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  1. Thanks Serpentine, woult integrate it later...not enough time now... But a screener for now: a little tunnel...for what u will see when the map will be released
  2. first: yes, i know there are subfolders...there are this skins i said. I mean the >darkmod >nature > mushroom_1-3.lwo. There are only the selflit_colour_dull mod's. If it is so easy and fast to do it would be very kind to do a new skin...but not to much circumstances for you. thanks Johannes
  3. If i change specular lighting it changes nothing. And the skins with colorme are not in the list...only the selflit_red_dull etc. Is there a pack of data which is missing in my installation ?
  4. so what i know now: - i caulk whatever i see and is unseen in game...if its usefull...who cares - i cant get a green overlay to the mushrooms...the colour option doesnt work...and to change the skin in a model editor...no way at this time... for this way of leakkilling, of course it is...but it works at all so let him do
  5. ok, thanks for reply. I also use two entitys for the beams per building. But when i test it in my map there was no real difference between one and more entities. But how ever two entities sounds good and bring in some cases some fps and thats better then nothing. And another question: is it possible to give a modell aproperta so that its reflects lights ? I want the little mushrooms to do so...there are different colours but if i create a f e green light over them they are only nearly white or max a bit green... Johannes
  6. Thats not right at all i think. If you have two brushes and change them seperate into func_static and after this let them overlap in all directions they also have 2x6 per cube x2 for both = 24 triang.. If you now use both as one entity and they overlap in the same way theyr surface is cut in much more tris than in the first way. Do you know which way kill more perf. : more triang. (and thats in parts a diff of factor 2-3) or more drawcalls? Johannes
  7. another question: the pictures at the beg. of th thread show the 'problempart'... complex visportaling isnt possible and so i want to pimp the performance in another way: in the picture you see a example for an abstraction of a part of framework... in my opinion is the best way to simplyfie the rendering in this way: -the two beams to func_static that the wall isnt cut to extra tris -caulc the beams on all nonseen sides even if they are inside another brush is this thinking right?...or Are there aditional options of pimp perf. at this example? And another one: is there a noticeable perf.increase / degrease if I scale textures? ohhh, by the way another firsttry watchtower screen
  8. how /where can i rename this thread...the original name to let me think...Johannes's stuff (like N)?
  9. also thanks to all other. first: I have a wife, a little daughter and a great dane...so the real live needs me...arg^^ i used my little freetime of the last two weeks for this point of progress. I hope its fast going on but I'm german, so more accuracy...^^ How I said its only a little mission...a short street and some lanes with open houses and a little bigger mansion for the obj. In the past i started some bigger projects but without a spurn i give up two or three proj.... Is there somebody who want to get a bigger project with me after this map? We can plan the preradiantwork also parallel to this proj. but building two maps at the same time...not so good... greetings from germany, Johannes
  10. thanks Bikerdude, i first try to use patches for every beam...that looks very cool and not so unrealistic with more roundings and so but this wasnt a positiv idea for the performance. To the Windows: in all this houses you can get in. And i hate it when I cant look outside or inside... I know its not good for performance but I try to get this with some more VP's. If it dont work...textures Yes and the VP's thats a hard fight in this map... how I sayd, most builings are open to go... is it possible do create a VP which is not a quad for the streets including the roof slope...so nearly like an Y ?With the merge tool its not... Johannes
  11. you made my day, thanks alot... and another shot:
  12. hello, first i want to show u a picture of my ''map in progress'': and now my problem: after a bit visportaling i changed many of the brushes worldspawn to func_static to degrees the tris... BUT: in the trisreducingrush i changed some worldspawns of the ''Visportal cages'' parts to func_statics and saved …so I cant directly change it back I think. Is there a option to change it back or a property for the func_static to use it for the ''Visportal cages'' ? Or is a reproducing the only (timeintensive) way? thanks, Johannes
  13. it seems to be a rounding error. if i push the mappart in the edge of the 3D area -rotation no way. if i push it now to one of the sides of the area it seems to get better. In centre i havent a problem - until now. But if it is a rounding error why did it come at first after a long time? And why can i models and patches rotate without problems.
  14. 1.0.2 is the last version of dr or did i miss a upgrade in the last days.
  15. i have found a way to deal with it. instead of pushing the new brushes to the edge/ side of the map i pushed my level more to the middle of the map. So i calculate a secure distance to the side of the map. now i can rotate the brushes better but not all degreeoptions. But there must be a way not to have this problem.
  16. @sonosuke...brush ist noch völlig unbearbeitet. Problem taucht erst seit den beiden Balken auf. Wenn ich die lösche hilfts aber nichts. @ all...if i create a new brush (not rotated until now) and select all brushes and patches etc. i can rotate my hole builded level without the problem. But if i change/rotate the relativ position of the new brush to the rest it regenerats.
  17. the moon is now ok -thanks. (last time when i regenerated the sky because of the moonproblem i didnt select t-lock, damn) the rotation problem is still there. gridsize changes nothing. auto grid - dont know, but i didnt change an option so it shouldnt be the problem. and why can i rotate the models etc. without problems?
  18. Deutsch macht es naturlich leichter... -also egal wie ich das ding drehe (r-taste, rotation button, oder auch rotate and scale) es funzt nicht. -auch alt-pfeiltaste funktioniert nicht. -erst seitdem ich dieses problem hab wird das neue teil im Koordinatenursprung generiert, sonst immer direkt bei der baustelle. Grüße Johannes
  19. hi to all, First my englishknowledge is minimiced so sorry for mistakes. Problem: - I use darkradiant 1.0.2 - Started to build a map, a little wood, big stones around, a entrance of a mine. - In game are 6 patches, 15 brushes and 65 ent/mod. - The ground of the landscape and the walls of the mine are made with patches. - The trees an stones in and around the wood are models. Last thing i did was to create two brushes as limbs for the mine. After i scaled the textures at this two elements: - The moon in sky doesnt exist anymore. - If i create a new brush (f.e. in top view) near my level its generated at the middle of the map (in the two side-views). - If i push this brush now to the part of my level -> in top-view and one side-view i cant rotate it over about 5 deg, because it will be degenerated- but models and patches anyway - . - If i do this some 100 steps away from the allready existing part of the level is no problem to rotate the brushes. - If i want to copy or push the rotated brush to the mine it will be degeneratet by darkradiant - in console "Warning: removed degenerate brush!rotateTool -eulerXYZ 0.0377302 -0.0347193 0.425738" - If i create a new map there is no problem anymore- so i didnt change a general option in darkradiant i think. - Console in darkmod give no warnings, i can play the map without problems (how i toled the moon doesnt exist anymore / in fact this is good-for the thief ). I tried to: - restart darkradiant and pc - no effect. - delete -all- patches and brushes etc. and create only one new brush to rotate it - no effect, its degenerated. - create a new map - where the problem doesnt exist - and copy the old level into it - now problem exists even here. Have or had someone the same problem and can help my please? greetings from germany, Johannes
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