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  1. After more and more pics of Scyrim came out i have to go along with some new pics^^ And because they are very big (for detail) have a look at this an the next 3 posts...
  2. when i look around in other forums there isnt any way to deactivate the catalyst ia in the 6000 series... one of them asked directly via phone and nope no way... if somebody have a 6000 series and havnt this problem please give a tip how to fix that...
  3. win7 64 bit...HD 6950 catalyst 11.2 there isnt any option for this...a friend has also an older one he allso can change it...his menu looks completly different to mine in catalyst
  4. also tryed this... opened, changed to Disable, save... open again, yes it was changed and saved... starting dm, open my map...the problem is still there...close dm open xml again and the he changed it now automaticaly back to enable... argh and how to create applprof ?
  5. nice idear...but with the 6950 i cant disable this...have a look also here http://forums.amd.co...threadid=145090 . Do someone know another way? Or have i towait for a new catalystver?
  6. so today a problem i didnt find in the forum: since ive got the ati hd 6950 my sky isnt working as it should be... if i integrate the prefabeskybox (so no mistakes done by me...) , go into game and look into the sky: looking up and down, sky rotates up and down... looking right / left, sky rotates clock or anticlockwise... is this a knowen prob (with ati ?) ?
  7. so after some days of testing my primary boot - ssd winboot runs in about 25 s... in tdm i didnt realise a difference...not ingame and not compyling...
  8. so my new system is now running stable...after 3 days of hard work: Intel core I5 2500K (overclocked to 4x 4,5 in turbo) ATI HD 6950 2 GB (flashed up to a HD 6970...and overclocked) 2x4 GB G.Skill Ripjaw 1333 cl 7 7 7 21 1st drive = SSD so if the next looks a little bit to highrisked...give me a nudge^^
  9. crearly yes, but than you have the water/pool, the drips, the waterfall and other here not specified and in the vid nongiven sounds and this would be a big soundclots...but this is also a point to work on...
  10. without sound the sewers arentn the same...so have a look here ( a bit dark in the shadows...)
  11. After Bikerdude give me the name "patchwork wizard" the answer should be clear ^^
  12. And today we proudly presents a "hightris production" by Johannes Burock... ...sewer - first blood i know there is much to do with the walls and in parts the light...thatswhy first blood...
  13. Thatswhy i asked about the 3 points...not all is finished on the screen... And what sotha said its usefull for the player to see what is passable and what not. But the dore/gate will be fixed at all, give u a screen this evening Edit: changed the lights on the window ( darker now) and give the gate a bit more love...but i think there should be more to do on it
  14. I have three questions to this pic: 1. U like the entrance to th building on the right? 2. And the two coloured window ? 3. The changed stonetex on the wall on the right side? In the older pics the brown stones were brick...
  15. I know. How i said, ihave to fix that in the future...but i first create the whole level of detail on a mappart and then fix such things when i have all patches and brushes in.
  16. That i also want to ask...tesselation...argh here a showtris 1: in this pic most are seperate patches and brushes...have to fix that...
  17. I know...but when i have a creative hour i build and build and after this i like my work and i have to post ... And becaue of that:
  18. I think all, esp. you havnt got a reasen for this...but thanks
  19. so...most of you like the townpics more...and i would like to feed u a bit :
  20. here we go: i think this way is ok. how can i create this to a prefabe?
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