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  1. I'm no expert in the complex cmake stuff but from what I can see here: PKGLIBDIR does correctly point to /install/lib64/darkradiant so there should be no looking for the non-64 lib directory there. I only see it in RUNPATH $ORIGIN/../lib/darkradiant and used for the libraries libwxutil.so + libxmlutil.so + libscenegraph.so + libmath.so, which matches the complaint I get about libwxutil not being found. So these are hopefully the only ones that need their path fixed again after which all should be fine again.
  2. mircea@linux-qz0r:~> objdump -p /archive/mircea/Games/Quake/TheDarkMod/DarkRadiant_GIT/install/bin/darkradiant /archive/mircea/Games/Quake/TheDarkMod/DarkRadiant_GIT/install/bin/darkradiant: file format elf64-x86-64 Program Header: PHDR off 0x0000000000000040 vaddr 0x0000000000400040 paddr 0x0000000000400040 align 2**3 filesz 0x0000000000000268 memsz 0x0000000000000268 flags r-- INTERP off 0x00000000000002a8 vaddr 0x00000000004002a8 paddr 0x00000000004002a8 align 2**0 filesz 0x000000000000001c memsz 0x000000000000001c flags r-- LOAD off 0x000000000
  3. Thanks, posted a new note myself. I'm using "make install" now but even when ran from the installed path it can't find libwxutil.so. Update: It's the lib versus lib64 issue again. It generates a lib64 directory and I need to symlink a copy of it named lib. As before, lib should not exist and be looked for on a 64bit system, there should only be lib64.
  4. Yes: $player1.getButtons() is the part I needed. I already have a per-frame loop function to use it from. Use key appears to be _impulse51 judging by that list? Only remaining question here is how I filter a given key from it, extract whether a given button is pressed from that getButtons(). I know in other codes you typically use something like |= or ~&= to see if contains a button's bit.
  5. If it's the later I definitely shouldn't have any issues then. Perhaps something is missing... I suspected an OS / driver related limitation, but maybe this is a bug in the engine? Especially since again, I remember 4x AA used to work months ago... I couldn't stick my hand in fire over it but I remember looking at geometry edges at the time and seeing the smoothness clearly. With TDM 2.09 being in Beta it might be nice if we could clarify this so it can be fixed in the final release if so.
  6. Thanks. I know key presses are called impulses in many engines, that should probably be it; Even if I have to check for a number I can go with that too, granted I know which impulse the USE key is and how to read it. There must be other scripts that check when the use key is being held, I assume a lot of things simply wouldn't work then! My mod will involve a GUI anyway so just changing the text on that should work. Funny I didn't think of this earlier, it's actually even closer to what I want than a builtin script function randomly printing text somewhere on the screen.
  7. Never experimented with this I'm afraid, don't think there is one. Also my desktop is KDE... I run TDM on openSUSE Tumbleweed x64 (X11 not Wayland).
  8. For near-future reference: Is there a script function that allows me to print a message on the screen to the player, which shows up for a little then fades away? I searched the script reference wiki page but nothing for the word "message". Also how do I check if the player is holding the USE key? Probably going to need that as well soon.
  9. Noticed there might be new library pathing issues after the switch to cmake. I only tried "make" not "make install" but since the former should work too I still reported this for tonight. DR won't start after cmake migration: Cannot find the main module in any of the paths
  10. Just tried r_fboResolution. Sadly it's not an option: It works but the performance loss is huge! Even at 1.5 which would be the right amount to get some decent AA, the FPS loss is gigantic. Unless another form of AA is implemented in the engine, my only options are to either get the normal one working or leave it like this which is ugly. There must be other Linux users with the free drivers though, is there no knowledge on how this could be solved?
  11. glxinfo -l.txt The value seems to be 8. This would explain why in the past setting it to 16x disabled the feature while using 4x seemed to work. Problem is that now even 4x is no longer working, none of the settings will allow AA to work. I can imagine... that would be like rendering at an increased resolution right? Perhaps that's why AA worked in the past for me? I think I might have had that enabled at some point... I had to disable it because it caused the view to shrink and show corruption when going underwater (some sort of shader issue). Like I said Xonotic and others
  12. If you mean an APU it's something I would have liked having myself. I still use a GPU as the only good CPU I could find didn't have integrated graphics, and that's probably slower than a dedicated video card anyway. Hopefully special support isn't needed for either though.
