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  1. I agree, Wesp5 What if each fan mission author could specify their own class-ranking values for their mission? A table that lets them manually specify the stealth score-to-career ranking relationships for their map? As well, over time, as more people play their mission, they could fine-tune that table based on player feedback; if there's a trend of people being outraged by carefully playing the hard or long map and getting "Clumsy Safe-cracker" for their ranking instead of, say, a "Nimble Boxman" PS: I propose any art that accompanies the class characterizations should have a shadow over the face of the character so we can't see what their face looks like.
  2. Now my apologies for the necro, but I just stumbled on this thread. I have a feeling the origin or impetus for giving a Stealth Score may have been an idea I had to rate how stealthy the player was while playing the mission, and then give them a career label/title (or some measure-of-success label) with a hand-drawn art graphic characterization of what that rating/title represents. My inspiration was Pirates! (old Sid Meier video game) where, when your game concludes, it ranks you (on a societal/class/career scale) based on how well you did and shows artwork/assigns a label to you and the societal class you achieved (e.g., "Beggar" or "Pauper" at the low end vs. "Governor" or "King's Advisor" at the high end). For The Dark Mod, the labels/ranking would be tailored for the stealth/thief experience. For example, maybe something like "Beggar" at the low end vs. "Master Thief" (for lack of better word) at the high end; with custom artwork made for each ranking showing what you/your status, in theory, looks like at each level. I always liked Pirates!' ranking system and respective artwork, where you never quite knew what your class rating would be until the game concluded. A nice, tangible visualization of the score... and inherent inspiration/competition to play again and do better next time. (I always wanted to get a higher rating in that game to see the other artworks/labels and get as high as I could get; so it was motivating for me.) It was just one more layer of depth to the game to help you feel as though you were part of that game world. For The Dark Mod, the thought of doing something like Pirates!, where a bunch of hand-drawn character art would be needed, was just too low on the team's priority list to do at the time; and rightfully so. There were much more important things the team needed to focus on. But I believe that the Stealth Score you see in the game was put in place as a simpler, more feasible, and in-the-interim solution; with the Pirates!-like character art/rankings system possibly being a future evolution possibility, if the opportunity ever arose and/or desire ever came. I still think something like this would be neat for The Dark Mod, but it's a big ask for an artist or artists to crank out all the character class representations that would be needed If anyone thinks the Pirates! idea would be neat, I'd be really curious to know what your ideas are for thief/stealth 'classes'. What classes/ranking would you want? What would be appropriate for thievery/stealth? With Pirates!, you see via the link I gave that there are 24 classifications for the 1987 version of the game, and 19 for the 2004 version. They have a lot. Similarly, for The Dark Mod, I think having ~20 classifications would be great, if possible, as it would be nice variety so you're not seeing the same 2 or 3 art graphics every time and so there are several rankings between bottom and top.
  3. Thanks Kingsal! Actually, it turns out I'm kinda dumb. Your screenshot example being really dark on my end helped me realize the issue. I had Brightness down really far on my monitor and that was helping to make my water super black. In my defense, though, I always drop the Brightness way down and Contrast way up when playing Thief I and 2. I do it for T1/2 because it really makes the colors vibrant and rich (but not over-saturated), with rich/deep blacks, too. It's a trick I use on my LCD display to replicate the look of Thief that I had on my old CRT monitor back in the day. It's really effective for me. Without it, the nature of the LCD monitor tech causes brightened, luminous greys instead of deep blacks. I thought, and have always assumed, I'd want/need to do that for TDM Maybe that's why I've always had gamma woes with TDM I'll have to do some TDM testing at some point now, as maybe TDM just isn't as compatible with that approach as T1/T2 is for me. In looking at your map (and my screenshots above) with Brightness up a bit, I think I'll be okay. The coloring for the missions, in general, won't have as much pop as I like, but at least I can see everything now I can delete my above posts if mods want me to; or they can if they wish; since it takes up so much room on the page. But it might help future people see if they encounter the same issue, I suppose(?)
