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  1. I'll be damned. Curses. I shouldn't have come in this topic. Now i can't sleep and work.
  2. Just started playing and im already creamed my pants. This is outstanding. Performance is not so good, but this is the price that I am ready to pay for all this beauty. Thanx-Thanx-Thanx-Thanx-Thanx-Thanx-Thanx-Thanx-Thanx-Thanx!!
  3. The city area, the house - sounds good, but not for this fm imho. I think here would be enough to just climb over the wall to outside to complete the mission. The mansion itself is already very detailed, and having there the city area is too much... ah nevermind The Scratches is horror quest. With the lack of graphics it posesses a great atmosphere and scares the crap out of people. Oh and another thing with the objective to return to where you started - i've jumped around that tree, climbed on it for about half of a minute and somehow randomly i found the spot :/
  4. Wow, thank you! Its really awesome! Now this is my favorite fm out of all of them. The atmosphere, architecture, cool tiny details everywhere... And, well, i have to admit, this was the second time in tdm, when i got scared (this time without a reason ). When i saw that the main secret room was empty i immediately panicked - i thought that it will be some kinda trap xD Despite the fact that everything was not as I expected, the finale was magnificent. And yeah. The basement - with all these generators it reminded me of Scratches. You should definitely put some creepy music in there Thanks again, it was GREAT.
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