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  1. Thankfully, technology makes it possible, to stay in "touch" at least audio-visually - even if your friends are scattered around Europe for the holidays...

    Marry holidays for you all!

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  2. On 4/3/2020 at 4:10 PM, Amadeus said:

    Hey, thanks for playing!


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    As far as the Builder, this might actually be my fault. When he's alerted he goes to an alert path node in the room, but I don't know if he calms down. I should maybe give him a patrol outside of the room to give the player some breathing room. Will fix in the next update. (Keep in mind, getting to the holy water is not mandatory to complete the mission)

    And for the water station, the welder is not your way forward


    Thanks, I stopped looking for a welder and could rob the vault regardless.

    As for hammer guy, he was still pacing around when I came back after all of this, so, he ain't calm down.

    I tried distracting him with a noisemaker, only to have him stuck at his bed in high alert.

    I managed to put out all lights, so I was able, to throw Atiq's charm into the holy water :)

    Again, nice mission, thank you!


  3. Very nice mission!

    But I'm stuck at two points.

    Hammer guy is up and pacing in his room, making it next to impossible to use the holy water. Aren't they supposed, to calm down after being alerted?

    In the water station, I can't pick up the welder and I also see no sheets. Am I looking in the wrong place (the table, where the manual was)?

  4. I added the following to the beta test thread, maybe it is useful here:


    I found out one more thing: It crashes, if the dial is touched, after the safe opens.


    Since I'm using the mousewheel for dialing, I seem to overshoot the last number one in five times.


    Reproducing it with the keys also will lead to a crash, if you put in one more keystroke, as the number you'll need.


    So it looks like its not the opening per se, but dialing after it opens - even if the door hasn't moved yet.


    Maybe this can help to get to the bottom of this.

  5. Since this is a throwaway testbed, I gave it a go.


    "newest" comments from the blog are from 2 months ago... Hmm


    Search results are localised, and don't put me where I'd expect them to be. You know, e, g, Iranian content provider for movie downloads. ;)


    I'm terrible sorry, but I'll pass.

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