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  1. Ow, now I kinda feel guilty about this all... xD Don't get me wrong, I really like what you've done with Dark Radiant. Actually, it's impressive to see an open source engine project go that far. Thanks to your help, I've learnt a lot in only a few monthes. My main problem comes from my professional background. I come from a game art school, and all the other graduates keep going for the most up to date engines. Of course, my friends are happy with my first map on DR, but it doesn't impress my coworkers or former classmates. Several of them are already working on the next big things like Di
  2. Thank you ^^ But no, I don't think I'll finish this. You can go all the way to the end of the level, with the tutorial and everything, but it still doesn't feel as good as I thought. Plus, I would like to create cutscenes for a long campaign, and I really can't deal with the old file formats. Also, I wanted to create some action scenes of the city rooves, but it would be hard to do so with the rendering limitations. I'll try to do it all over again from scratch on UE4. I'm gonna need a lot of tutorials, I think, but well... x) I've done this recently with a very basic tutorial : http://ima
  3. Hey there! I wanted to thank you all for helping me, for my first level has been (mostly) completed. Here are a few images. http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/36/1441140121-thetuto7.jpg http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/36/1441140012-thetuto11.jpg http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/36/1441140023-thetuto10.jpg http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/36/1441140046-thetuto9.jpg http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/36/1441215064-thetuto4.jpg Unfortunately, I feel the need to use a more recent engine, so I'll be leaving it as it is ^^ The project is still on, bu
  4. Thanks for pointing this out! But sadly, nothing new happens... xD At this point, I'm kind of confused. Does anyone have a working exemple of this? There are many FMs, and I don't know which ones have in-game roq files playing as cutscenes. I think I'll have to grab some scripts from former missions and to change names, or something like that x)
  5. The trigger_once is working alright (the called script can print a debug message). So I tried to add your method, so my script looks like this : void thetuto_testboum() { sys.print("walk into trigger.\n"); float overlayHandle; overlayHandle = $player1.createOverlay("guis/testboum.gui", 100); //opens guis at layer 100 sys.wait(5); //length of video in seconds sys.print("exit screen.\n"); $player1.destroyOverlay( overlayHandle ); //closes guis at layer 100 } Until now, it only printed "walk into trigger", but nothing happened then. Could it be that the RoQ file is w
  6. Just tried this too, but I still get nothing ^^" I have no clue where the problem is... Well, until I find out, I think I might as well start my cutscenes. Which display ratio should I use, in your opinion?
  7. I tried this, but nothing new happened. =/ By the way, my RoQ file is 1024 by 768, and it is 30 FPS. I removed the audio on it, also.
  8. Alright, I think I get this. Thanks a lot! So everything look okay, at least to me. I still can't get it to play in the game though. I created a GUI file called "testboum.gui" : windowDef Desktop { rect 0 ,0 ,1024 ,768 backcolor 0, 0, 0, 1 matcolor 0, 0, 0, 1 background "guis/assets/common/bg" windowDef VidFrame { rect 0,0,1024,768 visible 1 backcolor 1, 1, 1, 0 windowDef RoqFile { rect 0,0,1024,768 visible 1 background "video/testboom" // roq shader defined in the material file matc
  9. Oh man, that's so complicated x) I managed to get some .roq files, but I have no clue how this whole material thing works... Whatever I create (models, textures, videos...) for my level, they won't show up in the editor. I think I get the structure wrong, and most articles in the wiki are not so clear to me. Let's say I have a .roq file (the video) and an .mtr file (the material info). Where should I put them to make them both show up in the editor? I tried to create a /materials and a /video folder in my FM folder, but I don't get anything.
  10. Well I tried to get Avconv on Windows, but it crashes on start. I also tried to get ffmpeg, but it looks like their website is down. Would you have a link, by any chance? EDIT : Nevermind, FFMPEG is back on track ^^ I'm downloading it asap.
  11. Alright, I tried to get some "avi to roq" converters, but I can't really guess which one is the right one. I found a tutorial that linked to "Quake Video Maker", but it looks quite old. What should I use, in your opinion?
  12. Damn, that could really be a problem... x) Well, I don't really mind the stretching, as long as it doesn't crop it, or it's not too shocking. But if I have to make 4 or 5 videos with different display settings for each cutscene, the mission folder will get really heavy... I'll give it a try. Thanks! I may come back to you, since it's the first time I use GUI and materials...
  13. A small question for you people! My first level is now fully playable, and I'm starting to make some cutscenes using the .roq files technique. The problem is that I don't know if the screen display settings can change the way the player sees them. For instance : let's say I make some 16:9 videos, then I put them as materials on the in-game GUI. If a player plays the game in 4:3 display, will the videos be croped? Or, if he plays with some very dark luminosity settings, will the videos be darkened too? These might be some noob questions, but I heard that they have been problems with the s
  14. Well, since this is a wishlist... I wish we could play videos during missions, just like we can play videos in briefings and de-breifings...! I know there are already 3D engine cutscenes, but I'm more of a 2D animator, so allowing us to play in-game videos would be really great. I'd love to play old fashionned 2D cutscenes to illustrate important events, without having to end the mission every time. Do you think this would be possible in the future?
  15. Hey there, it's me again. I have a small issue right now : there is a fight scene between two AIs in the background of my level, that is supposed to be "normal" (like a training fight, for instance). The problem is that my guards keep getting distracted by it, since it makes a lot of noise. I don't want them to care about the fight, I want them to care about the player only. Is there a way to do this? EDIT : in the end, I just used the team system again x) It probably isn't the best way, but it works better now.
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