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  1. Hi everyone, I maintained the dark mod and the darkradiant package for archlinux for quite some time. Unfortunately I do not have time or will to patch the dark mod to make it work on arch since I do not play anymore and I started working. Yet, I think TDM is one of the best game project on the Internet. A great example that is possible to make extremely high quality products without direct support of companies. So I am little sad that Archlinux remains without support, can anyone maintain the packages? Thanks
  2. Do anyone tried (or is willingly to try) this doom3 source port? https://github.com/dhewm/dhewm3
  3. So, lets assume in the begin that users still need pak00{0,1,2,3,4}.pk4 from the original doom3 what modification we should make to the doom3 engine to improve TDM?
  4. Thanks for the info Serpentine. It is not much about performance, it is more about easy of install. After all if performance were so better I think Id would already did it.
  5. is anyone interested to port the code to native 64bit? The code is plenty of assumption about sizeof(int) == sizeof(void*), but it should be well possible.
  6. I just hope they use some real programmers, Morrowind was a great game but ugly technically. (If you do not trust me read the scripting system documentation)
  7. I usually like reading books if they are short and to the point.
  8. tdm_update.linux accepts both. Here is a specific example, see the 11th byte: $ hexdump -n 80 tdm_textures_window01.pk4 #torrent 0000000 4b50 0403 0014 0002 0008 b242 36e2 c8a0 0000010 ea60 1fbe 0001 55e8 0001 0036 0000 6464 0000020 2f73 6574 7478 7275 7365 642f 7261 6d6b 0000030 646f 772f 6e69 6f64 2f77 6964 6d61 6e6f 0000040 5f64 6170 7474 7265 306e 5f31 6164 6b72 0000050 $ hexdump -n 80 tdm_textures_window01.pk4 #tdm updater 0000000 4b50 0403 0014 0002 0008 492d 3e46 c8a0 0000010 ea60 1fbe 0001 55e8 0001 0036 0000 6464 0000020 2f73 6574 7478 7275 7365 642f 7261 6d6b 0000030 646f 772
  9. This is from the directory downloaded with tdm_updater: e35ef6842233118947f7370069678a11 ./tdm_models01.pk4 d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e ./config.spec 0d9899063ae369b0cb1d851f6d83674a ./fms/training_mission/training_mission.pk4 9ec7bd0324ccf1e6e726cd1884858adb ./tdm_gui01.pk4 397bda312c65139b406440111236f50e ./tdm_textures_base01.pk4 d0b6ee3599d3514463ea880aa5333113 ./tdm_ai_humanoid_mages01.pk4 505a9e44111d1809d74168dca1b6168c ./tdm_textures_stone_natural01.pk4 16e6708644f21256977b3d93fd61b303 ./tdm_textures_stone_flat01.pk4 1d19dba6de093bc7e4691aab2137f4bb ./tdm_ai_humanoid_heads01.pk4
  10. About the save thing I am for absolute freedom: in single player games nothing is really important. It just you and the game and you can play as you want. Some people like to ghost missions and restart in case of error, others like me like 0-kills play (A part few levels against monsters in Thief 1, I hardly ever used the sword) but I reload in case of error... it does not matter if you like it or not. I just like playing this way. Since it is SP I should not bother anyone. About what I like, as Fidcal said it is the feeling of being there. In general I like shot-and-up games, but only in Thie
  11. After a while I wanted to play the dark mod again, I am happy to see the community is still active. I once again got the `black screen' on startup, and I solved it the same way. The get the feeling of the game again I wanted to play the Training Mission, but I got the message on post title. Exploring the source code a little I got the game seek that executable using g_Global.GetDarkmodPath() / "tdmlauncher.linux", and according to the log 'Darkmod directory is /opt/doom3/darkmod/'; so it seems a little strange as the resulting path seems correct. I read about in the wiki, but my dmargs.tx
  12. Better late than never. I finally (actually) updated to 1.2.1. In my system I needed to recall autoupdate and autoreconf: maybe there is something wrong?
  13. I am pretty sure it is for the mapper to decide there is a variable that you can give to guards making them unable to turn on the torches.
  14. Played on Ghost finally, here are my impressions: - Well done story, I got well hooked in the seek of the missing person. Alas...; - Nice patrols and number of guards; - I loved the fine tuned AI: you have to be pretty careful indeed on opening doors switching lights or slashing torch. Well done; - Very thief style with the no-kill, limited KO and such objectives; - The architecture is poor and the interiors feels empty; - On the other hand I loved the gardens! btw, the flowers do not cast shadow and the mushrooms lights are... squared? - I also got the crash on the roof, you already know; -
  15. edit DoomConfig.cfg, change the line `seta g_showPlayerShadow' to `seta g_showPlayerShadow "1"'.
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