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  1. Nice. Visleafs of goodness. Will keep them in mind when designing. In the interim, can you define what a "brush" is? You say a visleaf is created by brushes and visportals, but I'm not quite sure what a brush is. I will Wiki and/or Google it, but thought it might be good for you to offer your definition in this thread here. I think I kind've know, but want to be sure... Thanks!
  2. I was thinking of having a greenhouse next to my mansion, out back. Is that a bad idea for this stage of my DarkRadiant career? Like an oversized shed, but with glass walls, more or less, of course. Player will likely be able to get on top of its roof as a way of getting inside mansion in an unlocked window, or balconey, etc. Probably just need an assortment of potted plants and flowers, tools, bags of seeds/dirt (or the semblance/illusion of)... maybe some bright focused lighting like in a dimly lit museum.
  3. I think I've completed this phase of the workshop, except for downloading Dark Radiant. Will do that soon. I was thinking of making four regions: mansion, courtyard, town, and sewer. But the sewer will be very basic... maybe just a single tunnel with a small room or two as points-of-interest. I'm okay with keeping the courtyard and town pretty basic, too. For my courtyard, I'm thinking along the lines of the perimeter lawn areas in Thief 2: Running Interference. But depending on how things go, I wouldn't mind adding a fountain, some hedges, a few trees, and a statue or two; unless they'd be too complicated to implement at this time. I'm okay with keeping everything pretty basic, since I don't want to overdo it, like you say. Note: I want to become fairly proficient someday at making other things, like crypts. Do you have a guess as to how behind-the-curve on crypts I might become for not choosing them as one of my regions for this workshop? Or if I chose crypts instead of towns, how behind-the-curve would I get on towns? Just curious, to help me weigh the pros and cons of choosing the regions I have.
  4. Love the video. Great start to things, thanks! Will be jotting some things down over the upcoming days to get some map/mission ideas on paper
  5. I would also like to be able to export animations from a more current version of Maya, say 2014, and export to md5mesh... as I'd like to try and animate some fairly simple things for The Dark Mod. Is Maya 7 free to download at this point, since that came out years ago? I think I could use that animate in and export to md5mesh. (Not sure how good its animation tools are, though :-/)
  6. Renaming would be helpful, but it'd still need an official designation of some sort, imo. Whether it be a TDM icon/logo next to the official ones, or a "TDM" official designator before or after the titles (e.g., "TDM Mission 1: A New Job", or "Mission 1: A New Job (TDM Official)", with "(TDM Official)" being in a much smaller font), etc. Or, as you might prefer, "1: A New Job (TDM Official)" or with a TDM icon/logo in lieu of words
  7. As for the introductory mission thing, that's legit, though, right? Thedarkmod.com's update says, "Many of these new assets are showcased in a new introductory mission for TDM that is included in the update. This mission is the first of a three mission story which serves as our official introduction to TDM’s gameplay and setting." I'm just trying to find out how to play the new mission... isn't intuitive to find. Maybe I have to uninstall my currently loaded game (Down By The Riverside) and it'll pop up on the main menu. UPDATE: Nope, did that and don't see it. The "Training Mission" entry I have on my main menu talks about how it coincides with the v1.08 release, so I'm assuming that's not it. Oh well, I'll find it sometime... just need to do more Google and/or forum searches UPDATE #2: Found this thread. All is well... http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/18647-tdm-205-official-introductory-missions/
  8. Nice work, Goldwell and Nocturne I'm curious what the "2009" date represents? Is that when it was first released to the general public, or? The wording is a little vague in the video, kind've misleading to me. I thought it was referring to when work actually first began on the mod. And production began back in about the 2004 timeframe; so, when I first heard the 2009 date I was thinking to myself, "Hmm, that doesn't sound quite right..." -- and had to look up the original start year.. Maybe my interpretation of hearing the 2009 info is different than a casual non-team member observer would interpret it since I was involved for a while early on. Here's the quote from the video: Probably no need to update this video... but if a future video were to come out down the line, I might suggest clarifying a tad bit more on what that 2009 date represents Really is just a matter of adding/changing a simple word or two
  9. Thanks for making the mission, grayman! Some quick post-completion notes...
  10. I haven't seen yet any note saying Mod DB 'Mod of the Year' voting began, so figured I'd mention. Sorry if it was posted before (just delete this thread, if it was). I assume The Dark Mod still qualifies as a mod, even though it's standalone, right? I mean, a mod is a mod, even if a game was modded so much the mod became standalone, right? Vote for whatever mod you like most, but for convenience here is a link to TDM on ModDB.com: The Dark Mod I think they're in the first round of voting, to narrow things down to a Top 100.
  11. Saw this article and thought it was pretty neat, with a lot of screenshot examples
  12. I learned to aim above the torch and let the water cascade down. Even though it's fun to watch the water fall down unto flame, I do wish direct hits were more foregiving, as well. I've wasted plenty of water arrows (or rather, did plenty of QuickLoads) as a result of direct hits often failing to extinguish the flame. Physics tells me a direct hit would propel the water forward to account for an extinguishing of the flame. Even if direct hits were more foregiving, I'll still frequently aim above the flame because it's a fun to do it that way. It's been a while so I might be offbase, but I think I've even aimed 5-10 feet above flame and let the water fall down onto flame and have that work. I like it
  13. Hey Dram, good to see you and your avatar again.
  14. Well deserved, Moonbo! I really enjoyed Requiem. Congratulations
  15. That's what I thought, Springheel; though I can't remember which mission. Seems like it was at least 2 or 3 years ago when I saw it. Yeah, I could've swore there was at least one time where it happened, but all these other comments were/are making me feel like I was dreaming..
  16. Thanks RJFerret! I must be spacing then. An idea in a bulletpoint list somewhere either in my mind or on TDM paper that I put a visual to. Weird. That explains why I couldn't put a candle inside that vase on the ledge of St. Lucia earlier tonight, though, too! lol. I guess I won't try so hard to do that in the future for other seemingly hollow objects; and will stop turning mugs, shoes and bowls, etc. upside down, hehe. I'll have to check out your "Inn Business" sometime. Sounds interesting
  17. Good job, Tanika Nice to see you trying The Dark Mod. You might try the mission called, "Requiem." I found it interesting and fun
  18. Yes, it does, unless the feature was removed or never fully fleshed-out. It was purported to be a feature of object manipulation, as I recall... allowing mappers to do that, if they wish. I'm pretty sure I've seen it used a couple times before; unless that was just in the 'demo' days of the feature. Like a key or coin in a boot, and similar, where you turn it upisde down and it falls out. For Tears of St. Lucia...
  19. I'm not sure I understand that? What do you mean? I always succeed at auto-picking... it's just the game requires you to hold the mouse button down and sit through multiple click cycles before it advances to the next lockpick (two, for me). I used to have the "seta tdm_lp_pick timeout" set to "100" instead of "10," but that doesn't seem to make any difference in anything. PS: I also have a habit of object-manipulation turning bowls, mugs, buckets, etc. upside down to see if something falls out, but mappers hardly ever put anything in them :.( That was one of the benefits of object manipulation, so was hoping to see it used a little more than it is. And do you suspect banners and tapestries will be cuttable with a sword someday, or cloth animation movable to the side with a frob? Maybe there are maps that have this already and I just haven't noticed.
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