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  1. Is there an estimate on when we hit storefront? I've talked to like five people who are basically waiting on as much before they'll download.
  2. I decided to test whether this was true or not, and needless to say on shadow difficulty I stretched it to it's limit. That said, I can safely say on Break-In this is absolutely true. It's really rare that I have to cover a mission twice in video to showcase it fully, but your mission ends up doing that, so it shares honors with Splinter Cell Chaos Theory in that regard. I think you're really on to something by nerfing the light index, I feel like this would make an amazing handicapper option in The Dark Mod itself right under hearing and vision settings. It brings to mind suit only runs in Hitman, or the tuxedo in Metal Gear Solid 3 and 4. A really solid challenge run scenario to force the player into trying new things they're not used to.
  3. Oh yeah, Conviction could be bent, but you could really, really tell they didn't intend the game to be played that way, it fights you the entire time. TDM and Chaos Theory on the flip side clearly invoke minimalism over speed, I've noticed. Conviction has the most enjoyable speedrun scene, as well as Blacklist, but that's not really the mentality behind CT or Thief.
  4. That's Chaos Theory, not Conviction. Careful, the series fans will pull hair over that distinction. Agreed, I feel like acknowledgement of actions will always be better than restriction for most folks, though every once in a while the hardcore players will enjoy something catered to them.
  5. I am not going to say why or how my brain is filled with garbage, but the answer is yes. I am ashamed to admit I still remember bizarre details from the Star Wars universe that are of complete and utter pointlessness, as well as names of caricatures from old stealth games from 2002, so the answer is an absolute yes.
  6. Awesome, any contrasts you feel are really interesting, impressive or worth noting? Like I said, I absolutely love the difference between Penny Dreadful 2's sheer vertical claustrophobia, a city overgrown of itself next to A Reputation to Uphold, a wide open if at times tightened area with elaborate if awkward stone-work and areas wide enough for horses to use throughout, along with at least a courtyard big enough to house an old, massive tree.
  7. Over my time playing missions I've realized many artists seem to have a different interpretation of Bridgeport. Sotha seems to include a mixture of wider, open areas along with more focused alleyways in equal part. Probably the most varied collection of showcases I've seen. Melan seems to exhibit the most claustrophobic missions in the city I've ever seen, leading to some of the most mantle-centric gameplay you can find in the setting. Springheel seems to have found an odd balance, with the odd alleyway oftentimes surrounded by very large, open areas. This isn't a complaint so much as an observation, I love that I've seen ghettos, apartment complexes, city centers and the like all shown to be in a massive overgrowth of Gothic nature. What I'm largely wondering is whether you guys think there should be a sense of contextualization.
  8. I leave mixing things up for ironman runs, not the perfection I know only I currently provide at the moment. I would be covering God Hand were it not for Mike Kob doing it already, so to speak, the moment I am replaced I will probably start "casually experimenting", more or less, in the Dark Mod rather than approaching it in the almost scientific method mindset I do now.
  9. So, as the guy who actually posited the question, I actually know exactly what my personal experience and problem was. I haven't had to throw anything in ages due to my playstyle. This would be easily fixed by a refresher, you see Portal and Half Life remind you of mechanics every 15-30 minutes or so, and due to the Dark Mod's nature this is not the case. Other folks more privy to using thrown objects probably will not have the same issue I have, but they may also have it worse, I wouldn't know. My playstyle is indicative of a very niche audience, not of a very large one.
  10. The question you need to ask is what difficulty you want for your mission, and how to contextualize it. Player preference, in my opinion, should not hold as much sway as people assume due to the sheer quantity of levels released by this point; there are easy and hard missions in large amounts, make your mission.
  11. I can understand, the only comedian of this type I don't just sort of like but love is Eric Andre.. And specifically for the reason you stated, he messes with celebrities who are effectively clueless as to what awaits them.
  12. http://store.steampowered.com/app/9480/ https://www.gog.com/game/saints_row_2 Free Saints Row 2 on Steam & GOG, grab it while you can.
  13. I get your point, but what you kind of want to keep in mind is that there is a difference between shock humor that crosses a line to make points, however vulgar (see; any given particularly good episode of South Park) and something that just goes for shock value for the sake of being shock offensive (see; the Nutshack, Brickleberry, anything Family Guy post season 2, any given bad episode of South Park), something I think people are keen to ignore. I think it's just a preference, personally, you can see a really strong, clear divide in love for shows like Eric Andre to give an example. Either you really enjoy this sort of thing, or you really hate it. Personally I try to be varied, I enjoy Eric Andre, Filthy Frank, Three Stooges, Looney Toons, Jackie Chan and any given Wes Anderson movie. That said I absolutely loathe Kevin Hart movies and any given later Adam Sandler movie (if there is a single human who will defend the merits of Jack and Jill I'd love to talk to them), in particular stuff like Pixels where you can tell he just does not give a damn.
  14. I'm not a fan of surrealism outside of a few cases, but he does some actually well aimed coverage of commonly known issues involving weirder, more unimportant issues one can tackle in a comic manner. (see also; his coverage of people pushing their mixtapes/rap albums thinking they'll explode in popularity) He also, odd as it may sound, has an oddly convoluted ongoing mystery series weaved into his channel. This is coming from a guy who doesn't actually subscribe to him or watch most of his videos, but I can see the merits. The man is popular for a reason. Also, I'm told by people who have something resembling taste in music that he "knows what he's doing", whatever that means, but music is something I have no real ability to comment on so take that with a pound of salt.
  15. Like Sotha, Dragofer and Baal you've entered into a very select group of map authors who will be covered by me the moment they make something. I look forward to breaking through any more levels you make if and when the time comes again, Springheel.
  16. I might do break-in later. Can safely say I love this mission, regardless of how the difficulty modes were handled. I opted to play on shadow difficulty, the easiest, since it best allows me to showcase the mission, the dialogue and the loot locations. I'll probably cover break-in in the future, but doing a no knockout, stealth score 0 run won't be doable while grabbing all the loot. I love this mission to death thanks to the atmosphere, detail and amazing script, but I feel like the experimental nature of the difficulty modes aren't what I'd call a success. I think if we made break-in's nerfed light index a unique difficulty modifier in the options menu the player can simply enable instead of a difficulty mode built into a level it would be far better. As it stands I'd prefer that with a straight difficulty bump far more.
  17. A solid, 2 hour long critique of Call of Duty's single player and how it came to essentially betray and undo it's own messages.
  18. Oh just hold it down. Noted, it has been straight up ages since I've had to actually toss something.
  19. Is there a way to do this and I'm just stupid or is it impossible? Edit: unrelated, but worth mention is that a flashbomb will add a suspicion to your score per NPC able to hear the trigger effect where a noise-maker arrow will add none.
  20. So, before I can cover this mission I need help, it seems the optional objective is utterly unwilling to trigger. Edit: solved, had names mixed up.
  21. V-Man339


    To be clear we all agree slavery is bad in the present, unless we're talking about in a manner that includes a more fetishistic connotation... At least that's what I assume.
  22. This is actually the most requested Dark Mod mission I've ever covered, and I can see why. Definitely one of my favorite levels thus far, to say the least. Where is the soundtrack for the intro movie from? Swear I've heard somewhere before, possibly Half Life 2?
  23. Edit: Videos published, and removed from thread
  24. Edit: Videos published, and removed from thread
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