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  1. Hey Guy's I was trying to tune up the video card when TDM was not working. I went to various tread to solve the problem. In TDM when i press walk then I stop working it continues. This also happens in Thief gold and Thief 2 metal Age. I never had this problem when i had Win XP. But6 I havve WIn 7 all hell broke loose. I click on the antaliasing and also the vertical sync. But it seems to be worse. thank all of you's for your help. Silent Warrior
  2. Hi and thanks all of you that help me for your advice, I finally got the tdm working. Ive updated the drivers. Now the problem I am having is that on TDM, Thief 2, Thief Gold all games ran fast. I will be running then I look go of the run key it stills goes. Now that is very frustrating. I click the antliasan on vertical sync on. any suggestions thanks Silent Warrior
  3. Thank all for your help. I just done a driver update and it states that I have all the latest drivers for the video. So I am lost to the problem thanks again Silent Warrior
  4. Doom 3 does not work, it is very frustrating. I notice that i have directX 11 but that should not affect this. What i dont understand that last week it work and now it does not. Silen Warrior
  5. nbohr1more have done that, but did not work. But we are getting closer to make it work because it started to go black to load but showed error. Aluminium, i have not upgraded my video card, because tdm was working last week. the only thing ive done was to go into my nvidia consloe trying to solve the problem the game run way to fast even though i force the refresh rate 60 but still the same problem for thief 2 thanks Silent Warrior
  6. Hi New I changed the settings and yet its still the same. Thanks Silent Warrior
  7. Hi Here is the file doomconfig.cfg unbindall bind "ENTER" "_impulse51" bind "ESCAPE" "togglemenu" bind "SPACE" "_moveup" bind "-" "_impulse50" bind "`" "_impulse0" bind "1" "_impulse1" bind "2" "_impulse2" bind "3" "_impulse3" bind "4" "_impulse4" bind "5" "_impulse5" bind "6" "_impulse6" bind "7" "_impulse7" bind "8" "_impulse8" bind "9" "_impulse10" bind "=" "_impulse49" bind "[" "_impulse48" bind "\" "_mlook" bind "]" "_impulse47" bind "a" "_moveleft" bind "c" "_impulse24" bind "d" "_moveright" bind "e" "_impulse46" bind "f" "_impulse44"
  8. My friend I removed the mission and where do i get the DommConfig.cfg How do I get this? thanks Silent Warrior
  9. Thank you for the help but to no avail. I done what you guys asked to do and updated the darmod and nothing. Here is the latest log on this. thanks Silent Warrior DOOM win-x86 Jan 16 2007 15:36:51 2800 MHz Intel CPU with MMX & SSE & SSE2 & SSE3 & HTT 3584 MB System Memory 1024 MB Video Memory Winsock Initialized Found interface: {F7D6A851-176A-4C72-A0EC-0F7879EEAF6E} Marvell Yukon 88E8056 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller - Sys_InitNetworking: adding loopback interface doom using MMX & SSE & SSE2 & SSE3 for SIMD processing
  10. Hi, yes I have disable the Threaded Optimizations . And removed the zpak003.pk4 but nothing. Thanks Silent Warrior
  11. Hi guy's, Last week, I played darkmod fan missions with no problem. Today, I use tdm launcher to start the mission then this came up.( Look below) Oh by the way, last week I have download the update files with no problem. And able to play the mission. But now unable to get to the main page (menue) of the tdm. Does anyone have an idea. I have a 512 meg Nvidea Gforce GT 220 thanks Silent Warrior The current video card / driver combination does not support the necessary features. DOOM win-x86 Jan 16 2007 15:36:51 2800 MHz Intel CPU with MMX & SSE & SSE2 & SSE3 &
  12. Hi all, thank you all for your help. Melan was right I was able to put in the cd key while the internet is not on. Againt thank you Silent Warrior
  13. Hi all. I play Doom 3 no problem, but it installs darkmod no problem, it get me to the darkmod menue, and when I press the start mission button it ask me for a cd key. I dont understand this. I even put the startstring map name by using contl, alt ` a blue screen come on I type the mission file and it says not valid. Is this natural when I installed a new mission for example "crown of Penitence" it loads the video no problem then I press start mission it stills ask me for a cd key. The strange part that the fm mission crown of penitence is also in the doom folder as well in the darkmod fold
  14. Hi everyone, The problem I have is when I start a new mission it installs everything. But when I press the start mission button, a screen pops up and request my cd key. Has anyone have this type of problems. I do not know how to get around this. I did put the cd numbers but nothing. Also, I notice in the Doom folder it has a trainng mission the same size as in the darkmod folder, is this natural. thanks Silent Warrior
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