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  1. Thank you so much HMart!! Alt+tab & alt+enter solved it! (I wonder how cats know such things... )
  2. Please help!! My cat stepped on the keyboard while I was playing and reduced the size of my game screen to a small window. Now the mouse is not working on it and it can only be minimized/maximized or closed if I press the windows key.Restarting my laptop do not resolve it and the cat refuses to make TDM work again.
  3. can someone point me to the last secret please? must be somewhere around lord's place..(?)
  4. ok, I have played all 4 Thief OMs games, about 85-90% of Thief FMs of TMA, TDP+ GOLD, DS and T2X and I think that this one should be placed among the Pantheon of the Thief-world games (if there is one that is.. ). Mostly due to that amazing building..!!! not that gameplay or story or ambience was less good, but I was really dazzled by this construction! Thank you for this real gem of a mission!! This is not a mission, is a bright star.. thank you again!
  5. don't bother with that, it's just the light swich from the next room's wall
  6. well. am almost ready to go back in my room but first I have one question about priest's mantra ..is this a clue for something? I can't find anything else in the church.. And btw, playing the middle dif, the in-game shop had only one water arrow... which thought it was strange... so I had a bad time down there..and I found no water arrows in the water area..That's why I tried to enter from Other than that undead things, I liked your mission a lot!! Thank you Baddcog !!
  7. thank you for your help.. as a matter of fact I had almost been there but I let it for later and then, forgot it for a while ,, I love it btw ..you people have done an excellent job and I am also so glad to see that all my opponents seem to be of the living kind too as I hate the "other kind" especially in tdm (but I am sure that the following parts will right this wrong , or vice versa )
  8. hi everyone!!! I am playing this great mission and I love it so far... thank you in advance!!
  9. hi everyone!! I am playing In rememberance of him but I can't find the only thing I have to find, and as this is the only thread with a bit of a reference to this mission I thought to ask here...I found one priest doing gravedigging and one -unfortunate- priest at the basement but.. how do I proceed from there.. if there is an entrance in the dark I never found it.. If anyone can remember I would like a hint, thank you.!!
  10. OOoops!! This is what happens when you don't double check! In my language a similar word stands for breastplate....though a portable wardrobe could also come handy in cases of emergency
  11. Happy New Year to everyone I could not help myself from registering just to say "congratulations" to the amazing people who created TDM. I was aware of its existance through TTLG forums but never gave it a try because I dislike DOOM and the similar space type games-just my personal opinion here- until some days ago I saw some screenshots!!!!! I started salivating badly and I knew I had to have them!!! I have to say two things though...: a. I'm in dire need of an armoire here due to me being small slices of ham every time in compact and b. I'm running out of FMs (
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