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  1. @ Serpentine: Thanks for the link, it is interesting. I've used their Wax software in the past. I don't know how I missed this. @ Tels: Thank you. I agree with your input. I do feel that the arms of the oil lamps extend sufficiantly from the wall, though. I was going to depict the site of a horrible freak accident as shown in this screenshot. However, the wolfs head doesn't have a backside to it. Any ideas?
  2. Ah... windowed, of course. Thanks.
  3. Thanks... Does anyone know of a good screen recorder to record gameplay? Haven't ever tried recording games before. It's for the TDM video tutorial for dummies that I'm gradually attempting. I've tried Camstudio which wouldn't do it. And Taksi which also just recorded a black screen.
  4. I tried. And it shows up in the 3d view of the editor, but not in-game.
  5. Where can I find a "blood spatter" object put on top of my exclusive white linen? I've searched through the database several times and I can't locate one.
  6. Cool Thanks for the... err... heads up, by the way.
  7. Ok. The commoner ragdoll looks alright. I chose the nobel one which had its head way above its body. Some setting I have to fiddle with I presume.
  8. Send me some scripts to work with and I'll see what I can do.
  9. I see it more clear now... Thanks.
  10. Instead of cluttering up the forum with separate topics I though I'd collect them all here, since my queries will most likely be abundant. Hope that's okay... I thank everyone in advance for their patience and efforts to help me out. In return I will make a video tutorial(s) of things I learn for TDM dummies (I am a film maker, so the quality can be expected to be well above the average youtube effort). I am also available for musical scores and sound design/ voice acting (myself and a few acting friends that might want to help out - though some degree of foreign english accent can be expected). --- First question: I need a dead AI... I can't find the appropriate ragdoll and the ragdolls heads are a little too unattached to their bodies for my liking (ie severed and far away). There's no properties that I can see which I can add to an AI to kill it off. How's this accomplished?
  11. Yes, I just read a little about it. I don't think I quite grasp it yet, though. I may understand how it might be benefitial to transparent objects like windows, but don't the geometry need to be calculated even if it is invisible in such a case? And would it also be of value to caulk the outside walls of a room that would never be visible under any circumstance?
  12. Incredible! It works. Thanks!
  13. I can't get these visportal things to work. It says (as I understand it) to create a brush, place it in a doorway (for instance) making sure there are no gaps, and to texture one side with the visportal texture. Great! It compiles, but the other side of the brush turns pitch black and I can't get back out! I textured both sides, it compiled with a non fatal error, the black side disappeared, but it doesen't affect sound propagation at all- so I'm guessing I'm an idiot... again.
  14. Looks like I've a lot of reading ahead of me. Visportals??? Worldspawn brush??? I've just come to grips with the "void" concept versus the "solid" concept of the good old Dromed :-)
  15. Thanks for the reply. I'll do that, but won't the editor be extremely cluttered after a while? Perhaps there's a filter option somewhere? Cool! It works... That's a very genious way of controlling various aspects of pathfinding. Thanks for enlightening me :-)
  16. Hi there! I'm justing starting building a basic map- just a single room and a corridor currently. Two AIs (a thug and a rat) and both behave strangely when navigating through the map. They keep walking against obsticles like crates, furniture even walls. It looks ridiculous. The map dmaps without any errors and I can't possibly figure out what might be wrong. Any thoughts?
  17. Very interested, thanks:) Sometimes I fire up TDM just to listen to it.
  18. Ah! Yes... Sorry, didnt see that. Thanks!
  19. Hi! May I ask who composed the Dark Mod theme. It's utterly beautiful, dark and moody. Compliments:)
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