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  1. I have been away from TDM for quite a few months so I'm not sure if I figured this out before but then forgot it. Is it possible to "select all" and download all available FMs with the in-game downloader?
  2. Do you remember the T2 mission? Ah just as I wrote that I remembered, in Precious Cargo (the stowaway mission). Well anyway nice work.
  3. Just finished this. I thought the in-game 'cinematics' were very well done. Good voice acting by whomever that was. The guard patrols were well crafted but the amount of security seemed rather disproportionate to such a modest residence. It seemed like a flat in a wealthy part of a city. I also liked the flashes of originality - the walk-in freezer for example, the unique safe. I think an earlier comment said this was your first map? If so I think you have a lot of potential. I think it could use a little more difficulty on the highest setting. The ghosting requirement is good but maybe spl
  4. I know this is and old topic but... Nice little gem of a mission. I thought the moving lights and the guard patrols were very well synchronized to make for a difficult but not unreasonable challenge. One complaint relating to non interactable lanterns: I cautiously snuck up to the stern and approached the lantern, the sole light source up there, knowing that the patrolling guard was very close to turning around and looking in my direction. It turned out not to be interactable and so I was pretty much dead in the water when the guard approached my position. I don't know if there is a desi
  5. Very tidy. I didn't know about the extra water arrows. By most efficient way I meant for a speed run. I accidentally had the opportunity to try this once and it looked like it would have worked, again assuming the chest can be picked.
  6. Sorry for the late post. This mission was a tough nut to crack on expert without saving. I never found a "clean" solution. The most efficient solution is probably too create a distraction and run away from it, because in some cases you can get every single guard looking for you leaving the loot unattended.
  7. My point was ironmaning has this as an unintended consequence of dying and repeating.
  8. Very well-crafted map. I like smaller maps and I like built-in challenges like the one KO limit. When I started playing TDM I was surprised to find that none of the maps had a ghost or ghost-lite difficulty because I assumed a lot of the seasoned players like to play that way.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions, I will likely try all of them. Ironmaning Sir Talbot's I realized what excellent training it is for a speed run. The more you die the better you memorize how to rapidly get back to where you left off. It becomes almost muscle memory as someone said in another thread.
  10. Funny you mention that, I chose Sir Talbot's Collateral. 2 hours and 10 minutes in I... The FM is excellent. Not sure how I feel about the decision to ironman it. It adds a lot of tension, making some lockpicking spots almost excruciating. But of course it gets frustrating. I had about 6-7 deaths quite early on, usually when I had misjudged the full range of an NPC's path.
  11. I've been averse to quicksaves for a while but I also don't like losing progress. I guess that means I like the risk of failure but not failing. So I would like some recommendations for FMs without many potentially "cheap" spots, or where running and hiding from an alerted guard is not going to snowball into being chased by an angry mob. Oh and a small TDM suggestion, unless I missed it you might add a function to batch select FMs for download in the in-game downloader.
  12. You need the decorated key or ornate key or something like that to open the vault, correct? There was something wrong then. Like I said it was less than one and a half hours, and I did not have the decorated key in my possession. I seem to get all the strange bugs. Off to try the two FMs you mentioned now.
  13. I would consider adding a tip along the lines of "heavy objects can be pushed by standing or crouching against them and pressing forward" to the load screen of St. Lucia. I had learned that in the tutorial but didn't execute it properly when trying the hammer which left me quite stumped. A nudge from the load screen might have inspired me to try it again. Likewise a note about how to carry bodies rather than drag them. I did do the tutorial but I had a crash in the object manipulation part so I may have cut it short. I played all of Tears without knowing how to carry bodies. And I too di
  14. A happy update, I managed to get out of my tight spot by locking Larkin in the other guys room. Hitting the loot limit was very tough and I only just made it after finding the loot stashed behind the tapestry in someone's flat. I must have missed a major loot source somewhere. I did find the sewers but didn't acquire anything there. Anyway I really enjoy the writing and atmosphere in your missions. They have a kind of grittiness I like. I guess my only concrete advice for this one would be to either take out the time limit on shadow difficulty or make it more explicit in the descriptio
  15. I ran up against the time limit in shadow difficulty and have broken the mission for myself. I'm down in the basement and have cleared out every room except the locked room where the fence and his contact were doing business. Now they're coming down to the basement and I can't keep them from the room with the safe which triggers mission failure. I actually have a work around. I was able to beat them to the room and block the door with a bundle. I should be able to no-clip out of there while they keep trying to open the door. But still it's pretty annoying as I had taken the difficulty descri
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