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  1. On another note, how come you need to reboot after uninstalling KB3035583? (the GWX notifications) Its time to party like 1995! I mean, what does it do, hook into the kernel? What is the _logical explanation_ for it requiring a reboot?
  2. On love, there is one friend who means everything to me. This person actually answers when I call and calls me back too. I told her how I feel, but I also told her that it is not a sexual thing. You just never know what kind of shit is going to happen tomorrow, which is why I needed to tell her. (there was a shoot-out not 200 ft from me in August) Sadly though, this friend is literally twice my age. That means I will almost certainly outlive her, which is something I will simply not be willing to deal with when the time comes. I wish that I could subtract 15 years from my life and give them to her. I would do it in a second. I try to talk to her as much as I can without being annoying (two or three times a week). I also made her a necklace with a 3D printer.
  3. If they're already pushing out updates to people (again), who uninstalled them and selected not to display them (before), imagine how fun it will be when you get Windows 10 and you're not allowed to stop the updates.
  4. Here's where it crosses the line into malware territory... as if it wasn't sketchy enough the first time around, when it did not offer you a "no thanks, I do not want W10, please go away and do not show up again" button. Believe it or not, 98% of users are not techie enough to find the specific KB number and then uninstall it and then make sure it stays gone. These users get to deal with a constant nagging at the bottom of their screen that runs in the background, consuming RAM that they can't easily get rid of. I'll say it again: Why isn't there a "No thanks". button that makes this thing go away?
  5. I didn't play it. Not being allowed to jump whenever you like is just insulting to me. "First, they came for the level editing tools, which massively extended the life of a game and allowed fans to expand on the environment. Then they came for the water you can swim in, because "who needs water anyway?". Then they came for the jump button and the rope arrows, because designing levels to prevent the player from going places he's not supposed to go is hard. Next, they will come for the "free look" feature, because designers can force the player to look in a given direction, streamlining development and making the process of cranking out sequels and DLC faster.
  6. Are you running Android? Better watch out for malicious mp3 files (YES MP3 files). What really sucks about this is, if you're lucky to get a patch, they'll just find 4 more exploits. http://betanews.com/2015/10/01/stagefright-2-0-android/

  7. Kinda off-topic, but I got an Android device that was behaving strangely, showing me random ads. I discovered a very cool, easy to use and free graphical firewall for Android called AFWall+. Now all you need is a small Android device with two network ports..... (This thing blocks all outgoing connections unless you explicitly allow it and it logs attempts by programs to connect, so you can see them)
  8. Oh yes, I read about those TVs. That is indeed scary stuff. I would stay away from smart TVs. If you want a "smart TV", get a regular TV and connect one of those ultra-compact computers to it like a Pi or USB-stick PC. Then you can upgrade *that* without upgrading the TV. The scary thing is if smart TVs take off and are widely used... Then they will convert all TVs into smart TVs, and you will need to "activate" it online before you're allowed to watch it. This activation process will allow them to uniquely fingerprint the TV and who is watching it, making it easier to track you.
  9. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/09/28/windows_10_data_collection/ I'm loving this... especially the bits about how these "features" can be switched off in the enterprise versions. I guess the elite deserve choice and privacy, but us peasants do not. MS does not allow people to encrypt a hard drive unless they get the enterprise version either. How is it legal for them to say that they take privacy of end users seriously when they make the product less secure on purpose for end-users? In my opinion, this is false advertising. It would be like me building a car, yanking out the airbags and firewall and advertising that you should choose my car because I'm committed to safety even though I made the product less safe intentionally by removing those things. If you want an airbag, upgrade to the enterprise model!
  10. In one of my favorite Thief FMs (Circle of Strain 2), there is an outside area with some servants. If you step out of the shadows, let them see you and then knock them out, they will continue to run to the flee point and then just drop like rocks in front of the guards there... likewise if you kill them. They will run away and then just drop dead later! I laughed so hard the first time I saw this.. Then of course there's the TDM thing, where if you knock out guards on a bed, they sometimes get stuck in the bed and start twitching around violently. They will occasionally die from this too.
  11. ... But then there was Unreal. It featured absolutely kick-ass sound for the time, at up to 48 KHz with 32 effect channels, on top of the tracker music. It provided echo effects in software and the latency was low as long as you weren't using Windows NT. Literally everyone else mastered the sound problem forever ago. As a Linux fan, it is shameful that this is still a problem for us. By just layering something else on top of the ALSA stack, the best you can hope for is slightly worse performance; (more RAM used and slightly higher latency due to the overhead).
  12. Alsa can do sound mixing just fine. I can listen to music and play TDM with sound, or even a text-to-speech system in the background reading something to me. What it can't do is dynamically swap audio between devices like a sound card and a bluetooth headset while the program is running. Some would argue that such a feature is critical for a modern platform. I would argue that not that many people use Bluetooth headsets compared to traditional ones, and it is more important for the audio to just work in most cases than to give this up to support a somewhat uncommon scenario.
  13. It really is stunning how today's software engineers can't even make low-latency audio come out of 3+ GHZ multi-core computers with gigabytes of RAM. This is especially so, when we played Quake on machines at ~100 MHz without this problem. This is not the fault of TDM, its PulseAudio. My solution to this is to uninstall it wherever and whenever I find it. I use vanilla ALSA and it just works 99.99 % of the time. It can do software mixing, and record audio... I do not understand why PulseAudio is still suffering from these problems. It isn't the job of everybody who ever wrote an audio playing app to modify it to be compliant with PulseAudio, especially when PA claims to be a drop-in alternative to ALSA.
  14. How to screw yourself over on a Linux machine: 1. deactivate logins as root, to set it back the way it shipped. 2. Forget to add yourself as a sudo'er first! 3. Profit, or (more likely) install a backup.

