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  1. Because of such a high amount of good screeners in the last time i also want to put my oar in: this time a bit more civilized architecture (still wip):
  2. First sorry for such a long time until my answer. Thanks to all for the replies. Because of only a few freetime this days i will try it in the next time.
  3. Now the time is come that i want to implement a new model (from fllood, thanks again). Until now i used the path - doomIII / darkmod / maps / mapx because i never need some new models or something else. But now the problem: If i create a subfolder (in maps) for the mission and copy all the folders for the model (models, dds, materials, textures) into it, i cant give DR the path to this modelfolder (preference). If i create a subfolder in the doomII folder i cant dmap and so on... So where i exactly create the mission subfolder ? Thanks in advance
  4. You only have to look at Nosslaks stuff... http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/11496-nosslaks-stuff/page__st__1000 ...around this sides you should find his intensions. They are not finished afaik. But you should apply to him.
  5. take a 9x9 point patch, bend it to a upside down "U" with -> 3 point vertical, 5 point 180° rounding, 3 point vertical. Now bend this upside down "U" to a ring or so...finished...extreme easy going. Use bigger patches for more complicate geometries... edit: or use 3 patches, 2 for the more or less verticals and 1 for the 180° rounding. so two 9x3 and one 9x5 patches...than u can divide the 180° rounding patch more for the optics and save performance on the vertical parts. But than u have to do some work with texture alignment of the 3 patches
  6. Ok, here you go: a 360° panorama screen of the scene in a 4505 x 1352 resolution. Nearly the same aspect ratio so it shouldnt be distorted to much. http://minus.com/m3NarQriV/
  7. If someone want it bigger no problem...than i upload it on minus or so
  8. some "info": -performance: i build it for fun and esthetics. For example the town scene (upper pic) is on const. 63 fps. But i do not do much compromise for lower machines...good visuals, or let me say good atmo (for what good visuals are important imho) is the aim. - story: well, 7up is on board too, we have some good ideas. - gameplay: many ways / entrances ; and a mass of specials with the help of some other members (but thats a secret )
  9. Thanks, dont know. Still working on it, but Master thesis should also be done...^^ Thanks too Thanks. I LOVE CANDY http://images.wikia..../4/4e/Nutty.jpg No problem but swap the wet spot For this i would be to incapable Thanks, i played a lot time ago...and this warm yellow i love in nearly all situations Thanks, no new models, and not that much patches. At least in my other work are (in parts) MUCH MORE patches.
  10. I browsed through some older screens...and this two i want to share:
  11. http://www.chilloutzone.net/video/steampunk-flaschenoeffner.html Thats a cool steampunk machine...useless but cool^^
  12. Give me that textures and its fast made with patches Btw i think we really need some more of this "manor" textures. Better marble, murals and so on.
  13. Changing th mag means also that you have to carry some of them with you and they are all of medal. That would become heavy and difficult to handle. And a modern weapon drag a new round automatically out of the mag. And thats with the power of the bolt, which is getting the power from the gaspressure from the previous shot (gas operated weapon). This mechanism can also done by bending the bow but that is much more complicate than to use the gravity. Also you need a spring to push the bolts out of the mag and for this you need spring steel....this is clearly to modern...but yes the normal gamer wouldnt think about this
  14. Looks cool indeed. But there are three problems with the function: first you couldnt rotate the crank when the sinew is nearly at the ent (thatswhy historical crossbows use the crank on top or at the end of the shaft) and second the shorter bows have to be behind the long ones, so u can use also theyr power for the shot. Also they can be tied to the longer ones but that is a higher risk for mechanical break down. and the magazine should also be on top (http://www.arrowmania.de/bilder/pfeilewerfer/repeating-crossbow.jpg). I mean yes it is possible in this way but the complex mechanism for this is a bit "overpowered" for a steampunk world isnt it ? Please dont see this as a hard critisism...i see this only from the point of a historical interested engineer and not as a gamer.
  15. first low pixel blurs, so the details will maintain. After every step you get higher for more and more rough parts.
  16. http://www.cgtextures.com/index.php (tutorials (upper right)...normalmapcreation from photos...) good one i think. I normaly create the first layer with njob. But the rest is a good way i think
  17. Mh, the geometry is relative well advanced....but there is much work to do around the map ...i prefer quality than imperfect work, so please give me the time i (/we) need.
  18. Thank you all for the (positiv) response. @ PPoe and Shadowhide: I think its hard to create patches in this way that you can texture them in a good way...there are some tricks...for a simple arch, no problem. But more complex geometry is the problem
  19. Here a picture of the current WIP (this "room" is nearly finished):
  20. Thats right, the massive patchwork makes this point often irrelevant for me .
  21. I think the best way of caulking is: If you create a brush, caulk it, get it in position an than texture it where it can be seen / or should isolate the void or another area . So you can be sure all sides which are "useless" are caulked. And how Sotha said, also if you copy something, first caulk it and than going same way. Unfortunatly i use this technique of caulking every brush first just since some months...and of course, sometimes i forget it .
  22. came out in the same time... i think its much better, military is more complex, buildup is nearly the same.
  23. because of the (still) bad AI ( or let me say still not existing one) the SP is playable but nearly useless. But the remakeupdate is going on...
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