  4. This is talked about above on Page 3 of this thread. Jehauri mentions a "boop" sound. There are a few replies worth checking out, but here's one:
  5. I loved Requiem when it came out; didn't know Moonbo had another mission I think Requiem might be my favorite TDM fan mission so far and was glad you won the Amazon/Square Enix Thief Mod contest prize back in the day. I'm the one who mentioned to you long ago, Moonbo, if you remember -- I think maybe at the Eidos Montreal forum -- about how I carried a candle, I think all the way from a statue, to a gravesite that was a decent distance away in Requiem and placed it on or by a tombstone and reflected for a few moments. Something like that. Pretty awesome, and cool that TDM lets you do unscripted things like that if you wish. As for "A House of Locked Secrets," I just started it. Lovely vibe, so far. Wanted to mention I got stuck here near the beginning, for what it's worth; can't move away from here. I think this is like the 3rd main room into the mission (10 mins in). I'll need to re-load my save and avoid getting to here. Obviously, not a big deal since I'm so early in the mission, but wanted to mention: EDIT: Just had a hard-crash to desktop in the room where you... I'm in 2.08, by the way. I wasn't able to repeat it, though, as when I loaded my saved game and tried again, no crash occurred. EDIT 2: When viewing the Moonbo's original post for this thread with the dark theme enabled for the forum, you can't read most of the text. Have to click-drag select it to see it... Hard-to-read view: Selected-text view:
  6. Thanks esme! Sadly, it's not working well for me. No matter what I try with that, the above-water environment gets bleached out bright whenever I adjust things to be able to see underwater. I can't find any happy-mediums settings to use. I've tried several different values for that field in the .cfg file while also messing with the Brightness and Gamma settings in the game menu. No luck Is too bad, too, as I always enjoyed TDM's underwater view/effect in past years. And I really can't progress on this mission without going under water; I'm sure several FMs are that way... so, for me at least, it's a showstopper type of bug so far. To be honest, gamma/brightness, in general has been a bit of an issue/concern for me at least through the last couple TDM releases... but I don't remember under water being this bad before. It's usually just been "could be better" or not being able to play during the day because I couldn't crank gamma/brightness up high enough. (Keep in mind, I don't know that I played much in 2.07 and have a new PC as of mid- or late-last year. But even on my old PC, TDM gamma/brightness was never my absolute friend ) Wonder what the issue is? I tried disabling options one-by-one in the menu, too (bloom, shadow implementation, shadow quality, soft shadows, color precision, ambient occlusion, multi-core enhancement, anti-aliasing, texture anisotropy, etc.), as I have most settings maxed out, but nothing fixed the blackness under water. Regarding proper ambience, it really should look like my 3rd screenshot here. 1st screenshot is how bright I have to make it with the .cfg change and gamma/brightness sliders in order to see under water in a reasonable manner (2nd screenshot)... Hope this can be resolved soon, as I'm sad I can't play TDM
  7. When I go underwater, it gets very dark/black. Can't see anything. At least not in the first map I've tried -- Volta 2: Cauldron. Has happened in all instances of water I've gone into so far. Looks quite inviting pre-plunge... but then I go into it and it is impossible to navigate around. Do you think this is an issue with TDM 2.08, or the map? EDIT: Ahh, I see it was reported on Page #1 of the thread. And to reply to stgatilov, you're right, I'm afraid it's an issue...
