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  1. Are you talking about the spyglass? The model for the loot version is at spyglass/fancy. Another is at player_equipment/spyglass.
  2. Why do you have the visportal faces on the edges of those brushes? dmap is telling you correctly that the vp faces are embedded entirely in the world brushes they border. Use DR's "brush->Make Visportal" button to create legal visportals.
  3. And there’s no way to force them into use.
  4. ‘Useless’ means they’re probably completely embedded in a world brush. They won’t affect sound propagation. just revisit them and either remove, or move them out of the walls and put them where they’ll contribute to sound management.
  5. Yeah, it's not working for me anymore It was working prior to my v9 update attempt.
  6. @Darkriser: Glad to hear you're enjoying it (so far). Thanks
  7. Atm, I'm back to having a working v8 (other than the missing camera speed burst noted above). Though I've always jumped on DR new version testing, I'm going to stay out of the v9 testing. I'm on a tight schedule and can't risk downtime, and I don't understand all that happened this morning. Sorry. Hopefully there'll be plenty of testing from others.
  8. The commands are called "CamIncreaseMoveSpeed" and "CamDecreaseMoveSpeed", default keys are the Numpad + and - keys. What I'm used to doing is moving forward at a base speed, then tapping the right mouse key to get a burst of speed. Useful for traversing a map for a second or two. Tapping again killed the burst, and the camera reverted to its base speed. The two commands cited above increase/decrease the camera base speed, which is a different thing.
  9. @Dragofer: For the tokeniser message, all I get is an Error window with "DefTokeniser: no more tokens" in it. No reference to *.map line numbers. Edit: The map is corrupt. It only has the world entity in it. Everything else has flown away. Going to check on backups. Edit 2: Backups are on a different computer that's not fired up atm. Will check in the future. Don't need this particular map for now.
  10. BTW, DR v8 seems to be okay. I have my fingers crossed (need to get some work done).
  11. When moving forward, there is an ability to cause the camera to zoom forward at a faster speed. How do I set a key to do that? For me, I was using the right mouse button. A touch to that and the camera would leap forward. Now, using default Key Shortcut settings, the camera stops moving. Thanks.
  12. I'm trying to persevere with getting v8 running again. I renamed user.html and installed v8. I brought it up and had to reset the Game/Project folders. I brought up the Key Shortcuts window and asked it to reset to defaults. I successfully loaded a map. I exited and brought DR back up again. I tried opening a different map. What does "tokenizer: no more tokens" mean when trying to load a map?
  13. I reinstalled v8, and didn't have any Shortcut Keys. I reset my camera movement keys and exited DR. I brought DR up again, and no Shortcut Keys. Please advise how to proceed. I'm dead in the water again.
  14. Pretty much hosed now. I uninstalled v9, then cleared out the DarkRadiant installation by hand. Now when I install v9 using the installer, I get an unhandled exception when trying to load a map. The map stops loading when I choose to ignore the exception, so I'm hosed. I tried the portable version, but got stuck in a circular attempt at unpacking a 7zip file. Dead end. Not sure what the problem is. I've uninstalled any DR remnants, and am trying to reinstall v8.
  15. I followed the request through the code and came across a suspect line of code added by me a long time ago for a different problem. See the note I added to the bug report.
  16. For my work setup, condump files are dumped in the mod folder. Perhaps when running a released pk4 living in the darkmod/fms/mymission/ folder, the files are dumped in the root installation folder. (Tomorrow I'll try the latter, and see if sessionCommand works properly.) I had checked the TDM folders anyway, but no joy there, either. I'm invoking sessionCommand during gameplay. At the moment I have a test routine invoked by a button in the game.
  17. Issue filed. I'll keep those instructions in mind for future builds. At this point, I'm back to having a working v9 DR, so I won't be changing anything. Thanks.
  18. Yes, the cubic clip button. Didn't know what it was called when I posted the problem. Pushing the far clip plane out allows me to work, but the problem remains that the clip button isn't toggling on and off. Once greebo comments, I'll post a bug report. Thanks.
  19. Woops. Seems I'm unable to revert back to version 8. DR reports a startup error, and even uninstalling fails to help. So I'm dead in the water until a fixed 9 becomes available. Rats.
  20. The button that clips the distance view is stuck on "ON". I don't use it, so I don't know the official name. Objects in the distance are getting clipped off. It needs to toggle ON/OFF. Edit: Since I can't work w/o the toggle, I'm reverting back to the previous DR version. I'll start testing 9 again when this gets fixed.
  21. I'm trying to use a script to dump the console to a file (rather than asking the player to run a condump command on the console). I'm using the following syntax to do this: sys.sessionCommand("condump ws6_stats.txt"); // print statistics to file The problem is that I see no evidence that the file gets written. I look in my mod folder (where condump files are usually written) and there's nothing there. Does anyone know if I'm using the correct syntax? I've used sessionCommand before with other console commands, w/o any problems. Thanks.
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