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  1. Ehm, even if I dmap before mapping, the cube does not disappear. And I have no way to solve this unless I take out each and every entity and recompile the map How do I search for "func_static_31", for instance? It tells me there is a leak there
  2. Thank you very much, all of this is very useful. Another funny question: there is a mysterious black cube in my Room n.1, close to where I spawn. What could be the reason for its presence, and how can I remove it?
  3. Hi, since I am trying my hand at DarkRadiant again, I have started a thread here for questions. My first is: when I have created a room, how can I play it in the game? I would like to look at the map from the inside. It has a player start, and the skybox has no leaks so it should work
  4. So, I went *all the way* through the and then I still can't open it? The lever just fizzles as if I had done nothing. What should I add, elbow grease?
  5. Question: [spoiler] You find a combination, and there is a desk. Where is the desk with the hidden combo lock, though? [/spoiler]
  6. How do you... enter the house? I explored stuff, found the merchant's secret stash, and a Silver Key too, but it doesn't help me
  7. Sorry that Grayman passed away. He was a great contributor to the community and a great mapper. In The North was awesome, and so were the subsequent missions. Once this is out of the way, IMO this mission falls partially into the category "by veterans, for veterans". I have already mentioned the tendency of "puzzle creep" in The Dark Mod missions throughout the years. How did you find all 3 poems? I had to go and read here to find out. The manor is sprawling, there is no map, and there are guards to avoid. The phantom warriors were so hard, via the console I spawned a dozen mines and threw them in their way: problem solved; all the while, saying the motto of the Mandalorian, "This is the Way", while blowing up countless skellies. P.s. The map was still awesome, with good variety in design and environments; the manor was also well thought-out, no drops in performance. P.p.s. Frobbing the prison key from the guy was impossible, I had to knock him out P.p.p.s Once you have sabotaged the machine and gotten back to the lava room, how do you get out? Another guide-dang-it moment
  8. I have returned to TheDarkMod after a few years (I played it a lot around 2015-16, even tried making a map, it did not go anywhere so I donated those few assets). The missions are great. In this one in particular, the navigation is awesome. The city is very good. I have noticed a trend though: the puzzles are more complicated; a lever may open something *somewhere*. Do you think that large TDM missions are suffering from "puzzle creep", that the veteran and in-community players do not notice? [/spoiler] So you have to go *all the way back* to use the crystal key on the teleporter thingy? And I don't know how to deal with the burning crystals either. I ended up killing nearly all enemies in the mages' place, with sword and holy water, because, yeah, I need to figure things out and I can't be bothered to stealth from one place to another anymore, lol. I will try checking the readables and environment with a bit more patience and see. [spoiler] The old format for spoiler tags does not work, not does changing the '/'. Wow, what a way to advertise "I am dumb" XD IMO the best way is to place gradual spoilers in the forum thread. I know it's a bit of a burden on the authors but answering 20 questions disjointly from different users is one as well.
  9. Ok, thanks to all, it was simpler than I thought, I have found the visportal didn't make contact properly with the door
  10. Hello!, I have a question regarding visportals: I have set up a visportal near a door. Whenever I look at the door, even if the door is closed, it is always marked by the Green line (open visportal). What is the reason for it? (I might post a screenshot soon)
  11. Hello, I have a City Watch Station that is almost complete, with 3 floors and visportals and Npcs and lights and all. Unfortunately, I will never manage to complete that mission in a reasonable amount of time. Should I post it here, or should I send a PM in the other sticky thread that contains the abandoned works?
  12. I have encountered this problem, too. I have 2 guards that get stuck in a sit down/ sit up cycle after having been alerted, and sometimes they slide back. (It doesn't happen in every case, though). What could I do to solve this problem? (Insert a path_wait, insert a path_anim, use no monsterclip on the seat, etc.)
  13. Thanks for the answers, I will use decals for signs, as well as for unimportant notes that are not meant to be frobable.
  14. Hello, I am back with another mapping question: I made some readables, but I want some of them not to be frobable (for instance, on a bulletin board, the player should be able to read 2 of them, not all 10). How do I accomplish this? (I tried using 'frobable 0' but that makes the readable blank)
  15. In my opinion, there are several things that could improve the Mod, but the first 2 that come to my mind are: 1. Subtitles. A good part of the custom conversations the mappers add is lost, because you can't hear them well enough unless you turn the volume very high (and even then, steps/noises may interfere). It would be a great storytelling tool for mappers, that until now have to rely mainly on readables. 2. Multiplayer. A new game mode adds variety. We have already a lot of maps, it would be very fun to play them as a team of 2/3 players; it could also draw more people into the game.
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