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  1. -i think the reed stands to straight and symmetric (- the crosses are a good idea, but there is another religion...) -and also some (boring) wallblocks around destroy the atmosphere i think hope that helps
  2. It's most probably an IE problem. 7upMan had this attack on a Windows 7/IE 8 and a Windows XP/IE 7 system. Both had no other firewall but the Windows Firewall enabled. Also, both systems were running the ESET NOD32 anti-virus.
  3. maybe, i also use another browser. and all other ones without problems also do...i wont test it
  4. sure, but it shouldnt blend so much, have to change this in the materials
  5. the forum was the only one which 7up visited... when he got into the forum a popup came which want to install javaw.exe and after this (WITHOUT installing this) it was to late...i also havent any problems with my system...but 7upMan had this prob two times on two different pcs...
  6. 7upMan got a second trojan today directly after visiting the forum today (with the internet explorer). W32/Kryptik (or something like this). also his laptop is infected now too...
  7. thanks Nosslak, tested this and got two results (one grey and one brown, same wood / normal) but because of the light the different colour is nearly not to realize...but the structure is good to see
  8. thanks SH and nbohr1more the problm is that it looks a bit unsharp...the org photos ide taken have 12MP for every photo, after bringing the woodparts together it was ~8000 x 2000 pix and after downscaling to 2048x1024 it got unsharp...there is clearly a leak of knowledge in image editing...
  9. i loved and still love HL 1, best egoshooter ever

  10. here a complete self made one.took the photos of 4 different woodparts on my own, brang them together ... maybe i should change the colour a bit / create 2 or 3 colours and get down some reflection also took some other photos of another wood...will do that next days
  11. Yeah Nosslak, exactly this are the things i searched for when asking for new tree models...great
  12. both are done with gimp ? it looks like to small samples...or to high mindetail...because of that you get such little spots on your groundtex
  13. ideed...thats mine, missed that . but how i wrote, it was created in a min...^^ sorry for that SH
  14. ok, for quick normalmapping njob is really good, you really cant do anything wrong...if you want to have more options use crazybump or shadermappro (both cost...shadermappro less than crazybump) because of the few options, detailed textures shouldnt normalmaped with njob or later overlapped with handmade normals... but for "standard"textures njob is REALLY good (good filters) and fast (few click)...
  15. well, tested njob a bit...also very cool, thanks
  16. i think 20 dollar but how i should say this...you can get it free on the right places...
  17. i use shader map pro (cost less than crazybump and is nearly as goog)...with this and fe photoshop you can create good ones...i had not reached this level yet)
  18. i also create one in 2 min...btter bur far away from perfect...
  19. no storyspecific information before release...
  20. @ Sotha 1. im not worked in particle editor, so i dont know 2. with this way you can have a very individual way...rotating leaves, leaves which make circles, wavering leacves...and let them fly froim and to where you want... @ Shadowhide eventually yes. but some steps between are also inside (for bether perf. and optics)
  21. only fog is particle...the falling leaves are scripted
  22. I was thinking of joining the Season's Contest, but unfortunately I'm not going to meet the deadline anywhere close, because of few freetime and my other project. However, here is a vid of a part of this mission. I will probably release it some time after "Old Friends". i also wanted to choose "autumn theme"...( use 720p...):
  23. this say: start this and get to the next step without waiting until the end of the first step...
  24. but in this way the first one fly and after 49 sec the second one...but they should fly at once
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