  8. Hey, thanks for the offer, Duzenko! Sorry it took me so long to see your post I see 2.08 is actually released now, so I'm re-installing TDM from scratch and will see how 2.08 goes, brightness/gamma-wise. Will let you know how it goes. I uninstalled TDM a while back because it was on my C:\ drive (SSD), and some other issues. Am going to try and put 2.08 on my D:\ drive instead, and not in 'Program Files' -- so I can hopefully avoid an issue I had before of not being able to save games (related to Admin rights). The TDM website suggests the following path, so I will do that: "c:\games\darkmod" (only changing to d:\, of course)
  9. Thanks stgatilov! Great info! Yeah, Blender seems a logical choice since it's free with a lot of cool abilities I don't have a commercial version of Maya yet; so even if TDM could read Maya 2018's output, I have a feeling an educational or non-commercial version wouldn't be usable(?). Interesting point on MASH. If it was a mesh, would it still need to go through an MD3/MD5 conversion? What would be a readable file format to try and export as for TDM in this case (.fbx, .abc (alembic), etc.)?
  10. Thanks HMart. Yeah, will be interesting to find out. As a non-FX-related side note, I find this interesting. I see that Maya 2018 has a Game Exporter option and you can export FBX 2006 files from there. (I don't remember seeing that in Maya 2014, but maybe it was there.) I wonder if that would help let someone use Maya 2018 to make models and animations for Dark Mod somehow, since I think FBX 2006 refers to "Maya 6"? Or maybe it just doesn't matter what FBX you use, the barrier is still the MD3/5 conversion thing? Here's a knowledgebase article on it. But, yeah, I'll be curious to see if anyone knows about the possibility of importing particle sims, too. PS: That's a cool moddb video you linked to there. Thanks!
  11. Is it possible to use recent versions of Maya to create dynamic effects/simulations for use in TDM? Even if they're just cached sims? Sparkles, dust, smoke, steam, sparks, splashes, fluids, magic, etc. For example, create nParticle sims (including instancers), Bifrost, and/or MASH simulations in Maya to be used in missions. I've played around with the effects editor in DarkRadiant, and it can do some neat things. Was just wondering, though, if it's possible to use Maya sims somehow. I have a lot more experience with Maya, mainly nParticle and MASH, and just feel it would be neat to make some sims someday.
  12. I proposed an idea in the early days of Dark Mod (mid-2000s or so) where if the statistics/stealth score screen showed that you had been discovered, it would let you see a short video replay of the event actually happening, or a freeze-frame image, of the moment. To make it work, as you play the level, if a guard spots you or a body that you should have hid better, then the game would capture the few seconds surrounding that moment, or a snapshot image, so you could watch it/look at it from the post-mission (and death/failure) stats screen to help see where you went wrong. (Because without context, it's hard to learn from your mistakes... or know, from the player's perspective, if the game is being realistic/truthful, etc. Plus, it'd just be cool to see those moments captured and shown to you in a way that doesn't interrupt or intrude with your gameplay while playing the mission. If implemented, I'd assume this replay video or image could be from the perspective of the guard, or the player, or the body, depending on the situation and what the consensus of the team was. For the UI, you'd be able to jump from one failed situation to the next as you review your failures. And, actually, since this is a video game, then instead of each failure being a non-interactive 2D video or image, I could see TDM capturing the moment in such a way that when you replay it from the stats screen, the replay/review would be in-engine, whereby you could manipulate the camera (swing or pan it around, zoom-in/-out, etc. in 3D space). From what I remember, this was, of course, a nice-to-have feature rather than a critical one... and was to be sidelined to maybe be implemented at a future time. I still think this would be a neat feature to have, if it's ever possible. At the time, I'd never seen any games do this sort of thing, and still haven't seen it since. Maybe there's some one-off games that have done it, but I sure haven't played them. Then again, stealth games ever since Thief I/II have such simplistic stealth mechanics and theme park ride/guided-tour situations, along with contextual music/sounds when you're spotted, that you always know when and where you're spotted and by who; so it hasn't been very needed, in general.
  13. Voice acting is my #1 thing that I think could use improvement. Though, not an easy feat, I know
  14. Thanks for the clarification, @JackFarmer!
  15. That said, I think you should be able to mantle at least a small crate after shouldering a body
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