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  1. Thanks stgatilov! Great info! Yeah, Blender seems a logical choice since it's free with a lot of cool abilities I don't have a commercial version of Maya yet; so even if TDM could read Maya 2018's output, I have a feeling an educational or non-commercial version wouldn't be usable(?). Interesting point on MASH. If it was a mesh, would it still need to go through an MD3/MD5 conversion? What would be a readable file format to try and export as for TDM in this case (.fbx, .abc (alembic), etc.)?
  2. Thanks HMart. Yeah, will be interesting to find out. As a non-FX-related side note, I find this interesting. I see that Maya 2018 has a Game Exporter option and you can export FBX 2006 files from there. (I don't remember seeing that in Maya 2014, but maybe it was there.) I wonder if that would help let someone use Maya 2018 to make models and animations for Dark Mod somehow, since I think FBX 2006 refers to "Maya 6"? Or maybe it just doesn't matter what FBX you use, the barrier is still the MD3/5 conversion thing? Here's a knowledgebase article on it. But, yeah, I'll be curious to see if anyone knows about the possibility of importing particle sims, too. PS: That's a cool moddb video you linked to there. Thanks!
  3. Is it possible to use recent versions of Maya to create dynamic effects/simulations for use in TDM? Even if they're just cached sims? Sparkles, dust, smoke, steam, sparks, splashes, fluids, magic, etc. For example, create nParticle sims (including instancers), Bifrost, and/or MASH simulations in Maya to be used in missions. I've played around with the effects editor in DarkRadiant, and it can do some neat things. Was just wondering, though, if it's possible to use Maya sims somehow. I have a lot more experience with Maya, mainly nParticle and MASH, and just feel it would be neat to make some sims someday.
  4. I proposed an idea in the early days of Dark Mod (mid-2000s or so) where if the statistics/stealth score screen showed that you had been discovered, it would let you see a short video replay of the event actually happening, or a freeze-frame image, of the moment. To make it work, as you play the level, if a guard spots you or a body that you should have hid better, then the game would capture the few seconds surrounding that moment, or a snapshot image, so you could watch it/look at it from the post-mission (and death/failure) stats screen to help see where you went wrong. (Because without context, it's hard to learn from your mistakes... or know, from the player's perspective, if the game is being realistic/truthful, etc. Plus, it'd just be cool to see those moments captured and shown to you in a way that doesn't interrupt or intrude with your gameplay while playing the mission. If implemented, I'd assume this replay video or image could be from the perspective of the guard, or the player, or the body, depending on the situation and what the consensus of the team was. For the UI, you'd be able to jump from one failed situation to the next as you review your failures. And, actually, since this is a video game, then instead of each failure being a non-interactive 2D video or image, I could see TDM capturing the moment in such a way that when you replay it from the stats screen, the replay/review would be in-engine, whereby you could manipulate the camera (swing or pan it around, zoom-in/-out, etc. in 3D space). From what I remember, this was, of course, a nice-to-have feature rather than a critical one... and was to be sidelined to maybe be implemented at a future time. I still think this would be a neat feature to have, if it's ever possible. At the time, I'd never seen any games do this sort of thing, and still haven't seen it since. Maybe there's some one-off games that have done it, but I sure haven't played them. Then again, stealth games ever since Thief I/II have such simplistic stealth mechanics and theme park ride/guided-tour situations, along with contextual music/sounds when you're spotted, that you always know when and where you're spotted and by who; so it hasn't been very needed, in general.
  5. Voice acting is my #1 thing that I think could use improvement. Though, not an easy feat, I know
  6. Thanks for the clarification, @JackFarmer!
  7. That said, I think you should be able to mantle at least a small crate after shouldering a body
  8. C:\Program Files\darkmod. I thought it was D:\ drive, but forgot darkmod went to C:\, unfortunately. That's my SSD drive. (I think I remember someone saying a while back I can just move it to D:\, but I didn't try yet.) Thanks! I only have one user profile on my PC that I know of. I do sometimes go "Right-mouse button > Run program as Administrator," even when installing software sometimes Are you saying I shouldn't do that? Years ago, that was a recommended thing to do for Win7 and/or WinXP stuff, so I do it out of habit whenever it crosses my mind. I wasn't sure if you were talking about that, or some other Admin thing
  9. For me it did. I got a new PC and thought it might be from that, but doubted it. Just did a forum search and found this thread instead. Indeed, ever since at least a few months ago, I have to crank the Brightness and Gamma to full values and it still seems pretty dark. TDM is now near-impossible to play in daytime or with lights on in room -- even half-dimmed ones. Actually, just tested now, and I do not feel Brightness/Gamma adjustments are changing anything at all; or if they are, it's incredibly minor. In years past, I remember the Gamma/Brightness settings were very sensitive... where going from 0.8 to, say, 1.2 on the slider was a drastic difference, IIRC. And you could get much brighter, I think. Now, it's not sensitive enough and you can't set brightness/gamma high enough. I'm not sure what changed in TDM, but am hoping to be able to Gamma/Brighten it up more someday. Also, the "Bloom" setting doesn't seem to work how I'd expect. Lights don't get a typical soft-glow and soft-edge like I'd expect. Instead, bloom mainly just bleaches out white canvas textures and such.
  10. On the Download Missions page, when you go to your mission's full Description, there are a bunch of <\br> tags. Thought that might be a problem with how your description was written, as I checked a few different missions and didn't see the issue there? I tried to grab a screenshot, but somehow failed. (I think screenshots sometimes capture background TDM menus/pages instead of the active window.) And since I've already downloaded your mission, it's not on the Download Missions page for me anymore. Hopefully you can replicate
  11. Nailed it. Wow, why would Win10 put a program game folder to Read Only?? So annoying, lol. And to not have the ability to simply click the Read Only mark in Properties to clear it away? Equally annoying. I went through your steps, though, and it works like a charm! The 'Read Only' mark still shows, but I'm able to save games I assume somewhere in the long list of other permission groups, one of them is on Read Only still, so that's why it insists on saying 'Read Only' still(?). Oh well. I think I now actually recall having a TDM permissions issue in Win10 months ago (maybe during initial install) and it was a similar resolution, lol. I'll have to try to remember Win10 likes locking users out of simple folders.
  12. I haven't played for a while, but tried today. Played a bit, but noticed my save attempts weren't working. Can't do via QuickSave (F4/F5 for me) or hard save via the game's main menu. Console shows some errors like these (see image) Thoughts?
  13. That's my understanding, as well, OrbWeaver. Thanks for breaking it down!
  14. Oops, I started researching fire elementals and replying before noticing the elemental discussion above was from four years ago. Sooo, I'll just post anyways in case anyone else was curious: fire elementals now work! Below is a screenshot from JackFarmer's "Hidden Hands: Initiation" mission (2018). As well, SH wrote in 2017: "Hopefully grayman's new fire elemental will see some use." And in 2018, JackFarmer wrote: "Yes, I can confirm (...) These creatures are fully functional...and they shoot on sight!"
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