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  1. I've managed to perfectly run the mission, relighting as many of the knocked out lights as I reasonably could. Amazing mission, Fidcal, it's easily the most well balanced of it's scale I've played thus far.
  2. I mean whatever the player wants the setting altered to. Really, anything that helps a player understand just how much they've tipped AI off is helpful as an option to include. Right now every time I make a video for a mission I end up having to either Finish the level using noclip, notarget and tdm_show_lootUse tdm_ai_showalert 1 just to test strategies being feasible or not.An option for notifying the player of a goal they've set themselves isn't unreasonable so long as the user is in charge of setting the parameters themselves. I would know, I've done more than a few missions without level 1 alerts and have the video evidence to back it up. To be clear, I don't particularly mean this as an objective written in the screen on interface so much as a hard notifier of some kind in the background, game overs being an optional addition. Really as a concept this is purely for perfectionist nutjobs like myself, a game over on alert of player choice isn't something I'm opposed to so long as the player actively chooses to make it that hard for themselves (With a warning that this isn't the intended play method and a disclaimer that this flat out breaks some missions, like The Transaction), because it would help a lot compared to finding out the hard way in the results screen for a lot of people. This is largely I'd imagine a feature to make replaying levels more interesting to the majority of people. Needless to say no such modifier needs to be added for knockouts or kills since the player doesn't "accidentally" knock people out in The Dark Mod.
  3. Agreed on all of it, 100%. This should be right next to visual and audio sensitivity if implemented.
  4. In Heart of Lone Salvation there's an optional objective that only fails if you trigger a level 1 alert, from what I can tell. Is there a possibility to make this a permanent option of some kind? It would be incredibly helpful for trial and error perfectionists like me.
  5. May this be of use to you if you need it.
  6. There is no doubt, moss arrows aren't doing their job now due to seriously nerfed movement speed due to the new physics. The video is to demonstate that I would rather creep on tile than move on moss now due to the unpredictably slow move physics. It would seem to be that I'm having to manually mount over every moss mound as though it were a physical object, creating a heavy traction where there previously was none. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vAwQjw-Bho
  7. That's TD4: The Alchemist being run on the beta. The audio is me playing that while watching a Youtube video on the other monitor.
  8. I can't use an integral quest item in TD4: Alchemist Upon rebooting the mission I had 00:00:00 time and -1 saves. This doesn't seem as important as any of the other issues I've run into, but I still feel as though it's worth mention and am wondering if you'd like the save for that as well? Edit: This was a problem unique to the level, apparently holy healing potions need for you to have taken damage to use in TD4: Alchemist.
  9. Wondering what the intended means to Will be posting the bug in the beta thread. There's also a large "boop" noise when I break glass. Lastly, are there any bonus objectives?
  10. If we're posting winter themed videos I might as well toss out my best snow-themed gameplay.
  11. Another perfect notch added to the belt. The inclusion of a decoy to avoid triggering guards is wonderful, I hope I can see more of that at some point in the future.
  12. I'm not entirely sure whether this belongs in the bug section but I've noticed inconsistent behavior with regards to frobbing a particular key, easy sometimes, difficult others. I'm not sure if this is due to beta or not as I haven't played this mission in past versions, but suffice it to say due to the old nature of the mission I don't think it'll be a level specific fix and thus I decided to post it here. I think it may have to do with the opening and closing of the cabinet? https://www.dropbox.com/s/r51gjyyekql96yf/cant%20frob%20key.zip?dl=0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l070Or9iMA8 (ignoring my choice of podcast is once again encouraged)
  13. Try doing a crouched creep, walk and run. I don't think it's as smooth and reliable to jolt past people anymore. As well, I think the moss has been nerfed a bit, enemies now look towards me when dropping a lot more easily than before if I drop from rafters onto the ground.
  14. I feel like moss is worse to step on, lots of little bumps and it feels like I'm almost getting caught on some. Not sure if this has been altered in some way, but I can tell the soft shadows are amazing by comparison to the old ones.
  15. I feel exceptionally dumb now, ran update program and forgot to check if I was in beta for next version. How do I go about installing the beta? Edit: nevermind, read original post Apologies for the error and wasted time.
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpBbn2No5_I Video of a record from mission restart, options included, this happens reliably. Don't mind my taste in podcast, please.
  17. You can just noclip, notarget over to the desk in the library. The thumbnail displays, with tdm_show_loot, which item is not frobbable. If you aren't able to replicate I can record a video, if that would help.
  18. After testing I can confirm it's particular items, always. Have started PD2 and both of the known issue cases are still non-frobbable.
  19. No, they're usually just sitting on a desk, sometimes they'll sit on a shelf that's part of level geometry. It is consistent which loot in which missions aren't frobbable, though, at least on some level. If I start a level and do the same things it ends up replicating the exact non-frobbable items. (See; that piece of loot will always be Edit: I added another save that I hope will help in the process.
  20. http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/18989-increasing-amounts-of-inability-to-frob/ This entire issue, I don't think this has been bugtracked but forgive me if it has. So far I can't seem to frob loot, and only ever loot. Reliably happens to particular items on any given map, new to this version. I don't know how to log a bugtracker, so I'll be leaving that to you guys. A save with this issue on "The Creeps" https://www.dropbox.com/s/tesjnw71mpmn2uh/cant%20frob%20the%20creeps.zip?dl=0 A save with this issue on "Thief's Den 2" https://www.dropbox.com/s/cv7yd0qieb6f2nf/another%20frob%20bug.zip?dl=0 I think this one is Penny Dreadful 2, don't quote me on it, it's an older save. https://www.dropbox.com/s/y5d73parfg5eooy/cannot%20frob.zip?dl=0
  21. Were the vertical parts of the mission added in the re-release later on?
  22. In which a quarter of New York dies to a rogue detective.
  23. Found another on Thief's Den 2: Chalice of Kings by Fidcal Going to have to route around this one for the video if I can. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cv7yd0qieb6f2nf/another%20frob%20bug.zip?dl=0 Hope this brings a solution faster.
  24. I posted this problem in PD2 as thread as well, I can safely say this glitch popping up is keeping me from uploading as much videos as I used to.
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