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  1. Sorry for posting this here, but I'm unable to go to ttlg forums, and I don't know if it's down or if it's me. If anyone else goes there and has this same problem please let me know?

    Thanks so much

  2. Another great mission. I loved the architecture. I was hoping to see some more Automata, I thought they were amazing. Would love to see them in more missions. This mission had a part that I really enjoyed. I conked one of them out and the leader of the plague masks saw him even though we were in pitch black, he asked if he was alright, (like they usually do) but this time for the first time that I've seen, he knelt down by the body and touched him. That was cool

  3. I want to add the mission finished line under one of the missions, I just am not sure if I should save it to .rtf which is the choice I get when saving in Word


    I played Ulysses: Genesis but I can't complete it because one of the characters has disappeared, so I want to mark it finished. I know how to do that (VanishedOne showed me how) but I don't want to make a mess when it comes to saving it.

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  4. hi, is the

    bj in the basement

    ? how about the


    ? I'm unable to open the door at the top of the stairs to get to 1st floor, DONE. Found the bj and lockpicks/


    Now I can't find Capt Beaumont. I know he's the one in full armour and I saw him once but I haven't seen him since. I've killled every one and all my objectives are met except for him and I can't find him

  5. How do I close the game console to get back to game?

    It worked but I thought my screen was having some kind of an attack. It went haywire for several seconds then when it stopped Garrett was upside down lol.

    Since f is a game function should I try to assign f12 instead?


    Edit: So can I adjust the 128 so that the screen doesn't convulse so long? I'm worried it will have a heart attack :wacko:

  6. Hi AluminunHaste ctrl+alt+~ while in the game? If that's correct all that happens is the game is saved.


    Edit: OK I tried it again, this time the console showed up (no idea you could do that)

    And I tried again to take the screenshot but nothing at all happens.


    I was wondering if it could be my keyboard but then I wouldn't be able to take screenies of anything.

    Very odd that. I used windows logo+F12, also tried F12 by itself then tried prtscr and then winlogo+prtscr. Nothing

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