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  1. I hope that you have all expansion packs & DDFIX installed: http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=121449 http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=119451 http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=118999 just a small list, there are so many great ones, the numbers indicate playing order : Calendras Legacy Ominous Bequest (1) Broken triad (2) What Lies Below The Circle of Stone and Shadow - Gathering at the Inn (1) The Circle of Stone and Shadow - Mission X (2) The Night Falcon One Night in Rocksbourg - Un nouveau départ (1) One Night in Rocksbourg - Découverte (2) One Night in Rocksbourg - Ink and Dust (3) Dracula (Reloaded) Keeper of the Prophecies Brawl in the Tombs Lord Fishkills Curse Thief2x (Rather a Mod than FM/campaign)
  2. Well that's the point, isn't it? Kill them from afar, or even better avoid them !
  3. Yes I've gotten down there just the way you described it. Brilliant idea to use the madhouse principle (or whatever this is called) for the swing. How did you come up with that?
  4. Its like a record from my favourite artists, I'll buy it whatever any reviewer says about it, I just want to see how they/it progressed from the predecessor. If its heavily DRM dongled I'll might be tempted to crack it though.
  5. First of all, great mission ! Maybe a TDM bug, but in my quicksavegame the HUD font disappeared. The console says: RegisterFont: Couldn't find font: fonts/english/andrew/fontImage_12.dat When I ditch the quicksave and start playing the FM from the beginning it is there again !
  6. I had trouble picking all the loot out of the chests, or is this intentional?
  7. Thanks. Never thought of that. How Narnia/Simon the Sorcerer My two cents:
  8. @XARG Thank you. I must have missed that before. New Problem
  9. You cannot make a general statement about "medieval" eating habbits. But it is safe to say that "common people" rarely ate beef, maybe once week at best apart from holidays. But this also depended on region, season, city or countryside, occupation, social standing, access to long distance trading and time period !
  10. Nice I know that modeling & skinning is not easy and I do not want to sound ungrateful, but I just wanted to mention that imo those women look a bit too much 90-60-90 with their big bosoms and all. Where are the chubby barmaids and skinny nobles...or vice versa We had a little discussion about the "proportions" issue in the german ttlg forum, if anyone wants to join, be our guest: http://board.ttlg.de/thread.php?threadid=4335
  11. @DarqueRaven Sorry, but your translation makes no sense to me, these aren't sentences. "Quod" is usually used for subordniate clauses, not as conjunction. And "Veneratio" stands for a different mode of "honor": Adoration or grace or dignity. Concerning the translation: "Honor et Officium" seems fine to me. I guess you mean a duty like the duty of a police officer ? Or the duty of a citizen towards society or the gods? "Lex et Ordo" Alternatively you can use "Fandum et Ordo", since "fandum" has not that many connections to legislation.
  12. Very nice contest entry. Loved the ramshackle elements of the design !
  13. @Sotha This proves again that proper reading is essential to a Thief's business I like this mission a lot, there are many ways to get things done. The readables add up to a nice atmosphere, and at least in one case leave you wanting more. I also liked the fact that you put a shop in the beginning becausea shop is always kind of gamble (which I lost btw). It is also well build (or visportaled), I had no slowdowns at all. One critique: Too short And... @Fidcal
  14. As an introduction I found this book quite helpful, even though it was written for kids. Takes a day or so to work through it. Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python. I do not know if you speak german, your name suggests that you might, so you couold give this open book a try: http://openbook.galileocomputing.de/python/
  15. @7upMan You've linked to the Xbox version. The cheapest PC Version actually is 6.35 $. Either way it is very cheap.
  16. You want to play the game, you can obviously afford a machine to run it, and you are asking for support for a pirated copy. Sounds to me (and maybe I am wrong) like you are looking for the easy and free way. Just because you do not like to order a 5 year old game is no reason to steal it. It would be different if you simply aren't able to order a copy (export limitations to your country or something like that...). So please tell us your story and let me know where I was wrong! P.S. I mean put some effort into it. Just with a quick check I found a Doom 3 torrent that most likely would work with the patch.
  17. Sorry, but if you are too stupid to steal properly then buy the game. It is not that expensive !
  18. I was able to create several crashing quicksaves with "The Alchemist". There is no console left after crashing (like it was with the idPVS::FreeCurrentPVS crash). If a dev is interested I can upload a savegame.
  19. How do I open the door in the alley behind poor old harry in mission 2 ?
  20. Thank you for the release. The Southquarter mirror doesn't work, and it links to thiefmissions.com...how come?
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