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  1. Haha, I've made some locations in my current map where you can see the interior and guess what, I just built them without any fancy stuff ;) Yes I know it may "steal" resources away from the rest of the scene, but it's a quite small area and I usually hide most of the interior scene with curtains so you just can see a sliver of the internal room. I'm also planning to create some wall/window modules with see through glass...
  2. Stgatilov, I just extracted my custom files (maps, xdata etc) into another folder, removed the whole game and did a clean install. It works and I hope I'm all game for future updates! Thanks for contributing with your hard work!
  3. Stgatilov, ahh but now that I already have updated, how can I verify that the newer version is going to work? Isn't it just gonna say "You already have the newest version, no update will be made" or do you suggest I downgrade and then try to fix the new method?
  4. I finally managed to update via the old method, because I couldn't get the new one to work. But is there a difference between the two game versions, on the user side? The new method is to optimize the work for the programmers right?
  5. Now it suddenly works...I guess the mirror site was a bit cranky and wanted some alone time... Looking forward to see the fruits of your hard work guys!
  6. Don't know if this is the right place, but I have some problems with both updaters...
  7. I'm probably just dumb, but I can't get it to work...I've created the changetarget entity and named it change_it and on this entity I have added Target - path_corner_2 (there's a yellow line connecting them) and the spawnarg Add - industry Then I added this to the script sys.trigger($change_it); Have also tried a direct lever in game... EDIT Ahh, I added an initial target on path_corner_2. It didn't work unless I added a temporary target...
  8. @Grayman Didn't know that one... so nope, didn't use it...seems to be a better way. Thanks
  9. @Destined Hehe, yes I have made small console commands to make sure the script fires @Dragofer If I add the spawnarg "target industry" to the speciffic path_corner, the AI goes there, so there is no pathfinding error in the building part.
  10. Sorry, that doesn't work either; it says: "addTarget" is not callable as a 'sys' function"
  11. Doesn't work that either...The guy just walk up to the path_corner (which is devoid of any targets) and stops. In case I didn't made myself entirely clear. I want to make the AI take different paths depending on a random number generated at map start. That number shall tell the path_node to get different targets. So I want to ADD a different target spawnarg depending on the rand number. if (rand == 0) { sys.print("\nGo to industry\n"); $path_corner_2.addTarget($industry); } if (rand == 1) {
  12. I want to control how the AI patrols via a randomizing script; The AI goes to say Corner 1 and that triggers a script that ADDS or CHANGES the targets on Corner 2. But I get stumped on the syntax for adding or changing the target spawnarg: When you change frobbability it looks like this $entity.setFrobable(1); so I thought it would be something like this $path_corner_2.addTarget(industry); or $path_corner_2.addTarget("industry"); or $path_corner_2.addTarget('industry'); but no, it doesn't work... Cheers
  13. Decided to light up my mission and take an eagle eyes view...Gotta finish this mission, it would be sad to let all this go to waste eh?
  14. Played this the other day (after my hiatus of several years of playing missions). Really impressive stuff! I especially liked the outdoor areas with the good use of vertical space. OcksÄ trevligt med en till svensk som bygger banor /Fieldmedic
  15. So sorry for not noticing your post until now. Haven't been active on the forum...I guess this tree location is added by Bikerdude when he made improvements to the mission. The location in question is the skybox and shouldn't be reachable by the player...and should be isolated from the rest of the map. /Fieldmedic
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