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  1. Really liked the intro and exit through the rooftops. No points to anyone predicting this video was coming up.
  2. I'm tempted to make a joke about how this illuminates on why your maps are unique, so I will. I have to say that your maps are the only ones that challenge me, Sotha, but in this case I'd say that there almost wasn't enough boats, and your islands were far too small with far too many noise traps in that ocean of light. Damned solid concept, though, and I love the optional objective. I'm actually still curious if you actually expected anybody to bother doing what I did, though.
  3. Naked runs aren't going to be the mentality of a lot of map makers, just as it wasn't with the old Thief 1 and 2 levels, something I think I'm getting increasingly understanding of. That said I'm still curious as to whether Sotha actually expected anybody to do a no knockout run of this level with stealth score 0. The church honestly struck me with it's guard placement, puzzle placement and rescue objective as something I was supposed to knock everyone out while I navigated, not something he expected to be ghosted. Was that safe spot in the treasury intentional, Sotha? And if so, what about the rescue with only one KO? I'm generally questioning how much of what I did was even within your expectations of feasibility because of just how difficult this level was to do a solid run of.
  4. I feel like expecting players to get all loot is fairly inevitable, but expecting them to do so through necessarily psychic means is a bit much. This is one of those subjects where I feel every mapper needs to decide on their own, and I don't think my philosophy is going to match up with Sotha's in the least. I think it should be theoretically possible to get every piece of loot without knocking people out or being psychic, but this is very easily something that many mappers won't agree with in the least. If I made a level I would make it barely possible to do so, but it would still be within the realm of feasibility. I believe Sotha attracts me to his maps since by the simple virtue of making a coherent world first and foremost the onus is on me to find out how to translate that within my own insanely strict parameters. This is something people will enjoy the Dark Mod for, as it isn't something they'll get from mainstream or even niche indie games.
  5. I can't really see anyone ever doing well on this map while iron Thiefing it, to say the very least. I think in particular that piece of loot on the woman visiting is especially cheap. Unless somebody finds a way to pick pocket that walking guard outside, or saves him for later, they still will only have 1 water arrow margin for error until they make it downstairs on the highest difficulty. This means that to maintain all loot, 0 KO, perfect stealth a player needs to be effectively have precognition or insanely high degrees of luck. The water arrow margin here is insanely tight considering what is expected. Definitely one of the hardest maps I've ever done, and not just because of a logistics puzzle. Tight fit after tight fit, with the only solid waiting periods being the church where I'm pretty sure Sotha expected people to just knock everybody out.
  6. Fitting user titles when? I wouldn't mind seeing him earn the title "master mantler" on the forums.
  7. As someone with only a passing interest in helping with his voice and testing at most, this is rather disturbing. These numbers, though what little they show being diamonds in the rough, are much too small for my comfort.
  8. HOLY SHIT my favorite game director told me my video of his game was viewtiful on twitter! Better than any stats screen or rating.
  9. Okay, I have to admit, this is actually something I'd like to see, albeit as an option in the menus. "What style of fast" is something you never see these days. Yeah, I'll be the first to say I absolutely adore "basic" stealth, but I don't mind in the least when a well balanced level requires the player to use a tool either found or brought into the level to get a particularly difficult piece of loot.
  10. The inevitable video. Absolutely top notch atmosphere
  11. Personally I'm just going to showcase how I actually test the results in my videos. After finishing a level, I'll showcase the point just before bust, finishing through console commands (notarget + noclip + manual effort), and then showcasing what happens after doing the bust and finishing the levels (what the stealth score post bust is), and then doing math for the viewer's convenience. After all this I'll put a title card that says "freeware with less bugs than a Bethesda gameā„¢, Dark Mod!" I don't know, I'll showcase it as lightheartedly as possible.
  12. I think I just now realized that half the potions from Thief are missing... Forgive me if this has been discussed before.
  13. A rather esoteric request, but one I'd love to see all the same. An assassination mission where the only truly discreet way to gain an opening on the target and kill him without affecting stealth score or having a body found is to taint his food/drink with laxative, and then shoot a fire arrow up the toilet while he's using/sitting on it. I am quite the mature person, you see, and doing this would most certainly not fit any sense of humor I have. (Disclaimer: the above sentence is pure fiction.)
