDM's fault here. So far my only workaround is to set the doomconfig.cfg file to "read only" but unfortunately now if I change any other settings they won't stick, obviously.
  9. Hi guys, first of all, GREAT MOD! You guys did a fantastic job on this. I finally got round to buying Doom 3 so I could try out TDM and it's been excellent. However I have one teething problem: TDM keeps changing my resolution every time I quit a session for some reason. I play TDM on a HDTV at 1280x720 (16:9) but TDM will change the resolution in the config file to 1366x768 every time I quit. This is supremely annoying because the TV doesn't support that resolution and if I forget to edit the config file before I load TDM the next time I play, I won't get a display and the only way to exit then is to hard reboot (because I can't see the exit button) which then corrupts my Doom 3 installation Anybody else experiencing this problem? Any workarounds other than having to edit the config file every time? EDIT: Clarified some points.
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