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  1. Now I only have one more game breaking bug that's plaguing my mission. And I do mean game breaking! When the player has completed all the mandatory objectives and goes to finish the mission the objective to "return to where you started" ticks off as completed, but the mission does not end. This has happened to me before in a mission that I've yet to release, and I did get it working again, but I have no freaking idea what I did, it just suddenly worked I think. I've combed through my objectives looking for anything that might make an optional objective unintentionally mandatory, but for the life of my I can't find anything. Even if this was the case I don't think that the end objective would tick off as complete in that case. The mandatory objectives are built as follows: 1: Knock out AI and bring him to a specified location. (all diff levels, mandatory, visible) Component 1: Let the target entity X be in location entity Y 4: Get 1200 Loot (normal, mandatory, visible) Component 1: Acquire 1200 entities 5: Get 1800 Loot (hard, mandatory, visible) Component 1: Acquire 1800 entities 6: Get 2400 Loot (expertl, mandatory, visible) Component 1: Acquire 2400 entities 17: Return to where you started (all diff levels, mandatory, visible) enabling objectives: 1 AND (4 OR 5 OR 6) Component 1: Let the target 0 entities of the spawnclass idPlayer be in location entity X Could there be something wrong with my objective structure? If not what else could be the problem?
  2. Actually I think it's good as is. I just migrated the new script to my map and it works as intended! I just changed the "max alert level" to 4 in the script on normal/hard, I think that is acceptable, and it still seems to fail the mission when the body is found in the restricted area. Additionally the mission fails if an AI of team 1 is knocked out even outside the restricted zone which is good. The only minor issue with the setup is if the AI gets alerted outside the restricted zone and then starts searching and by chance enters the restricted zone while alerted, the mission fails, despite the event causing the alert happening outside the zone. But honestly that's nitpicking on an edge case and is an acceptable inconsistency. Anyway I think I figured out what was causing the objective bug! I first removed all other components than "controlled by external script" and started the mission, objective gone on all difficulties. Went back into DR and saw that it was still listed as component #4 with no other components. So I deleted it and remade it as #1 and it worked! So I can't say whether or not this is still the case in the DR beta, but if it is it should probably be reported. Thanks again for taking the time to help me with this!!
  3. Thanks! I just tested the map and it does indeed seem to work for being seen. The only thing is when I add an AI of team 2 to knockout and then hide before they discover the body the mission does not fail. It's as if finding a body does not raise the alert level at all, even though they always go in to search mode. It also does not matter if the body is found in the restricted zone or not. If finding a body in the restricted zone would fail the objective by the script I think all should be set. Meanwhile I will try to add the script/objectives into my mission to see that the functionality hold there as well. edit: BTW I'm running an old version of DR still: 2.8.0. Was going to update to the newest once I'm finished with this mission. restricted.map restricted.script
  4. I have been testing on expert since I realize that finding a body is not a level 5 alert. I think I should ultimately have level 4 on normal/hard and 3 on expert. Finding a body is at least a level 3 alert no? But even so, when the alerts are not built in to the objective, the script does not fail the mission even when the guards see me and attack me. Right now my objective is built like this: flagged [mandatory] [ongoing] [visible] Components #1 Do NOT alert 1 AI of team 1 1 times to a minimum alert level of 3. #2 Do NOT kill 1 AI of team 1. #3 Do NOT knock out 1 AI of team 1. #4 Controlled by external script. All components flagged [satisfied at start] Removing component #1 from the objective makes it not appear in game. Having it in, with the script, doesn't fail the mission when the body is discovered. However, if I am seen the mission does fail, but would do so even if it was outside of the restricted zone.
  5. I still can't get it to work... It seems TDM doesn't like identical objectives so they were both deleted instead. Putting back the "do not alert above level X" into the objective brought them back into the game and now the hidden missions are being revealed correctly. But even with that updated script, the objective doesn't fail when they see the body. I'm using it exactly as is, except for the fact I have to put a semicolon after "$null_entity )" or the map won't load. I also changed AI_PERSON to AIUSE_PERSON.
  6. Ok I got the map to load with the script now, but I'm running in to some odd behavior. The script does not seem to do anything when it comes to alerting AI in the restricted zone. What it does do, from what I can tell, is delete two objectives at runtime. Since all of my hidden objectives are becoming visible in the wrong order now. If my atdm:target_setobjective_visibility is supposed to make objective (obj_id) 16 visible it is now making objective 18 from the list in DR visible. Ideas of what might be happening?
  7. Thanks for the handy script. I'm having a bit of trouble with it though, since I'm a complete Luddite when it comes to scripting. I managed to translate the alert part of the objective into the script (two separate ones since it's different on expert vs. normal/hard), which is no 3rd level alerts on expert and no 5th level alerts on normal/hard. I also added "restricted" "1" to the info_location. I didn't understand what you meant by "my objective using the AI_USE spawnarg for identifying human AIs", so I'm not sure if I needed to do something there. But as it stands now the map fails to load because "AI_ALERTINDEX is not a member of ai", I looked in the tdm_ai.script file and it is listed there under the AI object section. What am I doing wrong?
