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  1. Ok, thanks to all, it was simpler than I thought, I have found the visportal didn't make contact properly with the door
  2. Hello!, I have a question regarding visportals: I have set up a visportal near a door. Whenever I look at the door, even if the door is closed, it is always marked by the Green line (open visportal). What is the reason for it? (I might post a screenshot soon)
  3. Hello, I have a City Watch Station that is almost complete, with 3 floors and visportals and Npcs and lights and all. Unfortunately, I will never manage to complete that mission in a reasonable amount of time. Should I post it here, or should I send a PM in the other sticky thread that contains the abandoned works?
  4. I have encountered this problem, too. I have 2 guards that get stuck in a sit down/ sit up cycle after having been alerted, and sometimes they slide back. (It doesn't happen in every case, though). What could I do to solve this problem? (Insert a path_wait, insert a path_anim, use no monsterclip on the seat, etc.)
  5. Thanks for the answers, I will use decals for signs, as well as for unimportant notes that are not meant to be frobable.
  6. Hello, I am back with another mapping question: I made some readables, but I want some of them not to be frobable (for instance, on a bulletin board, the player should be able to read 2 of them, not all 10). How do I accomplish this? (I tried using 'frobable 0' but that makes the readable blank)
  7. In my opinion, there are several things that could improve the Mod, but the first 2 that come to my mind are: 1. Subtitles. A good part of the custom conversations the mappers add is lost, because you can't hear them well enough unless you turn the volume very high (and even then, steps/noises may interfere). It would be a great storytelling tool for mappers, that until now have to rely mainly on readables. 2. Multiplayer. A new game mode adds variety. We have already a lot of maps, it would be very fun to play them as a team of 2/3 players; it could also draw more people into the game.
  8. Nevermind, I solved by myself the sitting problem: Corner -> Turn -> Sit with a sit_down_angle. Instead, I wanted to ask: How can I create the effect of a light beam from a window? (I have in mind the beams in Sotha's TP6, on the wooden stairs of the manor's towers; I tried to get a look at them in the map, but they are func_statics)
  9. Hi!, I am a beginner mapper and I have 2 questions that are appropriate for this thread: I have problems with: 1. Sitting angles of AIs (I am able to make them sit, but how can I make them sit in the direction I want? I tried what was told in the Wiki, but setting a "sit_down_angle ..." on the "path_sit" doesn't seem to work. Does it interfere with the orientation of the "path_sit"?) 2. An Ai with a path such as: corner1 - sit1 - corner2 - corner3 - corner1 sits down in corner3 with no apparent reason.
  10. Hello to all!, I was wondering about making a mission in a place other than Bridgeport. the states we know about are: - the Empire, of which Bridgeport is a part of; we can assume the architecture in such places is more or less the same (Braeden, etc.) - Menoa, mentioned by the Wiki. It is a rival country, West of Bridgeport. The Builder church is there too, so it should be more or less European... Perhaps, where Bridgeport is "Provence", Menoa is "Spain"? What did the creators think when they invented such a country? About different regions, such as the Moor countries (that would be our "North Africa / Middle East")... we don't have specific assets for that, and we do not know properly the architecture of those countries; a mission in the Middle East would probably resort to copying from the 1st Assassin'sCreed XD
  11. Yes, I am curious about those 2 questions, too. @Araneidae: I didn't understand how the security system worked, so I jumped in quickly, grabbed the goblet, and used a health potion to heal the damage.
  12. I appreciate the idea, I am quite a fan of DeusEx:HumanRevolution! "Can DeusExHR recreate itself in TDM? My answer is, I don't know." And I think it would be too difficult, like a total reconversion. Anyway, I wouldn't mind some new assets and variety. What about a bowcaster? The projectiles deal more damage than the bow's and travel in an almost straight line, but it takes more time to charge, and it has the same range...
  13. Thievery is very old. The Dark Mod could be so much better (graphics, ambience, AI, etc.). The problem is: I don't know if/when anyone will pick up the multiplayer files, unfortunately while I know something about coding and C I don't know C++ (yet). Anyway, do not dismiss a new idea just because it has not been done before. Guards vs Thieves, or even Coop, it could be a nice change of pace and absolutely fun! I wonder how one player could see another one though: now we don't even have a working&moving player model, as you can see in the mirrors; perhaps the Doom multiplayer code implements it. The AI has a gradual recognition system regarding the player... Perhaps, 0 lightgem = invisible, 0.05 lightgem=barely lit model, etc...
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