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  1. Okay, the z-fighting problem solved as well, thank you guys!
  2. Hey everyone, I'm in the process of learning how to use the Dark Radiant editor. I'm creating a "test mission" for myself, I already built my map with all the models, entities, the objectives I set are working perfectly, there is only one thing I can't tackle: Readables. I don't know why, but when I put down a readable prefab on my map, edit it in the Readable Editor, and try to save it, I get the following error: "You have imported an XData definition that is contained in a PK4, which can't be accessed for saving. - Please rename your XData definition, so that it is stored under a different filename." And when I rename my XData name, I get the following error: "Mod path not defined. Using base path." Everything so far is crystal clear with Dark Radiant, but I seriously can't understand this whole thing about xd files, XDatas, and stuff. Can anyone help me with this?
  3. Hey there guys, I'm thinking about getting into TDM, I'm a console guy, so my laptop isn't exactly a top tier machine, here are my specs: -Intel Core i3-7100U, 2400 MHz (24 x 100) -4 GB of RAM (I'm thinking about upgrading it to 8 gigs) -Intel HD Graphics 620 (1 GB) So my question is simple, is this enough to play TDM properly? Or are there resource-heavy missions I should forget? Thanks for the answers in advance!
  4. Hello everybody, I hope I posted this to the right place. I really like The Dark Mod, and I downloaded the Dark Radiant today, so I can create my own missions. However, it's not working. Whenever I want to launch it, it says that the "MSVCR120.dll is missing from the computer, reinstalling the program could solve the problem" (I hope the translation is correct, English isn't my native language). Anyway, I'm using a laptop with the Windows 8.1 operating system.
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