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  1. Oh, nice! Thank you. I'll do those, too. I see some other filter options not assigned a hotkey yet, so will experiment. I wonder if there's a Backface Culling option? I don't see one after trying all the filters. It's a handy feature in Maya's viewport when trying to work on something inside a room or when an area is blocked by building walls and such. Screenshot from the interwebz (backface culling enabled on right side): In DR, I remember wishing I didn't have to always be inside my rooms with the cam to see all the objects inside, etc. Otherwise, you only see this when outsi
  2. I'm hoping to jump back into DarkRadiant soon to try and continue a map I started long ago with Springheel's awesome training video series. I updated DR to latest version, and am excited to try the new 'live link' to TDM; which I don't think existed when I was working on my map. From the seasoned DR vets, do you have any keyboard shortcut/hotkey recommendations I should configure that are different than the defaults, or that I should add? And do you think it'd be detrimental for me to change my camera nav keys to WASD instead of arrow directional keys? (UPDATE: I now see mousewh
  3. I extracted the Windows TDM Installer zip to my Desktop; now I have a hash.txt file there. Should I move it to my 'darkmod' game directory, or delete it? I use Win10. Based on stgatilov's post, I can't tell if it exists just for the initial download, or if the TDM updater will keep using it in future TDM version updates
  4. UPDATE: See my EDIT note at very bottom of my post, as I have a solution that works for me. Will leave rest of post intact ---------- Oh, I now see I defined my inventory selection like this (or it's the default TDM setup); so it looks like inventory won't be an issue: However, for spyglass, readables, and object manip, I see no way to assign such a setup. So, in the end (in summary), I think it'd be great if someday TDM could have user-definable control mappings in the menus where I could specify the following: Spyglass Zoom (when active): Zoom In - WHEELUP
  5. I find that the mouse-wheel in TDM does the opposite of what I want it to with: (1) the spyglass zoom, (2) pushing and pulling an object you're holding out in front of you, and (3) flipping pages in texts. I don't see a way to invert the mouse-wheel in the menus for these things. Is there a way? If not, can a way be added someday, perhaps? My instincts tell me to: Roll the mouse-wheel forward to zoom in with the spyglass; backward (i.e., toward me) to zoom out. Roll the mouse-wheel forward to push an object away from me; backward (i.e., toward me) to bring the object closer.
  6. It also crashes to Desktop for me mid-way through loading the map. Not sure what causes it. I installed it through the in-game map downloader and this is my first time trying to play it. I'm on Win10 with decent PC specs all around. EDIT: Will try the "TheDarkModx64.exe" executable per the OP, in case I wasn't already. EDIT 2: Yeah, that was it. It launches now (using x64 executable).
  7. I agree, Wesp5 What if each fan mission author could specify their own class-ranking values for their mission? A table that lets them manually specify the stealth score-to-career ranking relationships for their map? As well, over time, as more people play their mission, they could fine-tune that table based on player feedback; if there's a trend of people being outraged by carefully playing the hard or long map and getting "Clumsy Safe-cracker" for their ranking instead of, say, a "Nimble Boxman" PS: I propose any art that accompanies the class characterizations should hav
  8. Now my apologies for the necro, but I just stumbled on this thread. I have a feeling the origin or impetus for giving a Stealth Score may have been an idea I had to rate how stealthy the player was while playing the mission, and then give them a career label/title (or some measure-of-success label) with a hand-drawn art graphic characterization of what that rating/title represents. My inspiration was Pirates! (old Sid Meier video game) where, when your game concludes, it ranks you (on a societal/class/career scale) based on how well you did and shows artwork/assigns a label to you
  9. Thanks Kingsal! Actually, it turns out I'm kinda dumb. Your screenshot example being really dark on my end helped me realize the issue. I had Brightness down really far on my monitor and that was helping to make my water super black. In my defense, though, I always drop the Brightness way down and Contrast way up when playing Thief I and 2. I do it for T1/2 because it really makes the colors vibrant and rich (but not over-saturated), with rich/deep blacks, too. It's a trick I use on my LCD display to replicate the look of Thief that I had on my old CRT monitor back in the day. It's really effe
  10. This is talked about above on Page 3 of this thread. Jehauri mentions a "boop" sound. There are a few replies worth checking out, but here's one:
  11. I loved Requiem when it came out; didn't know Moonbo had another mission I think Requiem might be my favorite TDM fan mission so far and was glad you won the Amazon/Square Enix Thief Mod contest prize back in the day. I'm the one who mentioned to you long ago, Moonbo, if you remember -- I think maybe at the Eidos Montreal forum -- about how I carried a candle, I think all the way from a statue, to a gravesite that was a decent distance away in Requiem and placed it on or by a tombstone and reflected for a few moments. Something like that. Pretty awesome, and cool that TDM lets you do unscript
  12. Thanks esme! Sadly, it's not working well for me. No matter what I try with that, the above-water environment gets bleached out bright whenever I adjust things to be able to see underwater. I can't find any happy-mediums settings to use. I've tried several different values for that field in the .cfg file while also messing with the Brightness and Gamma settings in the game menu. No luck Is too bad, too, as I always enjoyed TDM's underwater view/effect in past years. And I really can't progress on this mission without going under water; I'm sure several FMs are that way... so, for me at l
  13. When I go underwater, it gets very dark/black. Can't see anything. At least not in the first map I've tried -- Volta 2: Cauldron. Has happened in all instances of water I've gone into so far. Looks quite inviting pre-plunge... but then I go into it and it is impossible to navigate around. Do you think this is an issue with TDM 2.08, or the map? EDIT: Ahh, I see it was reported on Page #1 of the thread. And to reply to stgatilov, you're right, I'm afraid it's an issue...
  14. Hey, thanks for the offer, Duzenko! Sorry it took me so long to see your post I see 2.08 is actually released now, so I'm re-installing TDM from scratch and will see how 2.08 goes, brightness/gamma-wise. Will let you know how it goes. I uninstalled TDM a while back because it was on my C:\ drive (SSD), and some other issues. Am going to try and put 2.08 on my D:\ drive instead, and not in 'Program Files' -- so I can hopefully avoid an issue I had before of not being able to save games (related to Admin rights). The TDM website suggests the following path, so I will do that: "c:\games\da
  15. Thanks stgatilov! Great info! Yeah, Blender seems a logical choice since it's free with a lot of cool abilities I don't have a commercial version of Maya yet; so even if TDM could read Maya 2018's output, I have a feeling an educational or non-commercial version wouldn't be usable(?). Interesting point on MASH. If it was a mesh, would it still need to go through an MD3/MD5 conversion? What would be a readable file format to try and export as for TDM in this case (.fbx, .abc (alembic), etc.)?
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