  14. As I've found out the fun way we don't have statistics universally mastered yet, so the idea of adding a ranking system derived from that seems out of the question at this stage. As of yet I'm getting required busts on something like stealth score, rendering this fairly impossible. I'm a sucker for this sort of thing, to be blunt, and I love it in things like Hitman, Death to Spies and plenty of action-oriented games like Metal Gear Rising, Viewtiful Joe and others, but the Dark Mod is already all encompassing enough with the stats screen and is too different in design philosophy from level to level to make this kind of idea work. It's not common at all to see levels where killing or knocking out is all but required for a single piece of loot, rendering all loot and ghost runs mutually exclusive. This means you'd either end up rendering levels impossible to "perfect" rank, or make a best rating too lax for people to truly care. This is ignoring that the harder "perfect" rank would subtley change the design decisions of map creators to fit that design philosophy, which is rather against the point of the Dark Mod, don't you think? I love these systems, like I said, but it doesn't really fit here, and the stats screen (when we get it working perfectly) will do it's job just fine, in my opinion.
  15. This is, for the most part, one of the major things I use rope arrows for that isn't reaching places I'm usually not able to.
  16. I think two things you're all ignoring is that the obvious thing to remember is aside from an obvious tag system, certain players are far more privy to find difficulty where others might not. I know missions many would find easy I didn't simply because I abstain from items unless I absolutely need to use them. Sotha's missions, as a result, are among the hardest I've ever played as a direct result of this. Aside from this? I can safely say a direct factor in how easy it is to do an all loot run is just how privy the AI is to changes in the environment, such as missing loot or opened doors (both of which made Tears of St. Lucia much harder than it might be otherwise), not to mention optional objectives only for people who want a challenge.
  17. Always assume so, in my experience. Half the beauty of stealth is that the AI actually is that complicated and manipulable.
  18. My usual work, as I'm sure you expected, Sotha. Definitely a lovely mission, although I had some issues with guards getting caught on doors. You certainly I can't say I liked the inevitable retcon over my performance in the last mission, so I suppose having a different idea of the continuity in my head will just have to sate me. Hope you find it befitting of your level.
  19. So I can safely say there's some kind of issue with regards to scripted killing of npc's through plot and script usage. I played Thomas Porter 2 and the moment I picked up the jewel the two dead zombies spawn in and end up just showing up as corpses. This is fine on it's own, but it claims I did 4 damage to something. As well, on Thomas Porter 3, after dipping an orb in some acid every zombie and undead is meant to die, which they do, but in the process add 4 to the stealth score or so (which I imagine is through the one remaining undead, but I'm not exactly clear on it.) Definitely something I would find solution to since this feels a tad odd with regards to stats tracking. The player is unfairly punished for optional objectives in these cases.
  20. After testing, I can safely say And ends up randomly raising stealth score by a solid chunk for whatever reason. It might be the but honestly your idea about why is as good as mine, just hoping that if possible I can avoid emphasizing why the score is a practical 0 in the inevitable video.
  21. Agreed. If I'm required to be caught, I'd like to know what my score is without having to geuss how much of the stealth score is that and how much isn't.
  22. I can't find any of the notes people are talking about. Mind spelling these out for me? I'm not as big a fan of randomization as other folks, mind, so I have to ask if these locations change as well as the major component of the level.
  23. After playing Thomas Porter: The Transaction I think, just in case of mandatory combat, there should be some way to flag an npc as not being able to raise your stealth score despite combative behavior.
  24. Missions like this make me think we should have some sort of setting to specify npc's for whom mission statistics in some regard should or should not count. While I love the concept, I don't feel the mission statistics should be immediately booted up to 11 for me over a single required encounter. This is after extensive testing, mind, using the console. I don't hate the mission, nor do I hate what you did, I just dislike that the system isn't built for this kind of concept. Aside from that I think my only issue is that the guard's hearing isn't adjusted around the thunderstorm that deafens you. By all accounts I feel like anyone in a thunderstorm or a room with loud machinery should be less sensitive to noise.
  25. I hope this one does your level justice, you really Definitely my standard for "basic manor looting" from now on.
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