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  1. Daft question , but can someone more enlightened than me let me have some information. During this mission I havent been able to pick up unconscious bodies to turn them over/ carry them away to hide.Ive been into settings but cant see which action to change.I dont play very often now , but before the latest incarnation I think this used to be done with the U key? Which setting if any so I have to change to do this action again? Is there a reset button to put all controls back to their original settings? Thank you for any help.
  2. Thank you so much for the mission. , really enjoyed it.Especially as I found most of the loot for once!
  3. A belated thank you for the lovely little mission Bienie! I had no time at Christmas so completed it for Easter instead ! I managed to solve the three bonus missions which for me , considering my thieving skills , was amazing! Great fun.
  4. Thank you for all your hard work 1stoleit , a really enjoyable mission!
  5. Thanks lowenz , (and everyone who replied ) , that seems to have done the trick and I can play again!
  6. I have uninstalled the training mission.Where is the Darkmod.cfg file located so I can try the adjustments? Thank you.
  7. I see mine is an ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 series. Probably very basic , but always worked well before the update.Drivers are latest.Would they cause a problem? Assuming Im someone with very basic computer knowledge what would be the easiest fix I could try- working through that hot fix thread is like entering another world for me! If not Im stuck.Can I revert to an earlier version of DM so at least I can still play earlier stuff.Shame that for me , the very thing which was supposed to make for a better DM experience looks like stopping it completely!?!
  8. P.s I’m sorry for highjacking this mission thread with my computer problems.It was just the first mission I tried to play with all the latest updates.
  9. Thanks all three of you , and yes , I am nearly eighty , been playing Thief in some form since the original came out and always loved it. That and a lot of internet chess as I used to be a club and county player. Sorry if my original post came across as weak , it’s been a hard year recovering from throat cancer and my wife has had a stroke too and I’m helping her.Thief DM was going to be some light relief then this happened! When I get time I will check through that thread as it sounds hopeful.
  10. Sorry , don’t understand what you mean.All I know is I got flashing background images , can’t make out what they are , almost like the game is playing on top of itself , ever since I updated. If I could make out what they were it would make it easier to solve.I deleted DM and reinstalled it but the problem is still there.I really wish I could revert to the old DM as joebarmin said as at least I could play the older missions! I’m sorry I’m just an old codger and not au fait with computers so it looks like my Thief days are finally numbered!
  11. Thanks for your input joebarmin , it’s much appreciated whether I solve it or not.
  12. Anyone got any idea what may be causing it/ had it themselves?Since updating , the whole program seems unstable.I keep my computer very clean with little on it apart from Windows 10 and DM , using my iPad most of the time.I don’t want to give up playing just yet but may have to I guess.
  13. Well , I deleted everything and re installed DM and the flashing etc is still there.The yellow cursor you get at the beginning for starting / selecting mission etc flashes on the screen only larger.Also odd background flashing .Can’t expect anyone to understand my rambling description without actually seeing it.At nearly eighty and not understanding computers I think that’s the end of my Thief playing days sadly as it completely spoils any enjoyment of the games.
  14. Probably just me , but after installing this mission and bringing DM up to date , I keep getting what looks like traces of the task bar flashing across the screen in the background when I’m playing.Very odd.Maybe DM is corrupted and I should delete and redownload it.
  15. Thanks!Needed something new to get into , this little mission should do the trick nicely!
  16. Thank you so much grayman.First mission I've played in quite a while and such an excellent one at that!The detail was second to none. I had a thought , what happens to the game if I enjoyed At the end , the town was rather bare , just me wandering around.Almost a ghost town in fact , I expected a few undead to pop out anytime!I would have loved to have been able to enter more buildings too , but that's me being picky. p.s Can anyone get those pesky mines to work? I've given up using them in missions now, fed up with the watch just stepping over them, give me a good old broadhead anytime!
  17. Superb mission. Got frustrated a few times because even though it's a small area ,I keep on missing the entrance way to his apartment.Doh!
  18. P.s Finished it in double quick time.Feel a fool because what I'd done was pressed that pesky button twice with obvious result , silly me.I'd actually done everything to finish apart from that silly mistake.Thanks again.
  19. Ah grayman , I was on the track but not quite there and wandered aimlessly for an houe avoiding guards in the process! Have had a lot of fun though. A beautiful way to pay tribute to Sir T.Thank you!
  20. What a lovely tribute mission. Can't find the sword which stops me completing it , but never mind , I've enjoyed the scenery! Can't do spoilers on this tablet but think I've found enough stuff to find it if someone can give a slight clue.I suspect this is a very straightforward mission but I can't seem to mimic those who say they completed it in thirty odd minutes.I seem to have been wandering for hours avoiding guards.
  21. Interesting.Didn't someone do a Thief Gold fan mission along similar lines?
  22. Ah, thanks. I was that close the first time , must have turned the wrong way up top , easy for me to do with such a wonderful vista to explore. At least my compass work was o.k second time round! What a great mission.Shades of the Lost City without the lava.Thanks for a great experience.Definitely replayable if only to stalk the ratmen with my bow and arrows!
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