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  1. what is the problem: i boot my system, start my map to look for the things what i want to do today. i often dmap the map and start it to have a look ingame. After some times of dmapping and starting the map the fps get down trastically (f.e. in one part from ~60 to ~30 !). but i didnt create much more in this time, i even deletet 5 lights ! all other games are running fine furthermore. after a reboot all is running ok up to 60 fps. have somebody else this problem ? and why is it ?
  2. 1. there is also a prob with the difficulty level...if you have 2000 gold a mission is much easyer then the mapper think it should be...or the other way a mission can be unplayable with to less money 2. for what do we need this...thief was ever a fun game on its own way...if you would like to have a ranking and ach. -> COD 1 to black ops and a ranking of singleplayer missions is senseless i think
  3. no, not so complicate...5 dugs in different angles in the wall
  4. after a long fight, 3 broken shortswords and 5 healthpotions i finally defeat the 5 headed monster
  5. because most of you are hungry for new fm´a, i only would like to say that my map is going on but the food has to be prepared...XD and this is a long and bloody work^^
  6. dont know where to post this and so let me show this here: i only know this from cs but this is pretty cool
  7. thats what i mean... u CAN reach this aim with resize (but good luck..) or do it over giving same sd´s i think without this knowledge you cant do anything with 2 patches in a combination...or even more patches...
  8. if you change dim´s clearly both of my discribed problems can be fixed.. the problem wasnt that the points are on the grid or not...but the point where they are in the patch
  9. the first pick: looks like different subdivision second one: the guidancepoints of the patch (green points to control the tangent) are on the wrong point...let me screne...edit this in some min... EDIT: first pics: the green points on the top of the patch are middled and you can sea in the 3d prev pic that on the left side a line is missing: second pic: shift the two points to the left and the missing line is now there: thats mostly the problem of very spiky patches hope the patchworkwizzard could help...
  10. ok...but he is also working on the story, so he is working on the mission aswell. It is my map bur our mission or so
  11. exactly...and because this is a voice thread and this is his part...7upMan is working on
  12. so, why are u playing TDM anymore ??? Dont play it or join in and do something better or improve it...
  13. ahhh, my mistake... the big-town project was only a first idea... 7upMan joined to the "team" of my fanmission (from the screenshots...) to do some story and voice work there... i or now we dont need help for ending this...but if somebody can help (because of no other project or to much freetime) it could be better or faster finished... but thanks sh for the offer...but if u want to help here as well...
  14. After some pm´s and many idears: 7upMan joined the "team" for this FM (which is faster growing than i thought at the beginning ) he is now the story- and textwriter, a beta-mapper in future and maybe he will give a voice for a character. If somebody want to spend some skills...
  15. i had a in my thinking cool idear for a future project: the mapper community can create a "town" with different parts, like in thief 3...if the level change is getting better in future it could be possible... somebody build a part and def some doors on the mapends (special skin f e) where u can change the district...and some body combine this parts together with the "levelchanger" so everyone can give a part of the city or even down under the city...caves, dungeons...and it become a "open world" one...without a aim at all, or only lokal aims in one district. If there are some new parts the old town have to be updated. So u can relax the evening on the screen and go a bit grabbing dont know what other fans (so u) think about this idea and if the levelchange in this way is possible ? But i think so it is more like a thief in this way EDIT: and this is a "level" which you cant find anywhere alse (levelidea)
  16. editesd the post before...thanks for the help.
  17. EDIT: nothing to find...aaaargh get the idea behind that...i created a new func_static with nodraw and gave this as the model to the curve and now it has a model...dont know why it hadnt such a thing from the beginning of the creation
  18. nope, no filters on...and only ingame i can see it...by the way if it is nodraw i shouldnt see it ingame...
  19. ok, i gave the tex...if someone else want to have it, some body can upload it anywhere ? or bring it on the way to the next version ?
  20. i also think that pom is a real good thing for this...after playing around with texture making, it is in some cases really easy to create good looking ones, f e: (not the pest screen at all) but normal stonewalls never looks sooo good...here and there a bit 3d but a pom should do this MUCH !!! better
  21. and the first problem: used the skript from Flanders...the idea i understand creates 5 NURBS and implemented all to the skript. Ican go into the map without a error and the skript is def. implemented (in console i read the test hallo ). But my NURBS are all only one little black cube at the startingpoint of the Nurbs, why that ? EDIT: And because of that (i hope) the light dont move... in the example map th light and emitter are bound on a 0 scale brush and implemented with $brush...is this not a step to much?...i bound the emitter to the light and implemented $light (or is this the prob) ? ok, that was mine...that 0 scale brush is a mover but never the less...the black cubes ingame are still there...how i read in the wiki it is also possible to create thw n-curve as an ent. but wqhere can i find this in the list? I created it over the butten "create a nurbs curve". Is this the problem why i cant see the cube in the editor ?
  22. oh, thanks for that...and with this i will start with reading and testing for programming / triggering... Now im lucky to have some (minimial) Pascal,Delphi and C# xp's
  23. i also think so, like sotha i also think the graphik isnt the key (it is the thing why im doing this...creating my little world^^). and also i think its a goal to get bether amd bether the next time... my worry is the skripting part... and to that: i bind the emiiter rto the light and the light to a testpath with 3 points...and now its not moving... have i to give a aisource (but the skulls in the f monastry havent such a thing )?
  24. at last a helpfull answer thanks darkman...im looking for that...because i for my own only played one ot two FMs i dont know such things...
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