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  1. I agree that enhancing the scripting API can only benefit mappers who also script. A classic example is my needing a way to find out which location a player is in. Being a dev made it simple for me to add exactly what I needed. Generalizing it to retrieve the location of any entity gave us: $EntityName. getLocation(); which has come in handy for other mappers since it was introduced.
  2. Apparently linux savegames load okay on Windows TDM. I wasn't sure. Unfortunately, I couldn't reproduce the crash or the freeze. After the 2nd conversation, both actors walked away as they should. It's going to be a few days before I can look at it again. If it never freezes or crashes, I'm afraid there's nothing else for me to look at.
  3. Can you get me a save game prior to the crash?
  4. Sorry to hear this. Were your previous runs of Cleighmoor done with TDM versions older than 2.08?
  5. I wouldn’t display AI names because most AI don’t get renamed from what DR gives them at creation time. You’ll just be displaying meaningless dribble.
  6. Will this be an optional playing feature? I understand it's only in effect if the pk4 is present, but being able to toggle it in-game would be a good option; changing the presence of the pk4 could be considered too much work. Movement and "use" restrictions might impact released missions. I.e. you need to be able to complete a certain movement to continue the mission, and not being able to do that fails the mission. Someone down the road might suggest a "weight" limit: how much you can carry as your limbs become weaker. A reasonable request. But missions could fail if TDM suddenly pays attention to weight, and you must obtain X items in order to be successful, but you can't due to getting hurt and losing strength.
  7. I don't remember any advice regarding this. If my WIP depends on an as-yet-unreleased version of TDM, I can't be waiting for that version to be released before testing my WIP on it (and potentially discovering a problem I should have found before the TDM rev was released). Perhaps the advice was given in a certain situation in the past, a particular map? A particular TDM version?
  8. Thanks for making the "font" change. It's been a big help. I can put away my magnifying glass now...
  9. @Dragofer Yes, thanks for this contribution! Scripting has always generated lots of “how do I?” discussions among the troops. I’ve written tons of TDM scripts over the past decade, so if you run across one or more of my problems/solutions you’d like to use as examples, feel free to use whatever you need. Thanks again.
  10. You an use this to help understand decimal to binary (bits) equivalence. Power of 2 has nothing to do with it.
  11. My first impression of the update process is that it's way more complicated than it used to be when updating 2.08. Perhaps it will be easier when updating 2.09->2.09. I'll reserve further comments until I've experienced that.
  12. What changes occurred in Darkmod.cfg that precludes us from using our existing 2.08 version? Having to update a new cfg file with settings I've grown used to is a pita. Especially since I make changes that are dev-specific, that a regular player doesn't tinker with.
  13. I wasn’t able to get back to the computer last night after filtering out items one by one. when I filtered out lights, performance went back to the quicker 2.08 speed. So I’m glad to see that you’re focused on lighting. I don’t use advanced camera-view lighting, btw. Just the basics.
  14. I'm experiencing serious lag when moving around in the map. Any settings that can be used to speed this up?
  15. In the case of "another instance of DR is running the same map", DR should give you the option of continuing or not. I can't think of an example atm, but it's possible that the author might want to do this on purpose.
  16. I’ll be needing a magnifying glass. I’ll file an enhancement request.
  17. Is there a way to make the "size" text (shows how big things are when you select them) larger? My old eyes are having a tougher time digging the size values out of all the objects drawn in the area on the orth screen. Thanks.
  18. At some point today, for some unknown reason, the brightness of my SVN TDM menus has gone way up. I did not rebuild my SVN copy. My gamma and brightness settings inside the game haven't changed. 2.08 menus are fine. If I copy my Darkmod.cfg file from 2.08 to SVN, it doesn't solve the brightness problem. This suggests that menu brightness isn't controlled from the cfg file. Are there any other settings w/in TDM that control menu brightness? Thanks.
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