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  1. If we ever have any kind of stamina, inventory or limitation on space it should be on items & ammunition, not loot.


    Loot, as a collectable, shouldn't have a limitation for space.

    Items, as something that the player inherently expects to be expendable (or perhaps even something to ignore altogether) having an inherent con to equipping means there would be extra tactical logistics and player choice to make.


    Loot? Adding weight to loot means the game either becomes tedious or the player becomes uninterested in completing the game as recommended.

  2. I know this may seem antiquated but the bindings for look up and down are very useful in conjunction with look left and right (which we already have) and while routing on a laptop I had to find out the hard way we didn't have those.


    We might want to have those, guys, otherwise just having look left and right in the options menu is kind of silly. Up and down look keys are incredibly useful for keyboard only setups.

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  3. Lots of bug reports incoming.




    As of updating to 2.06 I'm having an issue with this staircase.


    I've turned soft shadows and multi-core enhancement off, neither seems to fix the problem.

    South east corner of the map.


    3l6olez.jpg.South entrance staircase.





    I can't seem to frob this loot whatsoever, which confused me up until I realized there is a literal wall placed over it preventing me from even physically nudging it.




    As for the mission I fucking loved it.

  4. The new version is coming along steadily but slowly as real life obligations are soaking up a lot of my time. Its turned into quite a project. Its the same mission, but with revised architecture, all new vocals, and quite a few new areas to explore. ;) The next mission is still the primary focus. Here are a few in progress shots of volta v2:

    I'll be putting off a video of the mission if this is still incoming.

    Care for balance critique?



    Assuming you don't change any lighting or sound conditions too much the mission is damned near perfect.

    Only thing I would change is that you give the player the ability to almost reasonably finish the mission with all loot through found water, rope and moss arrows, but you give the player one or two two many rope arrows and one too few water.

    This is working under the assumption that the one water arrow and three rope I found are the only available aside from the one moss I found.



    Absolutely in love with the mission, did an absolute 0 stealth score full loot run for future routing before I noticed you would be uploading an updated version and I can't say I regret it in the least.

  5. Small robots that move across the floor to emulate laser tripwires?


    Possible use of gold or bright string to showcase more visibly?

    (Possible lore reason: only that material is tensile yet stretchable enough to provide for good cord?)


    Note for future mappers and the idea room: imagine this, but slower and more steampunk.


    High potential to enforce moss arrow usage through this.

    Very high possibility to add depth by making it something you can disable but don't necessarily have to.

  6. I have an incredibly strange, easy to reproduce and specific bug in Volta and the Stone.

    Not where I can record it, but can later.


    When you are in the tower, next to the fire arrows mantle onto the plate holding them.

    You'll see a bright white shadow rendering in the window opposite the door, mimicking the player's movements.


    Edit: It just occurred to me that I haven't updated in a while, let me verify this is still relevant.


    Edit edit: It is not still relevant.

    As of updating this is no longer an issue.

    Feel free to delete this post.

  7. The video perfectly demonstrates the absurdity of the concept of boss monsters or bullet sponges. The player repeatedly sinks his combat knife's blade into the neck of the boss. The boss monster does not get weaker, change behaviour, show any sign of reaction to what is expected to be an instantly lethal wound.

    It's like an unintended scene from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail".


    Surely you could make TDM AI almost invincible and modify alertness handling so it calms back to "business as usual" level after a ridiculously small amount of time. But the real question is: Why?

    Oh yeah, it sucks, but I'm curious because if we pulled it off it could easily lead into more adaptive forms of boss AI.

  8. I've stumbled upon this video:


    And think it apples to the TDM world but it would require an organized (short) synopsis of different missions and glossary of names, too. I'm not sure if there is a list of mission types (horror, mansion, etc.) but it could describe this aspect as well.

    A good place to start would be a bigger and more detailed map of universe than this, especially as we have moors now.


    and if you think it should be as vague as it is - it still can if a scale of new places will be marked as a "point" with a number, the distance between Bridgeport and Braeden could be crammed with dozens of new locations.


    I think it just will be more impactful for imagination, and there is still a place for a new solitary location that no one have stumbled yet (just think Morrowind map - as tangible as it is, and you can travel tenth time between two cities and discover a new tomb). You could even make a really blurred map of a whole world with dot-like links to images or texts, just like google maps. Or make a few world maps contradicting each other, and make a dispute about accuracy of places and events an ingame subject of controversy.

    This video works just as well.

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