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  1. another screener: a small well on the wall...the water jet isnt really visible on the shots. And the sound of the dabbling water...a vid would be better
  2. Ok Tels, you are my personal hero^^ When and how can i use it...???
  3. ahhh, yes...on my actuall sys darkmod is also running not as fast as there, but if i deactivat antia on my sys i can play my own level which counts 20/30 fps on the images on full 60 fps without probs...(2x2.4 GHz , 4GB, GeForce 9650 GT 1GB VRAM).... And new CPUs are better than the old ones even if they have the same number of GHz... And the testmap is much bigger and more complex then a map with VP's and so... And yes the friend with this sys is clearly a NERD...no gaming but highend sys...and this year he want to buy a new one for ~5000 (!) €...
  4. Today i've tested a perf.testmap on another pc. nearly 2600 (!) stones in 9 seperate FS....in one big room 14 lights...with 4 shining on 4 FS and the other 10 on 2 FS and it run with 60+ fps and 40 fps when walking (collision) system: intel quad 4x3.6 GHZ, 8 GB RAM, Radeon 4870x2 (the second one isnt used by doom wright?) i think in times of i7 (esp of the new sandy bridges) this arent the best systemparameters and so the performance for this hightris and light map is really ok...
  5. Nope i didnt...but this are 3d vegetationparts...so different lightreflection and shadows... are the generated ones also 3d Tels?
  6. I also think so...but i already have changed some things ( not detail but better way of rendering / fighting every useless tris i can find^^ ) I NEED A NEW ENGINE xD
  7. all single stones from 1. the ground 2. all walls 3. the supporting beams 4. all pillars 5. the vault and that it is + many bottles, the rags... all stones, pillars, vault etc are patches or non touching brushes so i can create one big FS, am i right?
  8. after some more testing with the stones i use them also for walls... 1. you know fps of pic + 20 = gamefps 2. yes i know, both walls are the same stones...but the impresion is there 3. and yes i know most of you liked the textured ground and so more but: I LOVE THIS STONES [edit] and another one The additional lamp in the pic is clearly pushing down the perf.... The torch isnt in there only the light but that it is (in my oppinion)
  9. 1. no there are many (!) different stones...i start in one edge and then good luck and put one on the others...copy one rescale and so on...work work work... 2. GeForce 9650 GT 1GB VRAM...not the best but so what....this year should come a new machine...
  10. i have the fps counter on already but often cut the pic to the important parts... so let me tell smthing to this 1. when i make a shot my fps get down ca. 20 fps...so the fps is normaly about 40-50 2. there are some improvements on the beam which get down many (!) tris but i didnt this until now 3. my system isnt very fast-> 2 years laptop 2x2400 MHz and 3 GB Ram (32 Bit Win 7) but a 1 GB Gracard 4. Here the stones are put more together...does it loke better then the other one in your oppinion ?
  11. @ springheel every stone is stone for its own...an then natural stonetex on it @ tels ok, i know what you mean, i look what i can do. The stones i made a bit bit flater...its an "older" screen @ all is the look of the ground generally ok or....?
  12. 1. i also build such small supportbeams in some testmaps: but as an engineer i say thats not usefull...so no one build it in this way...an so its not realistic... like the old link http://de.academic.ru/pictures/dewiki/67/Chillon_gotisches_kellergewolbe.jpg also in the middleages they build more substantial. 2. evrywere the same grade of detail...: in most games ( and ive played very often in the past) i never have seen a well detailed pard direct next to a non detailed one...there is ever a visible border between them...a wall a river an so on...also in cities a ghetto in rio is next to a skyscrabber but no time a mixed form...thats a result of condition. Ok thats a bigger example but also if my flat gets untidy its a permanent action. normaly one room is untidy, then the door and the corridor is clear. I never have one room which is tidy on the one side and clean at the other. And you have seen the higklights...some barts between are not SO detailed...
  13. when i think im sitting in the mission at this point and one guard is walking around it looks like a man in a static pic... in the second miss of thief 2 - harbour - i had the same prob...all the paral. and orth. lines looked very static I think that reduce realism and atmo.... If you dont think so its ok. The building etc looks very cool, thats not the question. Dont know if im the only one who think so...? Clearly its not criticism but i think this could it make a bit better
  14. 1. thanks 2. dont know what you mean exactly in the last pic with voxel work. The vault should be 8sided like this: http://de.academic.r...llergewolbe.jpg 3. all i build is improvisation...i'm interestet in the middle ages, so i often read books about and see pics...and when i build i recreate it subconscious...in the upper link you can see the vault and pillar looks like this one on my pick, becuase i've often seen this style in books...its typical.
  15. The pictures looks good...but to this one above: anything wa wrong with it when ive seen it first time....after long thinking: i think it looks very...static...let me tell what i mean from this point all vanishing lines get straight into the middle/ center of the pic...red lines... i think anything should cross this ones...yellow line... if the player cant see the map from this point nevermind this idear. dont missunderstand me...apart from this point a very cool pic...i mean this as a cause for thinking
  16. so the non finally filled wine cellar.... the in parts broken pillar at the right side you cant see really good...
  17. xD , lol and ^^ what a terrific map...looks like XIII or so.
  18. send u a mappart in a little skybox...did you recived it ?
  19. argh, ive got a problem: yes i want to to merge the vegetation in the last pics to one func static...for this i used the little premade models. the problem is now: i cant merge premade models and cant revert them to worldspawn and then func_static together again... Is there a way to do this? , or have i to recreate them as worldspawn and so on...(timeconsuming)... Thanks Johannes
  20. I know i know... the lights are not set in this way in final version. This is only for showing the mapprogress and the optical points...in some pics i added additional lights to show the whole scenario. Thanks to all for the positiv replys. If you have something you think it should be added in the pics please give me an idea...you know constructive criticicm is of course positive... And to answer this as well: No, i'm not a professional mapper
  21. about 1000 draws (950) and about 100.000 tris...but i must say there are only worldspawn brushes. I didnt change some of them to func_static...so it should be a bit less...
  22. here an other one after "climbing" on a tree, with a bit more detaile
  23. hello first: is it possible to animate a particle effect while f.e. a door is opend...or animate it ones when i click a button or so? second: a inner yard
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