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  1. Jedi, link has expired. Please try again
  2. @Geep Oh, doesn't it work sending me PMs? Strange Anyhow, you are free to include my work. I'm flattered Tips! This table/balls was made way back when the game was "plagued" by a bug that made the vertexes slide, especially on brushes with intricate angles. That mean that the models MAY have "holes" and things might be unaligned. @Jedi_Wannabe Glad you liked my missions! Looking back on them, I'm not that impressed myself, and that's mostly because I did a lot of experimenting and going outside the box regarding gameplay and design. My future missions will be more straight forward and a general boost in design. I have Discord installed but how do I find you? Is there a generic TDM-channel? Discord-noob here
  3. Too bad. Well, at least he made some really nice missions Yes, I remember fiddling with your exellent modules and during my sporadic mapping over the last years I've created some by myself, although my are all made in DarkRadiant. My brain isn't ready for Blender or any advanced stuff just yet But it's really nice to create them and then being able to relatively quickly create alleys and stuff and get a better vision for where to add objects.
  4. Started to to just that. Blocking out sections with void sealing caulkwork and then building my street sections inside these areas.
  5. That is true... But I have felt bad for not delivering anything useful, when the mod still is going strong. I've had my times when I've thought the mod would die out and Springheel and Melan and Grayman are left alone in this empty void The main reason for my absence has been because I don't progress with the mapping process and get stuck; I have difficulties with imagining a scene without building it first. And when I've put down 3-4 hours into a scene I find out I need to change everything and kill a bunch of darlings and then the motivation dies... Hope it stays with me longer this time! I've got several projects/areas mapped out so I should be able to finish something... BTW, is Sotha still actice or is he busy boxing and parenting?
  6. Hello! I sat and read a book and felt an urge to map/play TDM, so I went to the computer and started up the mod and saw that my current version was out of date. I haven't mapped (seriously) for some years but I see now that you've released 2.08! It makes me really glad and brings tears to my eyes that the dev team still cranks out exellent content! I must bend away my thoughts and thinking of "I cannot make anything useful..." and try to make another mission! In other words, Fieldmedic is not dead, I'm trying (again) to take up mapping! Cheers!
  7. Thanks Goldwell! Works now
  8. Nope, using different triggers doesn't solve it...
  9. Hi! Been a while since I mapped now... Been at the computer for at least four hours to try to make an easy conversation between two actors...Almost about to throw in the towel on this... I want the player to walk up to a lady and talk to her and when he does, the camera should change to a view from behind the player. I will add an AI in front of her to simulate the player. The thing is, it works if I don't use/target the camera (a func_cameraview that targets a target_null entity), but as soon as I switch to the camera view the conversation just ends. I have tried to change the camera in the middle of the conversation and yes, the talking just stops... I have tried to consult the snitchmap but I just don't get why my conversation just dies when I switch to the camera... (And yes, I have tried to teleport the player to be beside the people talking but it's not the problem. And it shouldn't be important either because the conversation shouldn't start until the player walks up right in front of the lady.)
  10. Downloading this after a LONG abscense from the mod besides from some sporadic mapping...!
  11. I think you're more likely to get a good answer if you ask in the mapping thread.
  12. Nonono, mr Gray Gotta be my intuitive scripting... Seriously though, I think you're right,it's implemented in the thunder entities from the get go...
  13. Haha, thanks. Now I must check how I did it. It was some time ago... I believe it's a relay or a script...
  14. The binding works, but still not muted
  15. I'll just noclip out in the void before switching...
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