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  1. I really apologize for the very late reply. I've been kind of turned off gaming in general for my last semester, blaa blaa blaa. To summarize current Dark Mod situation: crashes have significantly died down, but still occur every now and again. Performing a memory test as you suggested turned up nothing significant.
  2. Yep. That's why I found it weird. If this helps the problem: I just had a CTD after pressing the quicksave button. When I attempted to load that quicksave, an in-game window pops up saying: "GAME ERROR" 10Restore game:Initializecache: bad cache offset (1932489580)
  3. Attempting to create a dump file results in another dialogue box popping up saying that I am not authorized. Which is odd. I also saw that it'd be possible to establish priority. Would that make a difference?
  4. After following every step, I have seen massive improvements, but still suffering the notorious CTD. Tears of St. Lucia had a massive improvement in frame rate, but a crash did occur late through my run-through of that. I then tested Requiem, much slower frame rate and two CTD within 40-ish minutes of gameplay. I expected as much with THAT mission, it's just one long light show. This IS a major improvement, though. A guard carrying a torch or the crazier enemies in Requiem no longer sends me into desperate prayer. EDIT: Vram is about 1.6gb from what I dug up. I still altered the image_downside just to be safe.
  5. And Lux, I have tested with older versions of the driver, and found this consistent problem continued.
  6. Just tried the beta, framerate and crash to desktop in both Builder Roads and Requiem. You had mentioned in the beta thread that I could edit image_downside options? How do I go about doing that? Once the issues fixed, I might revert back to 2.02, but I'd still like to contribute to the beta test while I can.
  7. Graphics card: Intel ® HD Graphics 4600 Driver info: Hope this helps
  8. Hey guys, I've read the FAQ and searched this forum multiple times, was hoping for help with issues related to frequent crashes. I can download and run missions perfectly fine, except for occasional frame rate stuttering. The main problem I'm facing is frequent crashes to desktop. They mostly happen when either myself or enemy AI are moving around. The most frequent crashes have occured during my playthrough of Requiem, but I have suffered crashes-to-desktop in almost every mission I've played. Specs:
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