  8. So I have an objective to not alert the AI in a specific area. I made these AI to team 1 (builders) just so I could differentiate in the objectives. A minor issue is that if they leave that area the objective will still fail. If there is an easy fix to this I'm all ears, but my real question is this: If I knock out an AI and leave him in the light the AI on team 1 will react and become alerted, but it won't fail the objective, since I guess it doesn't count as a "player responsible" action. I am afraid that if I do not have the player responsible flag enabled that if the AI get "called to the scene" by another AI outside of the restricted area it will fail the mission which is not supposed to happen. Additionally I don't want to put an objective to fail if AI see the body because from what I can tell there's no way to make it read "do not let AI of team X see body" instead of "do not let AI see body of team X". Is there a way to make my scenario work with the objectives editor? If not is there an easy way to script this behavior?
  9. Wow, seems like a lot of missions have a broken cart in the starting area. Almost makes me feel dumb for putting one at the start in my next mission Oh well, maybe it can just be a TDM meme.
  10. Hello! I'm getting very close (in the next few days) to being ready to beta test CoS 0: To Catch a Thief. I'm looking for a rowdy crew of taffers who would like to help me in this endeavor! Any and all welcome I'm thinking we can handle this over the beta test forum unless we have specific requests to use discord. /Bienie
  11. That's going to take a while! but it's definitely an enjoyable task So it wasn't TD3: The Heart of Lone Salvation you were thinking of?
  12. Nailed it! That's the one I was thinking of at least. Not sure why it didn't occur to me that's the one, as it's one of my favorite old school missions.
  13. Yeah I don't remember much about the inside either, but I do remember being able to access the cellar from the courtyard. It does sound like we're thinking of the same mission, and I'm sure it's TDM and not Thief. I've looked over the mission list twice now and nothing is coming to mind
  14. If 100% is truly the default I'm afraid a lot of missions have raging out of control ambients, mine included. That's not great, though I've never had anyone complain that the ambient is too loud on any of my missions as far as I can remember. In this case I will instead tone down the ambients that are too loud instead of boosting the low ones, and see what my future beta testers think of the levels I guess.
  15. Anything else that can help jog our memories? Very old mission maybe or anything about the style and setting? Your description sounds familiar to me as well. The one I'm thinking of has a narrow and twisty street that had a broken down cart and a light post near the start. There was a well guarded courtyard of stone in front and a balcony you could rope arrow up to as well as a set of vertical doors leading to the cellar. Sound familiar? Do I know what it's called? Haven't the foggiest...
  16. Totally agreed that Halloween 3 is a super weird and creepy movie, but kind of in a good way. I also remember seeing it far to young. It didn't scare me as bad as IT which I saw alone at night as a 7 year old. Pro-tip for parents; don't let your kids do that. I also agree we should have more Halloween / Horror missions in TDM, it's such a good engine and game for it. I planned on making another one after Langhorne Lodge cause I had so much fun making it, but I never got around to it. Maybe next year!
  17. Speaking of the ambient volume slider, what is the default? Surely it's not 100% as the unaltered ambient tracks are brain-rattlingy overpowering at that setting. If it is that might be something to consider changing, it could be scaring people away from the game who don't realize there is a separate control for that. As for a volume slider in DR, you're right you do need to hear the complete suite of sounds that TDM sends your way during normal play to fully judge a good level for ambient tracks. It could still be a useful tool to balance ambients against eachother though, if for instance you've already balanced one zone in game then you can do the rest in DR.
  18. Thanks all for your inputs. I still don't know if other mappers find this unevenness in the ambient music files annoying, and how they tend to deal with it. I have noticed that some maps have a lot of variation in their ambient music levels, though mostly older ones. To me honestly I would rather just change the volume spawnarg on each info_location as I feel the less I have to fiddle outside of DR the better. Having a volume slider inside the sound chooser menu would be HUGE though, especially if you can hear the difference in the playback as you are moving the slider. I guess it would still be using the not ideal volume spawnarg and as opposed to changing the sound shader file, but still a massive thumbs up from me if that could be implemented.
  19. A question to other mappers, how do you usually deal with uneven ambient music volumes? I have a section of street where the music changes tracks through a tunnel, but the native volume of one of them is so low in comparison that I can barely hear it (city_sleeps01 vs city_streets02_loop). In earlier missions I have played around with the volume spawnarg on the info_location entities, but when reading up on it in the wiki I ran across this: "In general it is best to avoid setting the volume on an individual speaker unless strictly necessary, because it prevents future updates to the volume specified in the sound shader from taking effect in your map. It is preferable to set the volume correctly on the sound shader declaration itself (or request that the Dark Mod team do so, if it is a core asset supplied with the mod)." Is it risky manipulating the volume spawnarg or are we fairly certain we won't be changing the volumes of our ambient tracks in future?
  20. It was mother's bed you got stuck on? if that's the case the bug probably was caused by that somehow. Maybe the leg moved before you picked it up and that messed with a target/trigger.
  21. I'm not so sure about new, I released this for Halloween two years ago but it's getting to be that time of year again, so I'm glad you found it. That's an odd bug, did you manage to get stuck between the bed and the bedside table maybe? I did try to do some experimental lighting throughout the mission so I'm glad you found it pleasing. In fact I had a lot of fun in general making the map as it called for a lot of non-standard solutions and workflow.
  22. Glad you liked it! It is indeed short (and swiftly built), but I like to think I managed to pack a lot of content into a small space
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