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  1. I tested these with the latest SVN: The Gatehouse Business as Usual The Bakery Job I loaded each one 10x and had no problems. It appears the bug is fixed. Thank you!
  2. Verified that the searches are working properly again. I like the addition of the up/down arrows. Thanks!
  3. I'm back using 2.60 until the search problem is fixed.
  4. I posted this in the Radiant forum, and have filed a bug report. After a week, no response from anyone, so I'm elevating it to this forum. Hopefully it will catch someone's eye.
  5. Attached. Today was an unplanned hospital day. I'll try to answer any other questions tomorrow. Darkmod.cfg
  6. Any more thoughts on this? The latest SVN Windows exes are crapping out for me on these parsing problems. Tried The Gatehouse and Business as Usual (again). Becoming an issue because I can't rely on being able to run SVN for anything: playing the game or working on WIPs. I've shelved work on the Steele WIPs because from here on they rely on 2.08+. Just to keep working, I've started a new non-Steele WIP that relies on 2.07. Thanks.
  7. Merry merry to everyone!!
  8. Binged the new season on Mon/Tue. Fantastic show. Waiting for season 5 now. (Tap tap tap ...)
  9. Anyone else seeing this bug: 1. In the Media tab, select the first item, "textures". 2. Type in "book", to begin a search. 3. DR takes you to the first texture with "book" in it. 4. Press the down arrow key to take you to the next entry. 5. The search field disappears, and DR leaves you on the first entry. 6. Try to restart the search, and DR won't accept any keys to show the search field and start filling it in. 7. Similar behavior on the "create entity" and "create model" requests. Looks like the search feature has been zorked.
  10. Have you read the books?
  11. Watching now. Excellent.
  12. I'm unable to get The Bakery Job to fail again. Might try again later.
  13. The BaU crash happens with both 32- and 64-bit binaries. Works fine in 2.07 hotfix.
  14. Loaded "Business As Usual" and repeatedly crash with the following: business as usual.txt
  15. Yes, my WIP. I tried "The Bakery Job" with a build of the latest SVN sources, and this happened: bakery.map certainly doesn't contain "unknown punctuation". These issues don't happen all the time. I'll try with the debugger suggestion.
  16. What is this message telling me? I'm firing lightning/thunder effects at each point where it says "north/south/east/west". Is there too much face-brightening going on with each lightning strike? -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changed location from 'InfoLocCells' to 'InfoLocBasement'. north Linking GLSL program environment ... south Changed location from 'InfoLocBasement' to 'InfoLocChurchBehindNave'. Exceeded index frame limit (4096 kb), resizing... New buffer size: 31247 kb east Changed location from 'InfoLocChurchBehindNave' to 'InfoLocCourtyard1'. west Exceeded vertex frame limit (4096 kb), resizing... New buffer size: 234103 kb Exceeded index frame limit (8192 kb), resizing... New buffer size: 203279 kb ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
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