    1. OrbWeaver


      You don't need to re-install. Just boot off a Live image and edit your sudoers from there.

  15. As a general rule, I like NVidia products. Today though, I needed to work around an artificial limitation where they block you from assigning a graphics card to a VM. In honor of that, I share this. Hey, it could be worse. I would be really pissed if I got one of those over-priced Intel chips where virtualization stuff is artificially hobbled to make you pay for an EVEN MORE expensive model.
  16. I got PCI-e pass-through to work in a VM. This means gaming in a VM at native speed. It means I can run Linux and Windows on the machine together and they each get a dedicated video card.

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    2. kano


      I'm using Qemu on Linux to host. It uses the KVM (kernel virtual machine), to map the hardware. In addition to the graphics card, I mapped through a USB hub and optical drive. You can literally plug two keyboards/mice and monitors into it and host a tournament on one machine.

    3. kano


      I use a hardware KVM switch to switch sides. A single button press toggles between Windows and Linux on one keyboard/mouse/monitor. The machine is 6-core with 16 GB of RAM, so I split it in two. (3 cores/8 GB for each side). The machine MUST support VT-D/AMD-V and an IOMMU for it to work.

    4. kano


      For anybody that tries this, it seemed like the Windows side was occasionally dying. I would switch to it and it would just be black. The issue is that Windows suspends after a wile by default and I guess QEMU/KVM do not support this because it can't wake. Just turn suspend off in the guest to fix it.

  17. What would you do about a piece of human trash that floors the gas and burns rubber at 2 AM on occasion, waking you up in the middle of the night?

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    2. RPGista
    3. kano


      Well, hopefully if they're dumb enough to do this, they're dumb enough to not check on said tires and the problem eventually solves itself.

    4. demagogue


      Eh, when I lived in NYC, the morning delivery trucks come in around 4 with their screeching loud air breaks every morning. It's just part of living there. So things could be worse.

  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7AgD3q5ljk 4:52, The lesson for today, boys and girls is: It pays to look where you're going! (and at the beginning of the video, why the hell did the biker do that?) Its like he wanted to drive through the building, but he didn't type noclip first. @11:15, this would be a great intro for a game or something... the way he comes flying right at you in slow motion.
  19. The trouble is that the Pi ships with just 1 GB of RAM. That's really not enough for TDM. 2 GB seems to be the bare minimum for it to run.
  20. What cracks me up is how Microsoft used to run a campaign about not getting "Scroogled" by Google. MS even offered mugs that said "keep calm while we steal your data", referencing Google. Now look what Microsoft is doing. I came up with a saying myself: "I'de rather get Scroogled than Microshafted, because being Scroogled is a lot cheaper." They also used to run ads bashing the Chromebooks, instead of ads demonstrating why Windows 8.x was so great.
  21. Come to Linux land. I'm typing this to you running on a 16 GB flash drive, where the actual OS takes up less than a quarter of that. The entire system is compressed with BTRFS, which increases speed and of course makes the installation smaller. You can boot the computer from this drive and up pops the desktop with accelerated NVIDIA drivers, audio editors, office software, graphics editing software, CD writing software, diagnostic software, DosBox, Wine, torrent software, and I can go on and on and on. Let's see Windows 10 do this. It will even run on lots of different hardware without so much as a complaint during boot. There's no product keys, no activation malware and no need to wait for it to slowly discover hardware when it boots on a different box. Basically, "resistance is futile". microshaft is becoming the new Google, except you still need to pay for the priveledge of being spied on. Just look how there's an advertising ID built into modern Windows (WTF?). Then there's the way that (if you tell it to STFU and stop contacting MS), it still does so anyway. Then there are the forced updates that can "fix" any workarounds people come up with to stop the snooping. It will basically be a cat and mouse game between those that value privacy (or those that run unlicensed copies) and MS.
  22. Got a cheap but insanely high spec Android from Amazon... It started throwing pop-up ads at me, so I rooted it, installed Adaway and set up a firewall with "default deny" policy. Kano does not tolerate pop-up ads. Still, thanks for the great hardware!

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    2. jaxa


      are you talking about a tablet?

    3. kano


      Its a Lenovo K3 Note. Its got a 5.5 inch 1080p screen, 2 GB of RAM, an 8-core 1.7 GHz CPU, 16 GB internal flash with SD slot, a big 3000 MAh battery, and you can change the battery too. There are two SIM slots. It was just 160 bucks unlocked.

    4. Bikerdude


      Go onto the XDA forum, as some one will have figured out how to root it. Then you can install 'app master' and remove all the amazon bloatware - http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/development/ufficial-thread-lenovo-k3-note-t3102997

  23. Trying to rap my head around this... Its kind of like being in school again. So one computer is connected to the router and the other to the modem? Does one computer get an IP address like 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x, while the other gets something radically different and publicly routable? As far as I understand it, they're still not on the same network because one is behind the NAT provided by the router and one is not. Check to see what IPs both machines get. If you can't plug the other one into the router too, can you use Wifi? Windows and most ISPs will protect you now from accidentally sharing file and print services with the whole world.
  24. Today's funny engrish word of the day: "unsetupping"; as in "After unsetupping software from a computer, data about the program is still in the registry."

  25. Why is a video like this age-restricted? God forbid youngsters see what can happen if they mistreat one of these batteries, the way some of them did by "bend testing" Apple products. "OMG, science is offensive!" EDIT: Wow, that's really scary. Also interesting is that you are allowed to watch the video here, but not on Youtube. I wonder though, can this eruption happen later?; Imagine if the battery was dropped or bent slightly by accident or something, is there a risk that this would happen later when its in the pocket?
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