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  1. yes, all from the same map. @ all: help to the ghost lights?
  2. argh...looks very good..in a good dark map it could improve so much every time i look at th skyrim trailer i think come on that looks so much better. But here and there i think i can also get near to this level in my map but then the performance is the killer...thats so depressing and i have no compulsion to map the level for tdm...
  3. the thinking in having 4 patches with fog was: 1 for the main fog and the other 3 for little parts with more dense fog...so the fog looks not so constant and so more realistic... detailos for rolling fog is interesting...what can u tell?
  4. after playing around for first test for th burial grounds (without bloodraven ^^ for the insiders) here the first try: http://modetwo.net/d...post__p__252225 it is an old overgrown one. and a big question: want to create an ghost light which is flying a patrolway... i have a light and a (not the best) func_emitter. ive never done such things here before...so how to combine them and bring em on a patrol way ?
  5. after disabling vs its about 4 / 6 fps better...but crysis 2 is running well on my sys. What is the problem here. Here u have a example pic, i player around with SEED and fogs: 9x fog from ungoliants tex in a big patch 4x fog from ungoliants tex in small patches 3x dustfog as emitter 1x fog fgrom a lightfog 2x non dynamic lights and when the fogs are away its running >60 fps
  6. ok, after spending some hours in texturecreation: some can lood very 3d with the normal maps...tesselation isnt avaiable, but what is with parallax occlusin ? or is there another way to get more 3d effect into the maps? EDIT: after some searching: iknow its not possible, but there is a mod for doom 3 to give pm in addition...so is it possible to get such a thing into TDM ? there are some mods: sikkmod, extreme quality mod, parallax mapping mod
  7. ungoliant did you use more than one patch? if i create a bigger patch for a "big" (900x700) area it is a very very very....thick fog and also my (high end) pc is getting down... EDIT: ahh get it. my patch was subdivided and for every quad i get one fog...so with 100 fogs that was a bit overpowered^^ by the way is there a way to create more particleeff on one screen without getting down in perf so drastical ? if i have f e 20 fogs i have a fr of 30, without >60...and if i look to modern games... is the problem the engine or is there a way for pushing?
  8. very nice and easy going ...wow my first positiv words^^
  9. boom, finishing move xD. That was very...direct. edit: have now seen the org. discussion in the other thread... and to the diffferent arches: yes there are rebuild buildings but if it is a castle (and it looks like) its very untypical. old castles which were datroyed were not rebuild in later eras because the military benefit wasnt very high...how i sid its a little fussy but a little point of perfection in realism... edit: yes its fantasy...how i said: dont mnow if somebody realize this "problem" at all. And i think feeling in game is more intensive (for me) if such general things are realistic.
  10. no critisism...but on the pic you have a round arch and on the other one sharp ended ones...these are two different parts of construction history /eras...romanic and gothic. if it is in one building it could be contradictory. Dont know if somebody of you play a game under this point of view (?) in reallity you nearly never find a mixed building. i know i never give a good word...iam more a conditioner...i give advices ^^
  11. by the way, i think these caves are much easyer to create than other things ( f e broken parts of a bridge, trim...) dont know how sotha think about but it is only a cylinder with additional rows and cols and then a more or less random point pushing... i think for a newbie, what i was with patches to this time of cavecreation, it is very simpel. the real mastery is to have a broken trim which cons of 5 patches on its own and the braking point itself also of 3 or 4 patches... right? edit: this is what i mean ONLY the DAMAGED parts are 12 patches...and to fit this is th hard way..
  12. after looking on some old maps again here an impression of one of my never finished first try maps...
  13. give me all your money... nope...what you see is 1 ! patch and some plants, water+ lights but i know how to use this one patch ^^
  14. oh and here a one year old pic of a never finished flooded minepart...
  15. looks good, some parallels to the library pics in my box... but be aware, a to big fire placed to close to the wooden beams...that looks logically unrealistic
  16. no worries i wasnt there is this tex from u?
  17. ok, thanks for the help, the _ns "problem", i never realised that there are some tex in two ways in the list...and like Melan i dont see a reason for the _ns ones...but nevermind it runs (with shadows) now
  18. and there is the prob on the second screen: every time i have the wooden ornament tex on a brush it doesnt cast any shadows...i also tryed to set the noshadows prop. to 0 to specify that it should cast shadows but that doesnt help...
  19. after some days of testing how to make textures on my own and some days of doing nothing: here two sreens and another two + a question
  20. right, missed to fix that for this beam... done that...on the other pic the beems are thinner how you could see...
  21. and now a question, i know ive seen the ans but cant find it anymore: how can i change the lightcolor of a precreated entity - candle-...which property i have to add? (in the light insp. i cant change anything) or is this only possible for light ent which are a light on its own? Thanks
  22. first i want to show u that its also going on inside:
  23. most of them are going with - natural - some u have to fix with the texture tool (strg + alt + t). Thanks to Tels at this point to give me this advice.
  24. thats right...now i have the old brush under the stones and a higher one with a decal-dirt... now there are flat stones, cracks with sand/earth and dust in it and a bit higher stones to make the floor more uneven. and thats the pic:
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