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  1. Cool, thanks. Yeah, I'm guilty of not reading the readables on occasion. I really should read more of them.
  2. I didn't need to enter the vault to complete the mission but just curious, what's the code to enter the vault?
  3. I just completed Vitalic Fever, which was more complicated than the first. I made a quick walkthrough to remind me how to play it again in the future. I have really enjoyed the Hidden Hands series. https://darkmodfanwalks.weebly.com/hidden-hands-vitalic-fever.html
  4. Where is the key that opens the door on the second floor that has a telescope on the balcony? Without a rope arrow, I believe that's the only way to reach the very top floor? I have no idea either what the code is to that locked door at the top of the stairs.
  5. Ahhhh, thanks! I forgot to pick the heart back up after purifying it. I finished the mission. Excellent mission by the way!
  6. I have a huge problem with this mission. The only objective that I have not completed is an optional objective: to find Marna's ring. However, I STILL cannot complete the mission by using the front gate key on the front gate. I keep getting a message about completing my other objectives. Is this a bug? I surely hope not because I have spent a lot of time playing this mission only not to be able to complete it.
  7. Noclipping should never be a solution. I mean absolutely never. Too bad, I'll have to delete this one move on to another mission.
  8. I really hate it when I play a mission until the very end and experience a major game ending bug. I am experiencing the same issue as others have with this mission. The locking mechanism in that desk is broken. I entered the correct code and heard something click but there was no lever revealed. This mission should be taken down from the dark mod and fixed. Bugs like this are really disappointing.
  9. Excellent! That's what I wanted to hear. Thanks!
  10. I've been gaming on Windows 7 for so long now. However, I am upgrading to a new pc fairly soon. I just wanted to make sure the Dark Mod is running ok in Windows 10.
  11. I personally never once thought any of this while playing this mission. It never even crossed my mind that the movement speed felt slower. I guess this is just a personal preference, but I am used to playing expansive massive sized missions in Thief 2.
  12. I have to disagree. I thought the scale was perfect. I have played much larger mansions, churches, and banks in Thief 2. In fact, this mission reminded me quite a bit of Thief 2. I found the variety of places to visit also highly unique when compared to many other Dark Mod missions that seem to use the same types of houses or buildings and tend to get a little cramped. For me, this mission should not be changed in any way. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
  13. Yeah, I usually play on the lowest or medium difficulty. Those who like to play on the higher difficulties can just ignore my comments about knocking the guards out and ghost the missions if they like. I personally cannot stand to play without my blackjack. Knocking out guards is so enjoyable to me.
  14. Wow! I am blown away and thoroughly impressed with Hidden Hands Initiation. This is perhaps my all time favorite fan mission for the Dark Mod. The size of the map is astounding and the quality is absolutely superb! Let me extend my personal thank you to JackFarmer, the creator of this amazingly well done fm! I created a walkthrough for this mission on my website. https://darkmodfanwalks.weebly.com/hidden-hands-initiation.html
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