  13. Was thinking of doing that... thanks for confirming, opened one.
  14. Submitted an issue on the bug tracker as well for this: https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5445
  15. A very basic one... like Destined said if you write in a window you'll get a basic form of search. I suggested a better alternative recently, so far no response to my idea.
  16. glxinfo doesn't appear to say anything about GL_MAX_SAMPLES, I attached the full output. The issue doesn't occur in Xonotic when I enable 4x AA, over there I can clearly see the filter smoothing the edges when on and the same effect as in TDM when off... this should thus be TDM specific. I attached a cropped jpg exported at 100% quality, should be the same as a png... need to ask the forum admins if they can raise the attachment limit to 1 MB per post, 500 KB is rather limiting. glxinfo.txt
  17. Doesn't seem to. This is with sharpen disabled and 4x AA, settings applied at startup.
  18. Just yesterday I noticed that AA isn't working for me. I don't know if it's specific to the new version, I had issues with it in the past though sometimes it worked. I posted a separate thread to debug this here as it seems like a separate discussion. I do wish other types of AA could be added to the engine, I've seen others engines use stuff like Temporal AA which look pretty nice (blurry but in a tasteful way).
  19. I get the feeling antialiasing does not wish to work for me, even when I use the 4x or 16x option in the main menu. I remember getting the impression that it worked sometimes in the past, but yesterday I looked at the edges of some objects and could clearly see the jagged edges of the geometry. I wonder if this is specific to the Linux version: I have an AMD card and use the free amdgpu driver... there was talk about Mesa having issues handling AA properly depending on how the engine calls it. What do you suggest I check?
  20. In this case it really feels like something vanilla TDM could and would make sense to offer. So just as you have $player1.getHealth(), could we have a $player1.getAir() as well? And in this case a $player1.setAir() too to be able to change it? This is an obvious limitation to be fair, and I'm assuming it would take a few minutes to implement such a hook for mod makers to use. If so maybe it can still hit 2.9, so it wouldn't take until next year to be able to use it? @Dragofer@stgatilov@SpringheelAny thoughts on adding those functions to the player script? Is it something the devs wou
  21. It might help to see it, sure! Though in this case it really feels like core TDM should make a change to the player script and add functions for accessing the breath: This sounds like a big limitation including for mappers.
  22. Thanks. Luckily no need to reset the config: I played with those color correction settings recently and knew where to find them. That is if it only involves the r_postprocess_ColorCorrect* cvars, I reset those to their new defaults of 0. The menu brightness remains an issue if the brightness setting is turned up; I settled for using r_postprocess_brightness 1.0 + r_postprocess_gamma 1.5 which gives a nice distribution and lets me see properly in dark rooms. By the way, a little thought: I noticed the menu setting for r_bloom_weight only goes up to 0.7. Any reason why it's not a full 1.0?
  23. Alright; I started replaying the FM Down by the Riverside last night, restarted it tonight on the new version. Everything seems to be wonderful: The sharpness filter is looking great, I even turned it all the way up to 1 and love the results it offers Shadow maps are also faster than stencil shadows for the first time, I permanently switched over to the shadowmapping option for better results... r_shadowMapSinglePass shows no noticeable issues either. In terms of actual bugs I can't see any. The only thing that even comes close is that midway through the loading screen (when the map fir
  24. Cheers. A little suggestion then if it's possible: When a geometry change is detected... could there be a mode that automatically pauses the game, runs dmap, then unpauses it on the updated version? Just like running dmap while being connected, but instead of ending up in the main menu everything seamlessly resumes once the map has recompiled. Only thinking of this for completions sake... I can't say I see myself using even the live entity updates so this offers more than enough in terms of helping mappers
  25. I seemingly have the knowledge to do that, unless something more than my experiences with scripting so far is involved. Main problem with that is I'd need to modify a default script, talk with the devs to see if they approve the change, and even if they do wait for the next TDM release (one every 6 - 12 months) so it can be normally used by everyone.
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